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"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike


Congratulations to "The Goose" for finally getting into the Hall of Fame; the honor is well deserved. The only thing I hate about this time of year is hearing the opinions of retired players in regards to the steroid era. I am not condoning the use of steroids, but everyone knows that alot of these guys back in the day were on the "old school" drugs like "speed" to increase alertness and reflexes during games and downers to combat the effects of speed after the game. One should ask how is this any different then today's performance enhancing drugs? Yes, drugs today are more effective and should be considered cheating. All i'm saying is the "old timers" shouldn't act like the use of drugs in sports is a new phenomenon. Drugs have been around for hundreds of years and that includes when they played played too....so get up off your high horse!

Jim Rice/ Andre Dawson:

Hang in their, you will get in next year.....I have no doubt!

You too Dawson!

Mark McGwire:

You can probably forget it. You received the same number of votes as last year. You silence doesn't seem to be helping matters!

On to the hoops!

Games to watch tonight:

Detroit @ Dallas 9:00 PM EST
Golden State @ Portland 10:00 PM EST
L.A. Lakers @ New Orleans 8:00 PM EST

Talk to you guys tomorrow!

Posted by Money Mike on January 9, 2008 10:41 AM |


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