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"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike


Thumbs up for the Browns for getting to 10 wins this year, in what was supposed to be a down year for the franchise. Thumbs down for not taking care of business last week opposed to this week. You got your weeks mixed up fellas! The question now for the Browns for next year is will it be this guy:


Or this guy:

Well, you got plenty of time to think about it Browns management...have a nice vacation!


It's finally over. The Patriots finished 16-0....but can they really win 3 more? When you think about it....if the Patriots had actually lost a game this year I think the pressure on them in the up coming playoffs would have been lessened. But now, the bar has been raised to extreme heights and anything less than a super bowl win would be complete failure for the franchise and its fans. New England fans should keep in mind that the NFL is all about adjustments. 3 of the 6 AFC playoff teams have seen New England up close and personal. Everyone should be rest assured that Norv Turner (Chargers), Tomlin and Dick Lebeau (Steelers) and Tony Dungy (Colts), will have some special packages for the Patriots to slow down that offense. I'm not saying they will work, I'm just saying it might not be as easy as people think.


Not sure if wearing the retro shorts was a good idea against one of the best defensive teams in the NBA. Maybe save that idea against teams like Memphis or Minnesota! The Lakers never looked comfortable (in those shorts) or in the game. So much so they switched back to the regular shorts in the 2nd half. I think the Celtics showed they are the real deal. Let's see if they can sustain their dominance for a whole season.


Made love to the Redskins for putting their season back together by winning their last four games. This team will be a difficult out in the NFC playoffs with Todd a.k.a. (don't get me mixed up with Kerry) Collins who is playing like a young Tom (Prince) Brady. Big ups to Portis for stepping up and being a leader on this squad. You gotta love a guy who can dress like this:



And This:


and get away with it. It says alot for a guy with that much talent and a sense of humor to keep the mood light and upbeat in the locker room during these trying times for this team. Best of luck Skins.....Packers and Cowboys beware!

That's all I got for today fellas. Happy new year and check back in tomorrow for the picks on the New Year's day games and "The Daily Rant" on Wednesday.

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