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MLK Day:

Happy MLK day today to everybody! No matter what color you are....please take the time to remember one of the greatest people in the history of our country and the impact that he had on our development as a country over the years. With that said....let the rant begin!


Anybody think this guy would be kicking for the Giants next year if he misses that field goal in OT? Think again. Everybody will blame the second miss right before the end of regulation on the snap, but I thought the holder did a great job getting the ball in position for Tynes to kick. The timing may have been a little off, but Tynes needs to make a better attempt than that! Anyway, he made it when it counted! Good job big guy!

It's funny how things seem to work themselves out. This guy has to be sick! He never could have thought this team could make the super bowl without him. .....if he did, he never would have retired. The Giants response to Tiki after all his criticism of the coaching staff, management and Eli is a simple pimp slap to the face by making it to the big game! It says alot about this squad how much they have grown after the way they started the season.
It's a game of inches folks. If he leads the receiver on that throw in OT its a whole different game. Favre, cut all the drama and announce you will be back now! Even at 39 your still better than 80% of the QB's in the league!

Alot of you might be saying "who is that a photo of"? Well, It's the guy who gets my vote for team MVP for the Patriots....the un-sung hero....Kevin Faulk. Yeah, Brady is the best thing since sliced bread and Moss has been reborn in a Patriot uniform; But where would the Patriots be without the huge contribution he give this team week in and week out! Whether its a 3rd & 6 run where he picks up 7 yards.......a screen pass when he picks up a first down on 3rd and long.......or just simply protecting Prince Brady's ass on blitz pick up just long enough so he can find Wes Welker for the drive saving first down. This guy is a warrior! Don't forget he runs back kicks and plays on kick coverage too! He never complains about his carries...he just goes out every week and straps it up and wins a super bowl ring every couple years. Much love Kevin Faulk!


Looks like Roy Jones Jr. Still has it. He knocked down Felix twice on Saturday on his way to a unanimous decision! If ya still got it baby ....keep fightin!

Lots of good games in the NBA today fellas. If your off from work you get a chance to see some good basketball. Enjoy the day!

Dallas @ Washington 1:00 PM EST

Detroit @ Orlando 7:00 PM EST

Denver @ L.A. Lakers 10:30 EST

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