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The NBA ATS Guru's Feeling Frisky Tonight!

ATS – Yesterday: 1-1…Damn you Rasheed!
Overall – CBB: 11-10 NBA: 50-49 NFL: 22-20

Everyone in Lakerland is performing with a lil swagger!

Nobody in the league is sharing the ball better or is as confident as the Lakers over the last few weeks. They’ve won their last 4 games by an average of 23 points, including a 29-point road thrashing of the Hornets, and are running the Zen Master’s offense to perfection. For the first time in his career, Kobe seems to be getting a halfie by passing the rock and has enjoyed watching his teammates knockdown every open-shot. Jackson has a legitimate 9-man rotation in place and everybody seems on the same page. With their confidence sky-high, I expect the Lakers to continue to destroy teams and make a push to the top of the Western Conference standings. As for the Bucks, I'm actually happy they've won 2-straight and Michael Redd is returning tonight...cause it may drop the spread a few points. The Bucks play some of the worst defense in the league, not to mention those two-victories came at the hands of the league’s bottom-feeders (Memphis & Miami). Especially in-front of the home-crowd and...
our friend Lisa, look for the Lakers to try to embarrass the Bucks and keep this around 20 points all-night…Lakers by 17-23 points

I have plenty more picks and pics Homeoboy...better 'Continue Reading' below

The Rap will use a disciplined approach to get things done!

The Knickerbockers struggle the most against teams that can't keep up with their turonver ratio, and that is not a good sign with Sam Mitchell and the Raptors in town. Only the Pistons take care of the ball better than the Raptors (turnovers/gm) and with Chris Bosh maneuvering against Zach “When do I lose the Baby-Fat” Randolph & Eddy “Cheesburger, Cheesburger” Curry expect the Raptors to shoot close to 60% tonight. Not to mention, Isiah’s band of overpriced wash-outs hate playing at home and may just close-up shop once the Raptors take a lead…Raptors by 10-14 points

Off a back-to-back, the Grizz will be sweatin' early against GST

Late night Warriors Zubaz going-on tonight! After losing 3 of 4 and looking horrific against the Blazers (they did beat SA at home a couple days ago), I expect the Warriors to come out to their fanatic home-crowd on Friday Night with a “Bitch-slapping of Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs” type of performance. Once the Blazers were up big on Hump Day, Nellie played the bottom of the roster the 2nd half and let his starters rest-up for a weekend rejuvenation against the Grizz and slow, white-Pacers. As for the Grizz, their coming off a heart-breaking loss to Sacramento last night that saw them blow a 10-point lead midway thru the 4th quarter. While Memphis has looked better lately, the reason for their improved play has been the re-emergence of Pau Gasol and the assertion of Mike Conley in the starting line-up. Tonight, those two should have all kinds of problems with the Warriors style. Gasol cannot run up-n-down with GST, especially of a back-to-back, and Conley cannot handle the backside azz of Baron…which will cause all kinds of match-up switches for a young team unable to handle those types of maneuvers. No doubt this is blow-out early, and with the Warriors desperate to get back on track, they continue the blow-out for all 4 quarters…Warriors by 16-20 points

Not sure what J. Thompson looks like, but his body of work is flawless!

The Broncs have treated me like S.O.T.B Asian on film-set with T.T. Boy the two times I invested on them this year (Fyi, S.O.T.B stands for Straight-Off-The-Boat)…so if they screw me again, I’m done with their sorry-azz. After some National publications touted them as a sleeper to potentially do some damage in the tourney, they struggled with the hype and lost some very winnable games. For a mid-major to have an NBA caliber frontcourt player (6-11 Jason Thompson 20 ppg, 11 rpg, 3 bpg) this is unacceptable and can’t see how they don’t get back on track during the 2nd half of the season. After a disappointing 1-pt loss to Marist at home Friday, they responded Sunday with 51-pt shellacking against Canisius. While Canisius is terrible, it was great to see the solid shooters around Thompson step-up to the plate and knockdown 15-33 from behind the arc. I expect more of the same tonight against a poor Iona squad (5-11), who last year was a ridiculous 2-28, and only has one post-player that resembles anything of a challenge to Mr. Thompson (6-9 Gary Springer 10 ppg 7 rpg). If the Broncs can’t cover a couple buckets against the Gaels, I’m done with them for the year and done believing their superstar has NBA potential…Broncs by 10-14 points

Have a Happy Weekend Homeboys!

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