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Greggy G’s Free NBA ATS Extravaganza

I wish muscle equaled talent Homeboy!


KIRK HINRICH – Nice work Kirk...you've forced white-guys to hate on you as much as the black-guys always have

LUOL DENG – I now realize that Paxson meant Deng was “untouchable” because if you touch him, he crumbles like Garrett Wolfe after an arm tackle

ANDRES NOCIONI – If Noce knocked over three kindergarteners on the playground, do you think he’d wave his arms in disbelief afterward?

BEN GORDON – If you don’t count his inability to dribble, play defense, or pass…I think it was a great decision for Pax to offer the undersized guard 10M a year

JOE SMITH – I don’t care that he’s played well, the dude makes me feel so old every time they tell me he’s in his 13th season

BEN WALLACE - I hear Isiah tells his owner: “See, other GMs make catastrophic decisions!”

TYRUS THOMAS – Is it wrong to hope a player gets hurt?

JOAHKIM NOAH – Hey, I have another idea…let’s suspend the only guy that seems to give a f*ck!

AARON GRAY – You know it’s bad when the water-cooler talk revolves around: “We just need to get Aaron Gray more minutes.”

THABO SEFOLOSHA – My favorite look is when he sports the middle-school mustache with the corn-rolls that look like they were done by Fantastic Sam

CHRIS DUHON - Chris...Please call Eric Snow or Jacque Vaughn ASAP! Just cause your open...doesn't mean you have to shoot!

VIKTOR KHRYAPA – What a steal! We get both Tyrus Thomas & Khryapa for LaMarcus Aldridge (18 ppg, 8 rpg, 50 fg%)…U snake GM Johnny Pax, u snake!

ADRIAN GRIFFIN – I swear he plays at my YMCA…u know, old-guy, pump-fake, hit u in the balls with his azz, and then misses the ugly fade-away

ATS – Yesterday: 1-1-1…Talk about kissing your mother-in-law!
Overall – CBB: 14-11 NBA: 52-52 NFL: 22-20

Wade will do whatever it takes to stop the losing-skid!

After all the drama regarding the players’ decision to suspend Joakim Noah, I never thought we’d see Capt. Kirk & some vets laughing on the bench during a blow-out loss to a Magic squad that had lost 5 of 6. With Noce (questionable-hip) leaving in the 2nd half, a starting backcourt of Chris “I’ve shot 23% since taking over the starting PG spot” Duhon & Thabo “I’m shooting 29% for the season” Sefolosha, and the hated-Noah providin' the only enthusiasm on a lifeless team, the reality is it's not much different from the atmosphere from Isiah’s crew in Gotham. Not to mention, the Bulls have a interim-coach that has already lost the squad, nobody is playing with a sense of urgency or passion, and they all know Pax is on the phone dangling each and every one of them. As for the Heat, while they’ve been horrific and have lost 10-straight, you know D-Wade hasn’t lost the fire and should be desperate for a victory tonight. Especially...'Continue Reading' below

The Bulls probably had more passion washing their hair than they did playing the Magic last night!

Especially with Hinrich hobbled (questionable-back spasms) and Shaq rumored to return to the line-up, I expect Coach LA Looks to treat this as a playoff game and Ricky Davis to have one of those night’s that makes his box-score look like he’s related to Oscar Robertson. Trust me, the Bulls will get crushed tonight and D-Wade will have more FT attempts than the entire undersized, malcontents from Chicago…Heat by 10-14 points

The Pacers playoff boat may be sailing away unless they can start pulling off some victories!

After returning from their west coast road-trip 1-4, the up-n-down Pacers desperately need to regain their early-December form before completely falling out of the playoff race. The worst part about the recent losses has been the 4th quarter meltdowns, especially evident in Sunday loss at Golden State where the led up-until the final 2 minutes. Tonight, they face the same Warriors squad, but have the luxury of home-court and a tired opponent coming off a tougher than expected battle against the T-Wolves last night. While some may think S-Jax and Al Harrington will be psyched for tonight’s return to Indy, I’m predicting a “3-Pt Chuckfest” from those two and some nervous club owners that don’t want to see Jackson’s headband on any stripper poles. Love the Warriors, but not on a mid-season back-to-back…Pacers by 5-9 points

Gerald Wallace's game is well-rounded!

Quietly, the Cats O’ Bob have played solid ball against some of the best teams in the league. After beating NJ and winning in Boston, the Bobcats lost heartbreakers @Cleveland and to Detroit before bouncing back with an impressive victory Tuesday against Denver. Especially with Orlando coming off a back-to-back against the malcontents known as the Bulls, I expect the new found energy in Charlotte to catch the Magic off guard early. While nobody heads into a match-up with D-Howard and ends up looking solid, the combo of Okafor & Mohammed should hold its own. Throw-in the athleticism and recent dominance of Gerald Wallace (thru January: 25 ppg 9 rpg, 5 apg), & Jason Richardson (thru January: 24 ppg 6 rpg, 4 apg) against the Magic’s defensively-challenged wings (Turkoglu & Lewis), and I expect Howard to be in foul-trouble by halftime. Bobcats by 6-10 points

No matter how flawless Bosh's game has been, he should be tired from handling all the frontcourt work by his lonesome

Nobody in the league has been a bigger surprise than the Bibby, Artest, & (previously) Martin-less Kings. Having won 3 of 4, including victories against Orlando & Dallas, the Reggie Theus led squad has been playing with an unbelievable confidence and is getting career years from almost everybody (John Salmons 17 ppg 5 rpg 51 fg%, Beno Udrih 14 ppg, 5 apg, 40 3pt%, Francisco Garcia 14 ppg, 4 rpg, 39 3pt%, Brad Miller 14 ppg, 9 rpg, 4 apg), and just got back one of the best shooters in the game (Kevin Martin last 2 games: 21-25 fgs, 3-3 3pts, 19-21 fts). And tonight, they face a banged-up Raptors squad coming off a loss in Mo-Town last night. While Chris Bosh has continued his dominance at PF, the Raps don’t really have another go-to scorer to take the pressure off him, and more importantly, anybody alongside him in the frontcourt to ease the grueling glass work (Bargnani 3.4 rpg, Rasho 4.2 rpg, Humphries 4.4 rpg). When Toronto does need scoring, the insertion of Jason Kapono & Carlos Delfino may knockdown a few shoots, but rarely do they not give-up more than that at the other end…Kings in an upset

The Blazers young-legs should help them keep this close!

As evident in their 26-point victory Monday in NJ, the Blazers have the depth and athleticism to match-up with virtually every team on the professional hardwood. While Aldridge is no KG, he’ll be able to keep the defensive catalyst away from the basket and enable Roy to back-down Jesus Shuttlesworth at every opportunity. At the other forward sport, while Paulie’s a tough match for anybody, the combo of Martell Webster, Travis Outlaw, & James Jones should tire-out the Jayhawk by game’s end. And finally, and probably most importantly, the biggest reason for my belief in a Blazer ATS cover is the back/hamstring injury to Rajon Rando (questionable). While Rando will never be know as a great shooter, his athleticism, ball-handling, and defensive prowess has been a perfect match with the Big 3. In his absence, Eddie House has struggled getting the team into their offense sets and been a huge liability at the defense end. Tonight, look for Steve Blake & the RB-sized Jarrett Jack to put all kinds of pressure on the Celts PGs, and if Eddie House is forced into extra duty, watch the underrated Jack take him to the hole at every opportunity. While the Celts may pull off some magic late, I can’t see them blowing-out the hottest team in the league…Celtics by 1-5 points

Even though the Celts Big 3 has looked smooth...
the Blazers remind me of Tila Tequila...
actually, they don't...but I wanted to use the picture!


Pacman Jones:
First off, let's start calling this guy by his real name and not some nickname he got when he was still wearing Spiderman underwear! Can you believe this guy was in a strip club again...and got in trouble again? Adam, you must not want to play in the NFL AGAIN!!! ! The commish will have no mercy on you. I can't believe that you are that stupid! Tell me it was your look alike that was in the club making it rain and not you!

Is it coincidence that LB snapped off for 51 points, 9 boards and 8 assists one night after KB dropped 48 on Seattle? It could just be both squads needed the extra production from their superstars on those particular nights, or it could be two superstars stating their claim as the best! What ever it is...good job LB and KB, we enjoyed the show!

Maria Maria:


I know she is actually good...but it helps that she's so hot doesn't it? I know I watch tennis from time to time because of it! By the way.....what ever happened to Anna Kornikova? Does she still try to play or is she that terrible? If anyone knows, post a comment.

Intramural college football championships:Lastly, I wanted to give you guys a couple photos I found from the Intramural college football championships. This is funny stuff!

I don't know about you, but these teams don't look quite fair. I wonder if she actually got the flag?

Somebody forgot to tell this girl that in American football we catch with our hands....not our face!


Games to watch tonight:

Portland @ Boston 7:30 EST

Talk to you guys tomorrow!

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