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"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike

With the NFL season winding down, and your team most likely out of the big game at this point, I thought it would be a good time to look at each team in the NFL (by division) and breakdown what your favorite team needs to do to get to the big game next year! (Or atleast be competitive and make the playoffs). Even New York and New England will need to make adjustments in the off season to stay ahead of the curve. NFL coaches do a tremendous job adjusting to a teams tendencies from year to year; so a team must try to get better in all aspects of the game no matter how successful. You have seen in the past that teams that do not change find themselves sitting at home the following year......eg. 2006 Steelers, 2007 Bears...you get the point. With that said I will start with the AFC (since it is the dominant conference).

New England Patriots:
The only real flaw with this squad seems to be their aging defense. Seau, Harrison and Colvin are no longer spring chickens, and although they are still some of the best players at their positions, it may be time to bring in their replacements. All three of these guys have 3 more years max of solid play. If you bring in their replacements now, the new regime will be ready when these guys retire.

New York Jets:
The first thing these guys need to do is decide on a QB. Although management has said they expect Pennington back, he probably won't be and I'm not sure Clemens is the answer. The O-line at times wasn't terrible, but could probably use some added depth. Cotchery and Coles are okay at the wideouts, but this team could use a big play receiver. A decent running game, an upgraded defense and some solid play at the QB position would be aa good start for a team who finished 4-12 this year.

Miami Dolphins:
This team is bad from top to bottom. Parcells probably needs to start at the QB position and work his way through this roster from their. The Dolphins will be better next year...but not by much. To much to do....so little time!

Buffalo Bills:
Trent Edwards is solid....Losman in my opinion is a waste of time. He won't be content to sit on the bench as a backup so you almost have to get rid of him if he doesn't win the job in training camp. Jauron has to get some play makers on the offensive side of the ball to take the pressure off the Marshawn Lynch and the running game. Lee Evans was supposed to be that guy but he sucked this year except for a few games near the end of the season. Believe me, I know, he was in my fantasy team! With a few tweaks, this team can compete for a wildcard spot next year.

Games to watch tonight:

Portland @ New Orleans 8:00PM EST

L.A. Lakers @ San Antonio 9:00 PM EST

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