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January 2, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Oh boy......I got plenty to talk about! Bad teams and bad coaching decisions will head up this rant today!

Capital One Bowl:
I never thought I would say this but thank you Michigan. Thank you for taking it to Florida yesterday. I am so tired of hearing about the SEC being far more superior than the Big Ten. (Tennessee and Wisconsin don't count, neither one of those teams are any good)! Watching Tebow in the pocket in the 4th quarter of the Capital One Bowl was like watching Sexy Rexy run for his life ....we all know that ain't pretty. Tebow showed a chink in the armor the way he handled himself under duress. Made a couple great plays but also threw a few balls up for grabs in the last couple drives to end the game.


Everyone who watches college football knows Hawaii hasn't played anybody all year. Should we be surprised they were smoked by a great Georgia team on New Year's day? No I say. So for all the schools that have great records but don't play anybody all year e.g. (Kansas, Missouri, West Virginia) put some real teams on your schedule, beat them, and then we will start to take you seriously. The voters got this one right. Can you imagine if this squad got into the BCS Championship because they went undefeated in the regular season? It would have been a travesty.

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Happy New Year Homeboys

ATS - College BB: 9-9 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 41-42 MLB: 116-91

Off the bench Ben's J has looked twice as nice!

Since I told you the newly coached Bulls would cover 8 of their next 10, they’ve covered two straight and actually look like the enjoy playing on the hardwood again. Since Jim Boylan took the reigns from Scottie Scowls and moved Ben Gordon back to his 6th man role, he’s averaged 32 ppg and been much more aggressive taking the ball to the hole. In addition, Boylan’s tightened-up the rotation (7-deep) and actually has Big Ben playing with his Piston-day Passion. As for the Cats ‘O Bob, after starting the season 6-4, they’ve only won 4 of their last 18 and have actually resorted to inserting the 33 year-old Jeff McInnis into the starting line-up…Bulls by 4-8 points

want a few more picks & pics?...

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January 3, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

West Virginia/Oklahoma:
Wow.......what a beat down! The Sooners were never in the game! They were slapped all around the field!. Thumbs down to Stoops for not having his kids ready to play. Thumbs up to Bill Stewart for getting his kids to concentrate on the task at hand with all the distractions concerning the Rodriguez saga looming. Good job Stoops......4 out of 5 Bowl game loses is pretty pathetic!

Word on the street is the Browns are listening to offers for D Anderson. Browns management....are you serious? You won 10 games for the first time since the 90's and your answer to make this team a contender is to turn the reins over to an unproven Brady Quinn? That is so typical of city of Cleveland sports.....get the fan base excited and then make bone head moves to "F" it all up. It's great news for the Steelers though.....the Bengals and Ravens are disarray and the Browns are about to trade a proven NFL starter. The Steelers will own the AFC North division for the next few years if the Browns make that mistake. You heard it here first folks!

Cam Cameron:

Did anybody think that Cam had any chance of keeping his job after The Big Tuna took this team over? No way! Parcells has to put his stamp on this team and Cam is not a part of the equation. Parcells will spend the next couple of weeks putting his boys in place to get this team back on track. Don't worry about Cam though........he will have a college head coaching job fairly quickly if he wants it!

Check back tomorrow to get my predictions on the wildcard games this weekend. I just pick the winners and losers though......you need to count on G Gamble to pick who covers and who doesn't!. Talk to you tomorrow.....and don't forget to tell a friend about Insideplays.com!


ATS - College BB: 9-9 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 44-42 MLB: 116-91

Joakim Noah brought the energy to help the Bulls cover their 3rd straight, and help Greggy G to a 3-1 ATS night!

To start, yours truly is heading to tonight’s TNT contest at the United Center and expects to see the Chicago Faithful in a frenzy. I know the Bullies played in Charlotte last night, but their bodies are running on emotions as they try to regain the position in the standings and with the fan-base. As for the Blazers, they also played last night and will have a tougher task after facing a horrific T-Wolves squad that seems to make teams play worse the following day. In addition, the weather in Chicago is ridiculous, and while the Bulls are desperate for wins and will ignore the elements, Portland’s won 14 of 15 and may be looking forward to heading home rather than running with the Bulls.…Bulls by 6-10 points


January 4, 2008

"The Daily Rant"


With the whole Bowl season wearing thin on me and only a few NBA games on the tilt last night, I came across the #2 Memphis Tigers playing host to Siena. Yeah, I knew it would be a blow out, but I wanted to watch something different and try to get excited about college basketball. In the first minute, down 2-0, Memphis got out hustled by Siena for a couple lose balls. During a dead ball (after the first minute of play) Calipari took out all five of his starters and brought in 5 subs! Asked after the game why he did it....he said he didn't like their effort! You gotta love that in a coach to bench all five of his guys after the first minute of play.....why wait till they get down 10 and before you know it Siena believes they can beat you and then you really have problems. Great move Calipari, keep your players humble!


Tough loss in double OT for the Bulls last night....but I can't say enough about the effort of Joe Smith this year. The former #1 pick seems like he has finally figured it out after his 12th season in the league! Smith put up 31 points, 1 assist, 11 boards, 4 blocks and a steal! I thought the photo above was appropriate to remind Bulls fans would could have been this year....a nice trio of Ben Wallace, Joe Smith and LaMarcus Aldridge down low! This team would without a doubt be 10 games better at this point!

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Home of Greggy G's Free Daily ATS Picks

ATS - College BB: 10-10 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 44-43 MLB: 116-91

Did you know Jose has the best Ass-TO ratio in the NBA?

This is a huge trap game for the Pistons with a showdown with the Three Amigos in Beantown tomorrow. In addition, the veteran Pistons have already played twice this week and may not be their typical, focused-self playing across the border tonight. As for the Raptors, they’ve been a streaky team all season and sit smack-dab in the middle of the Eastern Conf, but are coming-off an impressive victory against the red-hot Hornets in New Orleans Monday. In the absence of T.J. Ford, Jose Calderon has been ridiculously efficient with almost an 8 to 1 assist-to-turnover ratio, shooting at a 40% clip from behind the arc, and 51% overall. Combine that with the Bosh’s 25 ppg & 11 rpg over the last five and some solid defenders on the wing, and I see the Rap-of-Tor pulling out a straight-up victory…Raptors by 3-7 points

I have plenty more...better "Continue Reading" below!

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January 5, 2008


Today, I bring you my face, my degenerative addictions, and my winnas...as always, drink in left, mouse in right!

It’s all college hoops today fellas, and I’m spreading the luv across many conferences as we start to dig into who will be the powerhouses and who will be the bottom dwellers. I know I’m focusing on the round ball today, mainly cause I’m a boob man, but don’t forget about the NFL. I am declaring January as the official whiskey and rocks month, so grab one and begin your slow drink cause it’s sports all day long. Good luck fellas.

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January 6, 2008


It's as simple as two little words...SUNDAY FUNDAY BEEAAATCHES!

It’s Sunday Funday again, and if you can look past Eli and LT there are some good things happening on the hardcourt again. I posted a nice day yesterday which gives me the flexibility for an extra game or two, or a new pony for my little one….I’m thinkin’ the game cause if I win I can buy up a thoroughbred!! Good luck on this fine Sunday Funday.

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January 7, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

LeBron snaps in the 4th quarter of their game with the Raptors on Sunday after being antagonized by two fans identified as Chris Bosh's cousins. LeBron said after the game that the Raptors lost the game because the two fans that were giving him a hard time; but the real reason would be the Raptors being out rebounded by 20 and only scoring 20 points in the 4th quarter!

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BCS Championship ATS Picks and Pics

ATS - College BB: 10-10 NFL: 22-20 NBA: 45-46 MLB: 116-91

While Tebow won the award, this is the best player in CFB!

The SEC hype versus the BIG 10 mediocrity takes center stage in the BCS Championship game tonight. While the Buckeyes say their better prepared after last season’s long lay-off debacle (give me a L-A-M-E, give me an E-X-C-U-S-E!), the severely banged-up defense of the Tigers should’ve found the extra time more worthwhile and be back to their early season dominance. While the Buckeye Faithful claim to be just as formidable and showcased their talents in a 14-3 gem against Michigan, Ohio St. gave-up an average of 18 ppg the previously four weeks to likes of Michigan St., Penn St., Wisconsin, & Illinois. Sure those teams aren’t pushovers, but do they compare with the class of the SEC…I think not. Especially with this game in New Orleans, hard not to think the Tigers can’t win by a TD…Tigers by 7-13 points

What some more picks...Better "Continue Reading" below

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January 8, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

BCS Championship:
What can I say? The SEC dominates again! The difference in this game was clearly in the trenches. Time after time I watched those huge LSU lineman blow the buckeyes off the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Without the penalties and miscues, I think this game is closer but based on the domination I saw on the line of scrimmage.....I think LSU comes out on top of this one anyway. Congrats to the Tigers and Buckeyes for great seasons.

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Home of Greggy G's Free ATS Picks

ATS - Yesterday: 2-0 NBA: 46-46 CBB: 10-10 NFL: 22-20

With Gilbert out, Caron's been on a mission!

While the Mr. Ming finally was able to carry the Rockets to back-to-back wins Friday in Orlando and Saturday at home to the Div. II Knickerbockers, I still believe that a starting line-up of Alston, Head, Battier, & Hayes will eventually catch-up to Adelman’s McGardy’less squad. In addition, while Yao was awesome at the end of last week, they played a rough schedule (4 games in 6 nights) and finally had some home-cooking and Isiah to ease their mind…you think their looking forward to another trip to the northeast? Not to mention, with Antonio Daniels back running the point, besides a loss to Detroit, they’ve murdered a couple bottom-feeders (@ Milw by 24 & Seattle by 22) and have regain their “We don’t need Agent 0”-swagger. Tonight, look for Jamison to exploit Hayes & Scola inside-n-out, while Caron continues his dominance against Bonzi & weird looking head of Shane Battier….Wizards by 6-12 points

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January 9, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike


Congratulations to "The Goose" for finally getting into the Hall of Fame; the honor is well deserved. The only thing I hate about this time of year is hearing the opinions of retired players in regards to the steroid era. I am not condoning the use of steroids, but everyone knows that alot of these guys back in the day were on the "old school" drugs like "speed" to increase alertness and reflexes during games and downers to combat the effects of speed after the game. One should ask how is this any different then today's performance enhancing drugs? Yes, drugs today are more effective and should be considered cheating. All i'm saying is the "old timers" shouldn't act like the use of drugs in sports is a new phenomenon. Drugs have been around for hundreds of years and that includes when they played played too....so get up off your high horse!

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Home of Greg Gamble's ATS Wonderland

ATS – Yesterday: 1-2…I’m starting to think the Rockets should trade McGrady…cause Ming w/ some big-time shooters could be deadly
Overall – CBB: 11-10 NBA: 46-48 NFL: 22-20

U really think Reggie Evans & Jason Smith will stop him 2night?

After initially finding some new found energy with a new president/GM in town, the realization that the games are more of an evaluation than playoff push has changed the atmosphere in Philly. One day they’ll read how Ed Stefanski would like to see more playing time for Rodney Carney, the next he’s talking about Sammy D’s long-term future, all the while Andre Miller is supposed to lead the team despite having his suitcases packed for a new address. With this type of drama, teams like the 76ers need a coach to keep them focused, and unfortunately, Mo Cheeks is dealing with his own day-by-day employment status. BTW, did I even mention their playing a back-to-back off a home loss to Redd’less Bucks. As for the up-n-down Raps, after regaining some of their early season success as they headed into the New Year (Dec. 31 victory at (23-11) New Orleans), the Raps have lost two straight at home to the Pistons & King James. Toronto should be riled-up to get back on track, and have a wonderful match-up with Chris Bosh and the porous 76er PFs (Reggie Evans & Jason Smith)…Raps in blow-out

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January 10, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Garnett and Pierce couldn't carry the load last night with their sharp shooter (Ray Allen) and backup power forward (Big Baby)out against the Bobcats with injuries. What was even more impressive about the win was it was on the Parquet! Jason Richardson carried the load with 34 pt.s 3 assists and 9 boards! Big road win for the the Cats!

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Home of Greggy G's ATS NBA Magic

ATS Yesterday – 3-0…Just like Mrs. Clinton, maybe cryin' to the gamblin' gods was the trick
ATS Overall – CBB: 11-10 NBA: 49-48 NFL: 22-20

Billups may be Mr. Big Shot, but Longoria is Mr. Unstoppable!

Talk about a rough stretch for the Pistons, they blow a lead late at home against the Celts Saturday, and then travel to Texas for a back-to-back against the Mavs & Spurs. If you watched last night’s battle in Dallas, the Motown Boys never seemed to find a rhythm and still appear to have a hanger from KG and Co. Not a good sign with a Spurs team that finally has their Big Three all playing together and coming off a OT loss at GST Tuesday. As for the key match-ups tonight...

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January 11, 2008

"The Daily Rant"


Word on the street is the Bulls are interested in Pau Gasol (for the 10th time) and T Mac. Paxson....what are you waiting for....its a no brainer! The squad you have currently is going nowhere! Pull the trigger please!

Many props goes to the Pistons after their handling of the Spurs on the road after getting beat down by the Mavericks the night before. Lindsey Hunter lead the way in the 3rd quarter with great defense on Tony Longoria and some big shots down the stretch! The photo of Tashaun dunking on the "Big fundamental" is just because I love left handers!

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The NBA ATS Guru's Feeling Frisky Tonight!

ATS – Yesterday: 1-1…Damn you Rasheed!
Overall – CBB: 11-10 NBA: 50-49 NFL: 22-20

Everyone in Lakerland is performing with a lil swagger!

Nobody in the league is sharing the ball better or is as confident as the Lakers over the last few weeks. They’ve won their last 4 games by an average of 23 points, including a 29-point road thrashing of the Hornets, and are running the Zen Master’s offense to perfection. For the first time in his career, Kobe seems to be getting a halfie by passing the rock and has enjoyed watching his teammates knockdown every open-shot. Jackson has a legitimate 9-man rotation in place and everybody seems on the same page. With their confidence sky-high, I expect the Lakers to continue to destroy teams and make a push to the top of the Western Conference standings. As for the Bucks, I'm actually happy they've won 2-straight and Michael Redd is returning tonight...cause it may drop the spread a few points. The Bucks play some of the worst defense in the league, not to mention those two-victories came at the hands of the league’s bottom-feeders (Memphis & Miami). Especially in-front of the home-crowd and...
our friend Lisa, look for the Lakers to try to embarrass the Bucks and keep this around 20 points all-night…Lakers by 17-23 points

I have plenty more picks and pics Homeoboy...better 'Continue Reading' below

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January 12, 2008


Another weekend is upon us and we have officially put an end to the painstakingly long bowl games. The hardcourt continues to treat me well, and with Greggy G’s ATS luv in NBA action I’m starting to walk with a limp again from all this damn lettuce in my pocket. There are a lot of games in all sports today so stay focused and stay light cuz doubling up with half your bank roll is always less stressful than the whole damn thing on a Saturday. Good Luck Homeys!

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January 13, 2008


The action is a little bit on the light side for little boys hoops, so this may be a good day to diversify your funds a little bit. While going 3 for 4 yesterday on insideplays.com, I managed to sneak in a mid-day drunken 5 team parlay that left me one team short(f*ckin’ Hawkeyes beating MSU w/ 8 walk-ons) and even steven with my fun money account. So the only way to cure that is to study harder and find that hidden gem, which I have today so keep reading!

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January 14, 2008

Welcome to Greggy G's ATS Hardwood Picks

ATS – Friday: 3-1…I’m Hotter than a Tea-Kettle
Overall – CBB: 12-10 NBA: 52-50 NFL: 22-20

Because Hibbert now commands a double-team the Hoyas guards are gettin' wide-open looks!

Nobody in the country combines offensive discipline with ridiculous athletes like John Thompson III. While shooting 52% from the floor and 42% from behind the arc, the Hoyas spread the floor like Gene Hackman’s Hoosiers squad and force teams to play at their tempo. Throw-in the dominate play of late for 7-2 Roy Hibbert (last two games: 19 ppg, 10 rpg, 56 fg%), possibly the most underrated do-everything swingman DaJuan Summers, and a backcourt loaded with upperclassman that rarely take a contested shot and the Hoyas are a legit Final Four candidate. As for Pitt, an already short-bench was throw into the mix with the loss of SR. G-F Mike Cook and team leader G Jr. Levance Fields. While the homecourt may keep it close for a half, look for the disciplined offense of the Hoyas to find some easy buckets and wear-out the undermanned Panthers…Hoyas by 7-13 points

Want some more pics, make sure to 'Continue Reading' below

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January 15, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Sorry about yesterday fellas. Ran out of time on the rant....but we will make it up today!

Word on the street is that 50 cent, Justin Timberlake and Mary J Blige among others have been accused of using performance enhancing drugs. Really? It's ridiculous to think that this guy could be on steroids! Look at him....thats all natural baby!



I was so glad to see T.O. stand up for his QB and teammate Tony Romo. It shows you that even though its sometimes about the money in sports, their are some athlete's that actually care about winning!

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Home of Greggy G's Free Nightly ATS Picks

ATS – Yesterday: 1-2…How does Camby go for 20 pts, 23 reb, & 6 blks and they lose!
Overall – CBB: 13-11 NBA: 52-51 NFL: 22-20

If he can do this, Chris Kaman is in some trouble tonight!

The last time the Suns played in LA, they beat the Clippers by 20 and turned Chris Kaveman into a non-factor with their up-tempo style. While Grant Hill is out for PHX, Boris Diaw was ridiculously efficient as his replacement against the Bucks (10-15 Fgs, 11 reb, & 4 ass) and may be playing with a little chip on his shoulder after two years of hearing overweight & overpaid skepticism from the critics. In addition, Nash returned from the flu with one of his best performances of the season (35 pts, 7 ass, 5-7 3-pt) and Stoudemire was a machine around the bucket as he continues to look stronger with each passing game (31 pts, 8 reb, 2 blks, 12-16 Fgs). As for the Clips, they lost a last-second heart-breaker to the Mavericks Saturday and only have Timmy “No-D” Thomas and the track-star challenged Kaman to run with the Matrix and Amare. Not to mention once Barbosa is in for Stevie, Sam I Am & Brevin Knight are gonna wish they were still in the training room once he starts flying down the sideline. For all the up-n-down talk about the Suns this season, they’re tied for the best record in the West with the Lakers, who they face on Thursday, so expect the Suns to be running on all cylinders tonight as the prep for a 1st place showdown on TNT…Suns by 12-16 points

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January 16, 2008

Greggy G’s Free NBA ATS Extravaganza

I wish muscle equaled talent Homeboy!


KIRK HINRICH – Nice work Kirk...you've forced white-guys to hate on you as much as the black-guys always have

LUOL DENG – I now realize that Paxson meant Deng was “untouchable” because if you touch him, he crumbles like Garrett Wolfe after an arm tackle

ANDRES NOCIONI – If Noce knocked over three kindergarteners on the playground, do you think he’d wave his arms in disbelief afterward?

BEN GORDON – If you don’t count his inability to dribble, play defense, or pass…I think it was a great decision for Pax to offer the undersized guard 10M a year

JOE SMITH – I don’t care that he’s played well, the dude makes me feel so old every time they tell me he’s in his 13th season

BEN WALLACE - I hear Isiah tells his owner: “See, other GMs make catastrophic decisions!”

TYRUS THOMAS – Is it wrong to hope a player gets hurt?

JOAHKIM NOAH – Hey, I have another idea…let’s suspend the only guy that seems to give a f*ck!

AARON GRAY – You know it’s bad when the water-cooler talk revolves around: “We just need to get Aaron Gray more minutes.”

THABO SEFOLOSHA – My favorite look is when he sports the middle-school mustache with the corn-rolls that look like they were done by Fantastic Sam

CHRIS DUHON - Chris...Please call Eric Snow or Jacque Vaughn ASAP! Just cause your open...doesn't mean you have to shoot!

VIKTOR KHRYAPA – What a steal! We get both Tyrus Thomas & Khryapa for LaMarcus Aldridge (18 ppg, 8 rpg, 50 fg%)…U snake GM Johnny Pax, u snake!

ADRIAN GRIFFIN – I swear he plays at my YMCA…u know, old-guy, pump-fake, hit u in the balls with his azz, and then misses the ugly fade-away

ATS – Yesterday: 1-1-1…Talk about kissing your mother-in-law!
Overall – CBB: 14-11 NBA: 52-52 NFL: 22-20

Wade will do whatever it takes to stop the losing-skid!

After all the drama regarding the players’ decision to suspend Joakim Noah, I never thought we’d see Capt. Kirk & some vets laughing on the bench during a blow-out loss to a Magic squad that had lost 5 of 6. With Noce (questionable-hip) leaving in the 2nd half, a starting backcourt of Chris “I’ve shot 23% since taking over the starting PG spot” Duhon & Thabo “I’m shooting 29% for the season” Sefolosha, and the hated-Noah providin' the only enthusiasm on a lifeless team, the reality is it's not much different from the atmosphere from Isiah’s crew in Gotham. Not to mention, the Bulls have a interim-coach that has already lost the squad, nobody is playing with a sense of urgency or passion, and they all know Pax is on the phone dangling each and every one of them. As for the Heat, while they’ve been horrific and have lost 10-straight, you know D-Wade hasn’t lost the fire and should be desperate for a victory tonight. Especially...'Continue Reading' below

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January 17, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike

Adam Jones:
My apologies for ripping Adam Pacman Jones prematurely. Looks like the charges against him have been dropped. But Adam, PLEASE, PLEASE stay out the strip clubs! Like Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince used to say......GIRLS AIN'T NOTHIN BUT TROUBLE!

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Home of Greggy G's Daily Hardwood Picks

ATS – Yesterday: 2-3…I told you the Bulls were great!
Overall – CBB: 14-11 NBA: 54-55 NFL: 22-20

After all these years, he still has the passion!

The Cardinals finally have a healthy roster as 6-11 Sr. David Padgett & 6-8 Sr. Juan Palacios have returned and given an already strong frontcourt the depth it needs to make a run at a Big East title. In their absence, the glass-cleaning aficionados Jr. Terrance Williams (12 ppg, 8 rpg, 4 apg), So. Earl Clark (11 ppg, 10 rpg, 2 bpg), & So. Derrick Caracter (11 ppg, 7 rpg, 2 bpg) were able to further develop their game. Following a surprising loss to Cincinnati as Coach Pitino toyed with his new rotation on New Year’s Day, Louisville bounced back with impressive road victories at Rutgers & Kentucky, and soundly beat a better than advertised West Virginia squad at home. As for the Warriors...

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January 18, 2008

Home Greggy G's late-week ATS Recovery

ATS – Yesterday: 1-2…I’ll admit that I never saw 41 points coming from Linas Kleiza, but at least ISU beat Mizzu this week!
Overall – CBB: 15-12 NBA: 54-56 NFL: 22-20

I can't believe I won't see my boy close-up tonight!

I had to trade in my GST tix because of a work-party tonight, but I don’t think Baron & S-Jax will be too devastated in my absence to let this one slip away (BTW, I have 5th row floor seats behind the Pistons bench Saturdary!). Unlike the East, Nellie and his gang of swingmen cannot afford to lose two in-a-row too often and stay in a playoff race with the surprising Blazers, Hornets, & Lakers making 45 wins a probable destination for postseason. While the Bulls made the Heat look silly, watching Jason “bad-knee” Williams & Dorell “I should be in the NBDL” Wright pair with an expansion-roster bench was the reason Skiles’s former team rolled this week. Tonight, I expect the Bulls to be extra tight in-front of a home-crowd that’s been quick to treat them like the Dog-Lovers have treated Ronny Mexico once things go south. Especially...

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January 19, 2008


First I need to congratulate my homey Greggy G for rollin’ deep on the NBA last night, a perfect 3-0 night going into the weekend is one of the best gambling highs in the world. Secondly, there are a ton of college hoops tilts today and even a couple that are already meeting for the 2nd time in conference play which makes T-Bone look even closer. Have fun today fellas cause I am simply going to build from what the godfather Greggy G has started!

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January 20, 2008


Saturday proved to be another 50/50 day on the hardcourt, but the action was great. And while sitting in my recliner with a stiff drink I learned a few things….the Iowa Hawkeyes are still in the bottom of the Big Ten like I thought before, EXCEPT the fact that Frank Lickliter has his team playing way better than their talent level, which means I am taking a look at them every game just to see if the line looks obnoxious. The other bit of learning for me was that lines above 15 points just don’t seem to be in favor of the favorite, I think conference play puts the squeeze on these games and I am looking at the underdog a lot on anything 15-plus in the future. On to Sunday Funday……

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January 21, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

MLK Day:

Happy MLK day today to everybody! No matter what color you are....please take the time to remember one of the greatest people in the history of our country and the impact that he had on our development as a country over the years. With that said....let the rant begin!

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ATS – FRIDAY: 3-1…Maybe this is a sign of things to come!
Overall – CBB: 15-13 NBA: 57-56 NFL: 22-20

W/out anybody to guard him, Capt Carlos will have a huge night

While the Jazz have been unbelievable at home (17-3), they’ve been just the opposite on the road (6-15). The biggest reason for their struggles has been coming-out of halftime flat, especially at the defensive end. While the Vegas experts may tell you the trend will continue, Jerry Sloan is too good a coach to let this continue and knows this team needs every victory to position themselves for the playoffs. Sloan has vowed to treat the remaining road games with a playoff type of intensity, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they look like a completely different team over the next few weeks away from Salt Lake City. The Jazz just beat the Clippers at home by 18 Friday, and I can’t see how they reverse the outcome by 15 points by playing in-front the 2nd-tier Hollywood stars. Especially...


January 22, 2008

"The Daily Rant"


The Brady stalking has begun! Everybody is making a big deal about the walking boot Brady had on yesterday walking to his girlfriends house. Give me a break! If he was really that hurt we would have known about it during the game! The boot is nothing more than the indication of a sprained ankle that Brady is trying to keep pressure off of because it hurts and to promote healing. Be rest assured if the super bowl was Sunday he would be dressed and ready to go. Media....find something else to talk about!

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Greggy G's NBA ATS: 7-0 Last Two Nights!

ATS – MONDAY: 4-0…That was for you Dr. King!
ATS Overall – NBA: 61-56 CBB: 15-13 NFL: 22-20

Since returnin', Martin is droppin' 26 ppg on 63-fg% & 50-3pt%

As seen during their abysmal performances during a 5-game losing streak (home losses to the Knicks, Blazers, & Celtics and road losses to the Clippers & Suns by an average of 16 ppg) the Nets are playing without passion or confidence. Jason “I can’t shoot” Kidd is seemly minutes away from another personal hostage ploy to leave town, while Vinsanity & RJ know one of them will be gone by the trading deadline. As for the surprising Kings, with all the injuries early on, Reggie Theus’s confident style brought out some amazing performances from his supposed role players (Beno Udrih 14 ppg 5 apg 41-3pt%, John Salmons 16 ppg, 5 rpg, 51-Fg%, & Francisco Garcia 14 ppg 4 rpg 38-3pt%), while veteran 7-footers Brad Miller & Mikki Moore have paired and created unbelievable spacing for a team full of long-range shooters. While the return of...

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January 23, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike

With the NFL season winding down, and your team most likely out of the big game at this point, I thought it would be a good time to look at each team in the NFL (by division) and breakdown what your favorite team needs to do to get to the big game next year! (Or atleast be competitive and make the playoffs). Even New York and New England will need to make adjustments in the off season to stay ahead of the curve. NFL coaches do a tremendous job adjusting to a teams tendencies from year to year; so a team must try to get better in all aspects of the game no matter how successful. You have seen in the past that teams that do not change find themselves sitting at home the following year......eg. 2006 Steelers, 2007 Bears...you get the point. With that said I will start with the AFC (since it is the dominant conference).

New England Patriots:
The only real flaw with this squad seems to be their aging defense. Seau, Harrison and Colvin are no longer spring chickens, and although they are still some of the best players at their positions, it may be time to bring in their replacements. All three of these guys have 3 more years max of solid play. If you bring in their replacements now, the new regime will be ready when these guys retire.

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Greggy G...A documented 6-0 ATS this week!

ATS TUESDAY: 2-0…There’s a reason I went 171-127 last year
ATS since FRIDAY - 9-1 ATS...Tell me ya Luv me!
ATS Overall – NBA: 62-56 CBB: 16-13 NFL: 22-20

She told me there's room on the Bandwagon Homeboys!

*The line opened at -1.5 and already moved to -2 by 8:30 am
If you like this like me, you better play it early cause I have a feeling it’ll start moving once this is posted! Never in my life have a seen Mike Bibby & Kevin Martin enthused on defense or Ron-Ron actually in-control of his emotions. Since the trio returned from injury, they look determined to prove that their usually selfish-styles can mesh with the team-first approach Reggie Theus created in their absence. Last night, they combined for 61 points & 14 assists, while the bench accepted their new role and continued to shoot lights-out (the bench from 3pt: 7-9). And tonight...

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January 24, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Today we continue our NFL divisional breakdowns with a look at the AFC North. Our first look will be at the division winning Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers #1 priority is to sign their franchise QB to a long term contract. Unfortunately that means their won't be much cash left to sign their pro bowl left guard Alan Faneca. Even though Willie Parker lead the league in rushing until he broke his leg near the end of the season, the O-line was suspect at best; getting their QB killed in the pocket on a regular basis. Losing Faneca could be a major blow to an already weak offensive line. The Steelers must some how keep Faneca for another year (franchise tag him) and add depth in order to keep their backs (Parker and Rothelisberger) healthy. The Steelers also need to add some depth on the defensive line and linebacker positions. A lack of depth at these positions killed any chance of Pittsburgh going far in the playoffs once Aaron Smith (their pro bowl defensive end) went down with a torn bicep. It will be interesting to see how Tomlin handles personnel changes on defense with the philosophies of defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau (a 3-4 guy) and Tomlin (a 4-3, cover 2 guy) being so different.

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ATS WED: 2-1-1…I hate “pushes” more than A.C. Green hated groupies!
ATS since FRI - 11-2...They call me Greg Gamble for a reason
ATS Overall – NBA: 63-57 CBB: 17-13 NFL: 22-20

R U telling me the two white PGs on Miami are gonna stop him?

The defending champs have struggled with consistency, even with everybody back from the infirmary, and actually have a losing record on the road. While the postseason is their obviously specialty, Pops knows the West is much deeper this year and home-court is more important than ever. After dropping 4 of their last 7, Timmy D and the boys finally seemed to regain their killer-instinct in the 2nd half of last night’s game with the Lakers, and turned a 9-pt deficit into and an 11-point victory. Even though a back-to-back on the road is never an ATS favorite, I expect the Spurs to ride their momentum into Miami and come-out on fire tonight. Especially with Manu’s inability to join-in on the fun last night (3-16 Fgs), I look for the Argentinean to blow-up against the injury-riddled Heat. As for the Heat, at yesterday’s practice for coach LA Looks the team barely could barely muster a 2-on-2 game as D-Wade (soreness everywhere) Ricky Davis (back spasms), Udonis Haslem (chest contusion), and Daequan Cook (flu), were added to a list that already included Zo, Shaq, & Smush “I hate Female Valet Attendants” Parker. Now you may call me crazy...

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January 25, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Today we break down the AFC west:


This is actually a pretty solid team. If they had stayed healthy during this years playoffs they may have given the Patriots a run for their money. With a year under their belt in the new system, players and coaches should feel more comfortable with each other; resulting in better offensive and defensive schemes, and better utilization of their franchise player L.T. A failure to get in sync early in the season hurt this team right from the start. One position the team should address is a secondary receiver to complement Chris Chambers. Other than that…this team should be back in the playoffs next year.

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Home of Greggy G's Free Daily ATS Picks

ATS THUR: 0-3…The Gamblin’ Gods thought I was getting’ cocky
ATS since FRI - 11-5…A better record than Spurs last 16 games
ATS Overall – NBA: 63-58 CBB: 17-15 NFL: 22-20

Trust me...Amare will dominate the Cavs frountcourt tonight!

The greatest show on hardwood should be stoked for a Friday Night tilt with King James. Coming off an embarrassing loss at Minnesota (the Suns have lost back-to-back games only twice this year) I expect PHX to come-out with some extra fire and push the tempo even harder against a plodding Cavs squad. Especially with the lousy defense at PG by Daniel Gibson & Damon “I’m a fool” Jones, look for Nash to look magical and Barbosa to fly down court for some easy buckets. While the Cavs have started to look like the NBA Finals squad from last year...

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January 26, 2008


Let me start this weekend by posting my props to Greggy G on a great last 7 days(12-6, was 11-2). The man is on fire and showing us that last years record of 50 games above .500 in the NBA was not a fluke. As for me, I fell asleep during the front half of the week and decided to start riding Dr. Gamble on Thursday night….needless to say Sharky has more of my lettuce than I would like this morning. So focus is needed today, and I have found some lines that leave me scratchin’ my head. And don’t forget that January was dedicated as whiskey & rocks month, so make this last weekend worth it. Good luck today my fellow fanatics!

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January 27, 2008


Yesterday was a 3 for 4 day and with a lighter selection today I am focusing on one major matchup so enjoy and make sure your Sunday Funday will be as good as mine!

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January 28, 2008

Greggy G - The Man, the Myth, the ATS Legend

ATS FRI: 2-1…Another week of winners on the way!
ATS Overall – NBA: 64-59 CBB: 18-15 NFL: 22-20
Teasin’ T-Bone's Weekend – 4-1 ATS…Much Luv Homeboy!

Ashton Korver looks even better in a Jazz Uni!

After watching these two the last few weeks, the opening line doesn’t make any sense unless Vegas just thinks the Defending Champs are overdue. While the Jazz have won 4-straight and seem even more lethal with Kyle Korver in the rotation knocking down 3s (last 5 games: 12-26 behind the arc & 13 ppg), the Spurs have been a .500 team over their last 10 and were destroyed at home on Saturday by the Hornets. Even though the Jazz played last night (8-point win at Houston), they’ll be pumped for this showdown and you know the Salt Lake Crazies will be riled-up as well. David West absolutely destroyed the Timmy D and boys down-low Saturday (32 point an 15-19 Fgs), and I expect more of the same from Captain Carlos, especially with Mehmet Okur probing the perimeter and creating more space in the middle. In addition...

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January 29, 2008

Greggy G's Free ATS Picks & Friendly Faces

ATS MON: 2-1…a frickin’ ½ point away from perfection!
ATS Overall – NBA: 66-59 CBB: 18-16 NFL: 22-20
TEASIN’ T-BONE’S WEEKEND – 4-1 ATS…Much Luv Homeboy!

Since leavin' Boston, Al's raised his game to ridiculous levels!

I’ve officially become a Bulls fan that wishes nuttin’ but embarrassment for the 2008 undersized, underachievers. Hopefully another few losses will change things at the United Center and Paxson will finally admit they’re heading in the wrong direction. Tonight, I’ll be racing home faster than when the lady’s working late and the “Greggy G Camping Equipment”-Box is out of storage (aka Adult Video stash) to watch Al Jefferson absolutely destroy Big Ben on the block. Jefferson has averaged 27 pts &14 rpg over his last six as the young T-Wolves have won 3 of 4 (@ GST, PHX, & NJ) and have been playing with more confidence than ever before. Throw-in Ryan Gomes energetic play at PF (18 ppg & 6 rpg over his last 5), the surprising consistency from the speedy Sabby Telfair (14 ppg, 6 apg, 1 tpg, & 52-fg% over his last 5), and Rashad McCants season-long consistency from behind the arc (15 pgg on 43-3pt%), and I’m guessing the Bulls may resort to veteran Adrian Griffin’s mid-range YMCA-style to turn the tide once the T-Wolves make their 2nd quarter run. While Ben Gordon may return from his wrist injury...

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January 30, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

The Spurs suddenly look very old and un-athletic....getting beat for the 3rd straight game by a young and on the rise team. Durant snapped off 26 on the the Spurs and also hit the game winning shot with 32 ticks left. Is it to early to say that this team may be washed up or is the playoff push just right around the corner? Well, it just got a little tougher with T. Parker-Longoria our indefinitely with a sore heel because of bone spurs!

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Home of Greg Gamble's Free ATS Picks

ATS TUE: 1-3…The Sports Ticker was not fun last night!
ATS Overall – NBA: 67-62 CBB: 18-16 NFL: 22-20
TEASIN’ T-BONE’S WEEKEND – 4-1 ATS…Much Luv Homeboy!

You have to luv the Jazz at home!

Isiah’s band of overpriced garbage hasn’t been blown-out from start to finish on this West Coast trip yet…which means their due to mail one in. Especially after playing last night in front of the hotties of Hollywood (lost by 11 to the Lakeshow), you think Eddy “Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger” Curry and Zach “Baby-Fat” Randolph are excited about heading to Utah? With Sloan’s screen-happy disciplined offense, not to mention the cold-azz weather, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the Jazz run lay-up drills while the Knicks watch Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson cast from downtown. More importantly, with addition of Ashton Korver and a healthy AK-47, Sloan is still analyzing how to divvy up the minutes so expect the bench to play with even more fire than normal and extend the double digit lead throughout the 4th quarter. And finally…

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January 31, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike

Who would have thought that this guy:

would win 5 super bowls.......yes 5 (not a misprint) in 8 eight years! I can see why NFL scouts get it wrong so much! On another note........

Ok Plax......Brady responded to your prediction with a chuckle. Be rest assured he will try to run the score up on that ass!

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Free ATS College Hoops Picks from Greggy G

ATS WED: 2-1…I wish I had the ballz to double-up on NEB
ATS Overall – NBA: 67-63 CBB: 20-16 NFL: 22-20
TEASIN’ T-BONE’S WEEKEND – 4-1 ATS…Much Luv Homeboy!

While she's representing the wrong Arizona school for my pick, the rumor is she bought the camera in Northern Arizona

While most of you probably don’t know much about the hardwood tendencies of Northern Zona or Colorado…that’s why the pay me the big-bucks here at IP.com. The Lumberjacks sit at 6-2 in the mighty-Big Sky with possibly the most unheralded big-man in the country in 6-9 Sr. Kyle Landry (17 ppg, 8 rpg, & 58-fg%). What’s even more surprising for this baby-major is that they have another frontcourt behemoth to cover his back (6-10 Sr. McCurdy 7 ppg, & 6 rpg). Throw-in a starting veteran backcourt (Jr. Josh Wilson 12 ppg, 6 apg, 49-fg% & Sr. Nathan Geiser 10 ppg 43-3pt%) that should be extra focused after losing their last road-contest (which has them tied for 1st now) and I can’t see how they fall to the lowly, undersized Bears. Speaking of the Da Bear, they’re 2-6 in the frickin’ Big Sky, so let’s face it, the hood on the Northside of Colorado just ain’t representing. So write it down, take a picture, I don’t give a Kobe Tai…Lumberjacks roll by 6-10

Want some more picks and HOT pics...

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