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"The Daily Rant"

Oh boy......I got plenty to talk about! Bad teams and bad coaching decisions will head up this rant today!

Capital One Bowl:
I never thought I would say this but thank you Michigan. Thank you for taking it to Florida yesterday. I am so tired of hearing about the SEC being far more superior than the Big Ten. (Tennessee and Wisconsin don't count, neither one of those teams are any good)! Watching Tebow in the pocket in the 4th quarter of the Capital One Bowl was like watching Sexy Rexy run for his life ....we all know that ain't pretty. Tebow showed a chink in the armor the way he handled himself under duress. Made a couple great plays but also threw a few balls up for grabs in the last couple drives to end the game.


Everyone who watches college football knows Hawaii hasn't played anybody all year. Should we be surprised they were smoked by a great Georgia team on New Year's day? No I say. So for all the schools that have great records but don't play anybody all year e.g. (Kansas, Missouri, West Virginia) put some real teams on your schedule, beat them, and then we will start to take you seriously. The voters got this one right. Can you imagine if this squad got into the BCS Championship because they went undefeated in the regular season? It would have been a travesty.

NFL prospects:
I could be wrong, but I think alot of guys helped their cases as far as being legitimate draft picks in this years NFL draft. Here are my picks:

Chad Henne:
Looked great yesterday. You know this guy must have been hurt late in the year because the player I saw against OSU 6 weeks ago and the player I saw yesterday were not the same. 25 for 39, 373 yards 3 TD's 2 picks. Not a bad days work.

Adrian Arrington:

Made great catches all day....had alot to do with Henne's success against that Gator defense.

Toni Temple:
This dude snapped against Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl! 24 carries, for 281 yards and 4 TD's. Maybe if Coach Pinkel had used Temple effectively against Oklahoma instead of being pass happy with Chase, this team might be the BCS Championship game.

Thumbs down for Ron Zook's game plan against the Trojans. Coming out trying to run the ball against the Trojan defense when it was apparent they had 8-9 players in the box to contain Juice and stop the run was just bad preparation and terrible game planning. Illini fans should be disappointed not in the teams effort, but in their coaching staff that didn't have any new plays inserted into their offensive package with over a month to prepare for this game.

West Virginia:

Does anybody think the Mountaineers have any chance in beating Oklahoma with all the distractions from the school and the head coach the last few weeks? Could it be motivation for this West Virginia team because their coach turned their back on them? We will see.


Madd props to the NHL to schedule a hockey game in the middle of winter outside in Buffalo NY. It created a much needed injection of energy into a league that has lost its appeal to the casual and hard core hockey fans. If fans are crazy enough to sit through a hockey game in the middle of a snow storm....keep doing it!

Robbie Maddison:

Photo of ramp:
Flicking through the channels New Year's Eve I stumbled across Robbie Maddison; looking to become the new Evil Knievel by setting a new world record jumping a ramp across a football field! With a strong head wind in his face I thought this guy was going to get seriously injured......but he broke the record with ease! 310 ft was the record......He jumped 322 ft! Disappointed because he felt he could have jumped farther because of the strong head wind......he did it again...only to come in shorter than the first jump. With that said, madd props to this guy for having balls of steel and doing this jump not only once....but twice!

Anyway, enjoy the Oklahoma beat down of WVU tonight. Talk to ya tomorrow!

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