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Yesterday was a 3 for 4 day and with a lighter selection today I am focusing on one major matchup so enjoy and make sure your Sunday Funday will be as good as mine!

Shhh...don't peek now cuz the Wolverines just might keep this one closer than you think!

Michigan +16 @ Michigan State

I am fully aware that the Wolverines are not very good this year and have only posted 5 wins. Today won't be their 6th either, but it will be about a 10 point ball game throughout. Intra-state matchups are always closer than what the paper predicts and with the campus' being 60 miles from each other this will be very much like a home game for Michigan in terms of preparation the last 24 hours. I'm predicting about a 65-76 final score, which means more cabbage heading into Monday!

Posted by Greg Gamble on January 27, 2008 10:34 AM |


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