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"The Daily Rant"

West Virginia/Oklahoma:
Wow.......what a beat down! The Sooners were never in the game! They were slapped all around the field!. Thumbs down to Stoops for not having his kids ready to play. Thumbs up to Bill Stewart for getting his kids to concentrate on the task at hand with all the distractions concerning the Rodriguez saga looming. Good job Stoops......4 out of 5 Bowl game loses is pretty pathetic!

Word on the street is the Browns are listening to offers for D Anderson. Browns management....are you serious? You won 10 games for the first time since the 90's and your answer to make this team a contender is to turn the reins over to an unproven Brady Quinn? That is so typical of city of Cleveland sports.....get the fan base excited and then make bone head moves to "F" it all up. It's great news for the Steelers though.....the Bengals and Ravens are disarray and the Browns are about to trade a proven NFL starter. The Steelers will own the AFC North division for the next few years if the Browns make that mistake. You heard it here first folks!

Cam Cameron:

Did anybody think that Cam had any chance of keeping his job after The Big Tuna took this team over? No way! Parcells has to put his stamp on this team and Cam is not a part of the equation. Parcells will spend the next couple of weeks putting his boys in place to get this team back on track. Don't worry about Cam though........he will have a college head coaching job fairly quickly if he wants it!

Check back tomorrow to get my predictions on the wildcard games this weekend. I just pick the winners and losers though......you need to count on G Gamble to pick who covers and who doesn't!. Talk to you tomorrow.....and don't forget to tell a friend about Insideplays.com!

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