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Even with their sketchy history in playoff situations, I have to say I was surprised by the choke job by the Browns yesterday. Anderson played tight and the Browns had no sense of urgency. D Anderson just made the Browns decision even harder in regards to their QB situation for next year. To me, you still trade Quinn before everybody figures out he's a bum. Derek has proven he is an NFL caliber QB and you can build the team around him, even with the bad game yesterday. With that said, I feel like the Browns will find some way to **** up this situation.

John Sullivan:

I was watching the New Mexico vs. Nevada game on Saturday and heard the story about John Sullivan, a walk on kicker who blew his (plant foot) knee out in spring practice. The teams trainers worked with John to strengthen his muscles around the knee so he could attempt to play anyway. They strapped a brace on him and sent him out for their first game. He missed both field goals he attempted in the contest. You would think the coach would say "this isn't going to work", but that wasn't the case. The coach gave the kid a "lucky dollar" and sent him back out their the next week. The kid put the dollar in his shoe and didn't miss another field goal the rest of the year! It just amazing to me that this guy not only is kicking in Div. I football games, but he has excelled at his job on the field and was named to the All-American team. Many props to John for being a soldier and a team leader as a kicker.


I watched Boston dismantle Orlando yesterday. This team is good. If these guys can stay healthy they will be the #1 seed in the east this year. Everyone knew the big three would be solid, but this kid Rondo is getting better and better every game. With all the double teams Garnett and Pierce draw, Rondo and Allen are getting wide open looks. I counted 6 wide open shots Rondo got yesterday and he hit all of them. He only missed one shot from field and har 23 points. If he keeps doing that for them this team will be unbeatable in the eastern conference.

The only team that I think could beat Boston in a game 7 at this point would be Detroit. The Celts hit the road in the next week headed out west. This will be the true test to see how good they really are.


Great to see Everett in the stadium yesterday. Much love goes out to the Bills organization in their handling of the Everett situation.


Raise your hand if your sick of the baby soft and under-achieving dynamic duo of McGrady and Ming down in Houston. These guys get hurt more than a 6 year old his first day on the play ground. On top of that, they have never played well together. It's time to split this tandem up.

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