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"The Daily Rant"


So Boston gets to play a real team tonight on the road; 7:00 PM EST. @ Detroit. This is a must watch fellas. We will finally get to see how the big 3 match up against a real squad and if the role players can step it up. Show me what you got Rondo, House, Perkins and Big Baby! I will have plenty to rant about on this game tomorrow.

Justin Vargas

Shout out to Huggie Bear’s son for being the work horse on a bad team (Oakland Raiders). Vargas eclipsed the 1000 yard mark last week on a team where he came into camp as the backup to LaMont Jordan. Kind of a side bar to this rant; I noticed while looking up some stats on the Raiders that Dominic Rhodes is on this team. Ya know, sometimes you have to wonder the decisions some of these guys make. “Let me think, I think it’s in my best interest to leave the Colts (a super bowl caliber team now and probably for years to come), because I don’t want to sit behind Joseph Addai. I think I can be a starter, and on top of that make more money! And on top of that make my new team unbelievably better because I am so great. I’m gonna do it! I will sign with the Oakland Raiders, a team that hasn’t been good since the 90’s and make them a contender! This is the right thing to do! Dominic, are you serious? Are you serious? You think you made the right choice now? Your 3rd on the depth chart son. You weren’t really that good son! Wake the **** up. Take it from a guy like Troy Brown……yeah…Troy Brown, the receiver that played both ways for the Patriots for the past two years. In the off season he knew they were going to make moves at receiver, did he jump and say “I can be the #1 guy somewhere else".No he didn’t because he didn’t start to believe his own BS and think he was better than he really was. Instead, he got healthy and will help his team where ever he is asked; and he will probably get it done! And while he’s at it…..will probably get another super bowl ring. So for all you knuckle head athletes that think your better than you really are; take notes and come back to reality and remember why you really play the game. To win a super bowl.

Edgerrin James

I know it may seem like I am picking on previous Colts running backs but I couldn’t help but think about Edgerrin after talking about D. Rhodes. Did he really think he was that good? Yeah he has 1000 yards also, but was it really worth the extra 5 mil he got to be looked at forever as an average running back in this league on a mediocre team to leave the Colts? Did E. James really think that the AZ Cardinals had a better chance to make it to a super bowl with an old Arena League QB and a rookie? By the time your QB is able to take this squad to the promise land you won’t even be on the roster, let alone the main guy. Wake up E....oh wait its to late....you already irrelevant!


They are just not very good.

Jack Del Rio

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Jack Del Rio was trying to decide whether or not to cut Byron Leftwich. This has turned out to be the best personnel move of the year!

Wait, I take that back, the best personnel move of the year is when the Browns traded Charlie Frye to Seattle and went with Derek Anderson!

I could go on forever……..but I won’t…… talk to you guys tomorrow!

Game to Watch:

Boston @ Detroit 7PM EST ESPN

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