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ATS THUR: 0-3…The Gamblin’ Gods thought I was getting’ cocky
ATS since FRI - 11-5…A better record than Spurs last 16 games
ATS Overall – NBA: 63-58 CBB: 17-15 NFL: 22-20

Trust me...Amare will dominate the Cavs frountcourt tonight!

The greatest show on hardwood should be stoked for a Friday Night tilt with King James. Coming off an embarrassing loss at Minnesota (the Suns have lost back-to-back games only twice this year) I expect PHX to come-out with some extra fire and push the tempo even harder against a plodding Cavs squad. Especially with the lousy defense at PG by Daniel Gibson & Damon “I’m a fool” Jones, look for Nash to look magical and Barbosa to fly down court for some easy buckets. While the Cavs have started to look like the NBA Finals squad from last year...

Only a few things can look smoother than Stevie vs the Cavs PGs

While the Cavs have looked like the NBA Finals squad of last year over the last two weeks (5 straight wins), their run started once Sasha Pavlovic was inserted in the starting line and Big Z started to control the block…and tonight, Sasha is out, while Big Z will struggle to find court time having to chase Amare up-n-down. The teams that have given the Suns the most trouble have athletic big-men that can play with their back-to-the-basket, and Gooden & Varejao just don’t have the offense game to take advantage of that. I know King James is virtually unguardable, but I have a feeling Raja Bell will treat this match-up like a playoff game against Kobe and do whatever it takes…Suns by 5-9 points

The Hawks in red will shine tonight!

I know seeing a Hawk fly this far from home usually scares the majority of ATS players, but ATL has played everybody solid of late and is desperate to stay in the Eastern Conference playoff race. Especially with the Sonics blowing a double-digit lead against the Rockets Wednesday and the recent media reports on how unhappy life has been for the veterans under Carlesimo, I expect the Sonics to look flat tonight and the stadium to be empty with the Hawks (without Spud Webb) in town….and with an empty stadium, maybe the Hawks will actually feel like this is a home-game. To top things off, the only scorers for Seattle are found on the wing (Durant & Szczerbiak) and coach Woodson is absolutely loaded with athletic swingmen (Williams, Smith, Johnson, Childress) who will not want to be shown-up by the Longhorn rook…Hawks by 5-9 points

The only thing better than a guy who averages 27 ppg & 9 rpg, is the combo of a bikini and beer!

After opening conference play with some road victories, Niagara (11-6) has stumbled in its last two road tests as league MVP Charron Fisher (27 ppg & 9 rpg) has struggled to find a rhythm. Tonight, I’m guessing they return to their early season form, which saw them beat St. John’s & Santa Clara on the road, against a St. Peter’s Peacocks (4-14, 1-7) that is loaded with freshman and losers in 12 of their last 13…Niagara by 8-12 points

Hopefully my late night studies...
will be rewarded with a nice pay-off!

U know the Rockets don't like the weather in Portland

The Blazers just returned from a 2 week road-trip (3-4) so expect the youngsters to receive a warm-welcome from the newfound Blazermania fans. With Brandon Roy running the offense to perfection from the top of the key, Coach McMillan has done a remarkable job of spreading the floor with long-range shooters to take advantage and has a legit 10-man rotation to wear-out opponents. As for the Rockets, they needed a dominate 4th quarter to beat the Sonics by 2 Wednesday, and I’m guessing their looking forward more to a flight back to warm-weather than another contest in the Pacific Northwest. Not to mention, T-Mac’s still not 100% and the short-bench for Adelman continues to shoot like shiznit…Blazers by 5-9 points

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