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"The Daily Rant"

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Mine was great. Not much sports on Christmas day except for NBA basketball but I have plenty of comments about what I saw yesterday.

The Cold......I mean The Heat:

This team is bad folks. How long before D Wade blows a gasket with the 4 cylinder Shaquille O'neal? He plays with absolutely no motivation and conviction on the floor these days. He's only out there so he can make that 20 mil. How long before Pat steps down? This team is embarrassing a Hall of fame coach right now. What's funny is it's Riley's fault they are bad. He is the GM and he made absolutely no moves in the off season to make this team better. I wonder how important those "role players" are looking to the Heat fans now with guys like Mourning (hurt), Walker (traded) and Posey (lost in free agency). Don't know how much they would help though.....this team is garbage.


Wow....the Lakers must be happy they kept Bynum now. This kid is dominant. Once he gets his "man body" he is going to be lethal. For a guy that took so much Heat for having a hand in breaking up the dynamic duo, Mitch Kupchak must get some props for seeing what we didn't see in this team by keeping them together. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though, its a long season and this team must show me something in the spring before I am a true believer.


It may have just been me, but the Suns looked sluggish yesterday. Nash, although still great.....seemed to have ran out of gas in the forth quarter. This guy is no spring chicken and their defense is horrifying. If they think their serious contenders....they must be kidding themselves. They need to trade for a defensive presence in the middle.


Who can figure this team out? They are like the Lakers of the last few years. Mediocre role players and one superstar. The sad thing is management won't get LeBron any help because they are filling the seats in Quicken Loans Arena. Their philosophy was no different when they drafted Ron Harper. Don't expect this team to get any better. Management will make minimal moves if any.

With LaMarcus healthy, the Blazers are scary-good Homeboys!

Anyone believing the hype of this squad? The Bulls must be sick that they had LaMarcus Aldridge and trade him to Portland (17 pts. 7 boards) average. Word back then was that Tyrus Thomas' workout was hands down better than LaMarcus'. My response is so what! The Bulls needed a back to the basket guy and Tyrus, although an athletic freak, was never that guy. Not sure why they didn't keep just because he had mediocre workouts. These NBA workouts are turning into the NFL combine. They are not good for evaluating players and should be taken with a grain of salt. Game performance in college should be weighed more heavily. I guess hind sight is 20/20. I wonder if that had anything to do with the Skiles firing since he was a big Tyrus Thomas fan. Anyway, the Jury is still out on the Blazers....we will see once the season hits February if they can keep it rollin.

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