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February 1, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Friday ATS Luv

ATS THU: 1-4…At halftime, all my plays were covering...
…and by the final horn I was drinking heavily!
ATS Overall – NBA: 67-64 CBB: 21-19 NFL: 22-20
TEASIN’ T-BONE’S WEEKEND – 4-1 ATS…Much Luv Homeboy!

With Okur outside lettin' Boozer work & AK47's defense on Butler (if he plays), nuttin' but smiles from Utah in DC

Without Caron Butler, the Wiz are 5-16 over the last two seasons…and most of those included Agent Zero’s casting-azz on the floor. While he’s questionable tonight with a bad hip-flexor, even if he plays we probably won’t see the reckless abandonment that has made him an All-Star this season. As for Utah, they continue to move-up the West Coast standings and are in the midst of 6-game winning streak that has seen them win by an average of 12 pts per contest. Especially with....

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February 2, 2008


I have officially reached a new all time low, fortunately it has to do with my degenerative ways and not my picks(or pics). It is officially 4:14am on Saturday and I can’t friggin’ sleep. I awoke this morning with what felt like a railroad spike in my head(never mix keg beer with mixers), and I immediately thought of one thing….I can try to go back to sleep for another couple hours or I can get in front of the computer and get 3 hours of gambling/sports knowledge in my head while the family is sleeping. You can see what I chose. I will need your complete focus on the hardcourt today, my friends, just pretend that the pigskin thing happening tomorrow is fake, much like 80% of the tata’s that you see on insideplays.com. I bring you winna’s this fine Saturday, and winna’s bring lettuce which means you can upgrade to the $10 bottle of wine for your lady. Make sure that you check back a couple times this weekend cuz we will be giving an in depth analysis on Sunday Funday and this thing called the Superbowl. Good Luck!

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February 3, 2008


After going 19-0 and still lookin' this good, I would imagine their will be plenty of baby-daddy accusations. Can you actually bet against this guy today?

After going 4-1 yesterday to bring my hardcourt record to 26-13, we now enter into what is in my humble opinion, the best Sunday of the year, hands down. And this Sunday Funday has even more meaning since the Pats are trying to accomplish something that no other team has, a 19-0 season. So to prepare for something that gets this much hype, I will break it down very methodically on how I see the game unfolding, because I do feel that this game will be a battle of what coach can make changes the quickest. No matter who you like or what you choose today, just make sure that your calorie intake in Special Brews far exceeds whatever food you manage to remember to put into your body. Before I get to the task at hand, I would like to give a special IS.com shoutout to Greggy G and all the homeys who have dedicated the last 72 hours in Chicago to creating memories that no one will remember. On to the game…..

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"The daily rant"

Hope they didn't start the production of these to soon! super%20bowl%20rings.jpg

Super Bowl:

The key to the game sports fans:

After 18 games...somebody finally figured it out!

Wow....what an ending! I actually was dozing off in the first half. In the second half it looked like the Pats were primed to pull away. Let's be clear....the defenses won and lost the game for both teams. For the Giants, Eli can think that nasty defense for pulling this one out; putting plenty of pressure on Tom and the crew to give the DB's a chance against the weapons of New England. Brady was never really comfortable in the game; even though he still did his part and got the team down the field when it counted in the 4th quarter. The Pats can blame that old defense on this one. I waited and waited for somebody (Harrison, Seau, Bruschi Vrabel, Samuel) to make a play, but it never happened. They let the rest of the team down in the clutch. Write it down now.......the Pats will bring in some young on talent on defense and be right back in the hunt next year.

The media praised the Pats all season; said this could be the greatest team of all time. Well folks they didn't get it done, so lets call it what it really is.....the biggest choke job in NFL history! Brady and the crew just went from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mole hill in a matter of 60 minutes. With that said, I do really feel bad for Seau, he is a great guy, outstanding player and a hall of famer....as long as he stops wearing the brown taxi cab hat! Better luck next year guys! That's why they play the game folks. Many props to Coughlin for his game planning and prep for this game. Give this guy an extension Giants!

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February 4, 2008


ATL is on the rise!

As for why the Hawks will win tonight...

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February 5, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Congratulations to Bobby Knight on his much over due retirement. I think alot of people agree with me when I say he should have retired after he left Indiana. No way he was going to come close to a title at Texas Tech.

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Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Luv

ATS HOOPS FRI: 2-2…Oh yeah, and I lost the Super Bowl
ATS HOOPS Overall – NBA: 68-66 CBB: 22-19

The Sixers always struggle to stop Antawn's crafty moves!

After a solid January for the Wiz (9-6), a hip-injury to Caron Butler and some tough match-ups (Raptors, Jazz, & Lakers) have the DC boys in the midst of 3-game losing streak. While Butler returned to action Sunday against the Lakers, Bryant was virtually unstoppable and the Wizards spent the majority of the 2nd-half with their 2nd-team on the floor. Following the game, the players and coaches commented on their passiveness and vowed to show the aggression and fire they showed after the New Year that placed them just below the top-tier teams in the East. Especially with the 76ers experimenting with the youngsters at PF, I expect Jamison to use his clever inside-out play to keep Philly’s inexperienced frontcourt off-balance and in foul-trouble most of the night. While Iggy & Andre Miller...

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February 6, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Hoop Picks & NO FRICKIN' WAY SHAQ'S IN PHX

Today proved coach LA Looks still has it & Kerr's desperate

* line will be movin' all day...jump in early if u like
Trade distractions for the PHX means CP3 will be even more unstoppable tonight...tough match-ups across the board for the Suns...Hornets by 4-8 points

Speaking of distractions...
The Luv-a-Bulls head-honchita needs to call Phoenix...it's a copy-cat league and they need to copy baby!

Check back later...I f*ckin' have to shovel for the 3rd time

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike

Wow Phoenix.....are you serious? Shaq for Marion and Marcus banks? Is cherry picking on offense legal in the NBA? Who is your backup point guard now? Barbosa? We all know he's not a point guard. Maybe this trade makes sense 5 years ago but not now. You just don't make a move like this in the middle of the season. You would have to change your whole offense in the summer for this to work out. The Suns offensive strategy is to get up the floor and score in 7 seconds or less. Shaq can't get across half court that fast anymore. On top of that he's hurt and hasn't been in real shape since the 2002-2003 season (The last title with the Lakers). Kerr won't have that GM job very long when this trade doesn't work out!

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February 7, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Shaq trade:

If Shaq amazingly gets down to this playing weight....then The Suns have a shot!

It's funny to hear all the sports analysts try to justify in their minds and ours this Shaq trade. Everybody wants to talk about how this will bring motivation to the big fella; and how the move can be compared to Wilt Chamberlain changing his game as he got older or Kareem playing with "showtime" and their running style back in the 90's. Bottom line is Wilt and Kareem were both better athlete's than Shaq, not injured and never had conditioning issues. Wilt played professional volleyball for 10 years after he retired from the NBA and Kareem still looks like he can suit it up and give the Lake Show 10 points and 8 boards. (The hook shot is good for 10 points by itsself)! What's even more mind boggling about this trade is the Suns didn't want to give Marion (an allstar caliber player) and extension, but they still have to pay Shaq 40 mil for the next 2 years! I might be missing something but it doesn't add up to me. Yeah in the long run keeping Marion would have cost the club more money......but I don't see Marion's skills dropping off considerably any time soon. Shaq's skills have already diminished. My last question is what happen's when they don't win the title this year and Nash, Hill and Shaq are one year older? Get out the Geritol folks! This team is going no where!

Wilt was a beast on on the volleyball court inside and out!

Wilt indoors:


Wilt outdoors:

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Home of Greggy G's Free NBA Hoops Picks

ATS HOOPS WED: 1-0…I told u PXH can’t stop CP3
ATS HOOPS Overall – NBA: 70-68 CBB: 22-19

Nobody thought another guard would come close to passing the NBA hype of OJ Mayo, but Eric Gordon proved them all wrong!

While some think the Illini have been riding some bad-luck on the way to a 2-8 record in Big Ten play, is it really bad-luck if your just really-bad? Especially at the guard-spots, Bruce Webber has tried every combination to no avail, and that has caused teams to sit on their only offensive option in Shaun Pruitt on the block. On the Hoosier side, after opening the conference season 6-0 and riding a 13-game win-streak, Eric Gordon (22 ppg, 48-%fg, 41-3pt%) & DJ White (18 ppg, 11 rpg, 2 bpg) lost at home to an oversized UCONN squad and at Wisconsin 3-days later before getting back on track against Northwestern. And speaking of the freshman phenom Eric Gordon, he’s gonna get hazed all-night by the Orange Crush since he spurned them over the summer. While some may think...

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February 8, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's 0-3 Friday Night

Luckily, TEASIN' T-BONE is here to replace me...

As for my Friday write-up, no need to hear why I'm an idiot
...cause Greggy G is on vacation & lookin' 4 a new hobby!

Back to my Friday write-up, at least u know why I liked ATL,
cause things just look good in Spud Webb's ole' colors!

February 9, 2008


SEASON 26-13

Gentlemen, today I bring you some volunteers, all male cheerleaders, a little Hawkeye/Gopher showdown, and the infamous Cougars, except this time they are on the hardcourt and not lookin' for some younger men in a trashy bar. Just click below for all the free winners you could ask for. Have fun today and keep coming back to IS.com to help pad that pocket to support your other degenerative habits!


February 10, 2008


SEASON: (NCAA 28-15)

After all that work yesterday I ended up paying Sharky some juice. The only thing better than watching the hardcourt and winnin’ is…watching the hardcourt and just paying juice. With the shortage in college hoops today I’m gonna bring you two ATS winners and no teasers, and both of them will be good games to watch. So click below to check out the free picks & pics, and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for Greggy G. Good luck today fellas!

I may be a little off-kilter, but my picks ain't as crazy as this pink haired mommy!

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"The Daily Rant"

What the hell are the Redskins doing? The new offensive coordinator becomes the head coach after two weeks on the job? The problem with this process is that the guy doing the hiring (snyder) may be a good business man; but he really doesn't know football. Which is why the team has been through 6 coaches in 9 years. Good luck Redskins!

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February 11, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's FREE ATS Picks

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 24-19 NBA: 70-72
I feel like I'm ready to turn the ATS corner Homeboys!

While I'm no three-nippled Tarot Card prognosticator...
I did stay at a Holiday Inn & predict a huge night for Mr. Rush!

I know playing in Austin is an ATS no-no for a road favorite, but I’ve watched a lot of Longhorn basketball over the last few weeks and have not come away too impressed. While D.J. Augustin may be the best PG in the land and the streaky shooting AJ Abrams can catch fire, besides that tiny-tandem the Longhorns don’t really have many legit scoring options. And tonight, those two will be matched against the veteran, defensive-minded backcourt mates of the Jayhawks (Mario Chalmers & Russell Robinson), with additional help from the speedy bowling-bowl Sherron Collins. As for the KU frontcourt, they have twice as many inside-threats as Texas with the smooth moves of 6-9 Darrell Arthur (14 ppg, 6 rpg, 2 bpg, & 53-fg%), the power of 6-8 Darnell Jackson (12 ppg, 7 rpg, & 65-fg%), and the spastic-energy of 6-11 Sasha Kaun (8 ppg, 4 rpg, 1.5 bpg, & 64-fg%). While PF Damion James...

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February 12, 2008

Home of Greggy G's ATS Redemption

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 24-20 NBA: 70-74
I know...I'm an embarrassment right now!

Shhhh...I think Vegas still thinks Larry is playing tonight

While Bradley is only 14-11 on the season, their senior-captain PG Daniel Ruffin (15 ppg, 6 apg, 90-ft%, 43-3pt%) missed the end of December and most of January with an abdominal injury that contributed to 6 losses in 8 games. In his absence, former NBAer and Headmaster Jim Les was able to develop some of his younger stars, and now with Mr. Ruffin back, they look even better than before. The Braves reeled off 5-straight with their heady-playmaker’s return to the line-up, before losing a nail-bitter at the MVC’s 2nd place squad Illinois St on Saturday. Tonight, they’ll look to bounce back against a Sycamores squad without Larry Bird and having lost 7 of 8 in-conference, including 5-straight. This one shouldn’t be close, but I’m guessing Vegas knows most people don’t know what Greggy G knows, so if you like it…

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February 13, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike

What's up Fellas, didn't see much in the world of sports to spark my interest last night so I am gonna keep it strictly visual stimulation today with a few of my favorite NBA beauties. Holla at you guys tomorrow!



Games to watch tonight:

Denver @ Orlando 7:00 PM EST
San Antonio @ Cleveland 7:00 PM EST
Phoenix @ Golden State 9:00 PM EST

#14 Wisconsin @ #12 Indiana
#18 Notre Dame @ #17 Uconn

Home of Greggy G's Mid-Week ATS Recovery

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 24-21 NBA: 71-75
Just like D-Wade, the Gamblin Gods may knock me down…but I’ll always get my Polish-azz back up!

Without Gerald Wallace, it looks like J-Rich is in trouble tonight!

No Gerald Wallace tonight means Jason Richardson is guarding all the athletic swingmen for ATL by his lonesome. While the Hawks...

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February 14, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

J Kidd:
I don't know about you, but I don't see how picking up Jason Kidd makes Dallas stiffer competition in the playoffs. People who agree with the trade say the trade gives Dallas leadership in the locker room and on the floor, and most of all heart when times get tough the the playoffs. In return, Dallas is giving up more scoring, better FG percentage and defense in exchange for Kidd. I just don't know how this converts into a championship for the Mavericks. They still don't have anyone who can really match up with the West Big men (O'neal, Gasol, Bynum, Stoudimire, Duncan).

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Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Hoop Plays

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 25-20 NBA: 71-74

You know what's better than one 7-foot Lopez?

A 2nd 7-foot Lopez!

The (20-3) Cardinals have become more dominate with each passing week as they’ve absolutely destroyed teams with the plethora of behemoths in their frontcourt. Combined with the 7-foot Twin Towers (Brook & Robin Lopez: 27 ppg, 14 rpg, & 4 bpg), the athletic 6-8 duo of Lawerence Hill & Taj Finger (16 ppg & 11 rpg) have quietly been the difference in Stanford creating unbelievable mismatches at SF, especially on the weakside offensive glass. Throw-in a veteran backcourt that passes-up open looks to find the big-men, and their 7-game win streak in the Pac-10 is not a surprise. Tonight, they face an Arizona St. squad that has lost 5 of 6, with their only win coming against the surprisingly-tiny Arizona Wildcats. The Sun Devils only start...

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February 15, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's ATS LOSERS

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 25-22 NBA: 71-75
You should see the hate mail I get…priceless!

I know...I should have supported the Sun Devil last night!

(6-16) Harvard’s only won once in Ivy League play, and that was against the equally horrible Big Green of Dartmouth (1-5 in the Ivy). BTW, you’d think these smart-kid schools could come-up with better names than large-azz colors. Back on the harwood, Harvard’s lost 5-straight, including the last three by an average of 16 points, and has been playing without their best player (2nd leading scorer, leading rebounder, and top FG%) in Pat Magnarelli (doubtful-knee). As for Cornell, their absolutely loaded with talent, undefeated in conference play, and won by double-digits in every Ivy League game this season. And tonight...

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February 16, 2008


SEASON: (NCAA 29-16)

Good Saturday my friends. Let me start today with a portion of a song that helps bring us degenerates back to our foundation…..”She is so clean, I am so derty, I’m so ugly, she’s so perty, I never thought that she would let me get it, damn I can’t believe she finally let me hit it”. I don’t know of better words to explain what 95% of the male population is thinking every waking moment. Now on to the real reason you clicked on IS.com, after a .500 outing last weekend I find the best picks primarily in the major conferences across the nation. I have five for you today so click below to find out what free ATS winners I have for you. There ain’t nuttin’ better than a winner for each one of those mid afternoon drinks…..


February 17, 2008


Alright guys, if you are a first timer to Insideplays.com then let me give you 2 reasons to stick around….
1. YESTERDAY: (4-1)
2. SEASON: (NCAA 33-17)

And for those faithful followers….I want to apologize for my one loss yesterday, I got a call right before the start of the game from that hottie in the Sun Devils gear and she told me she was gonna be busy fantasizing about me touching her devil during the game and couldn’t be there for morale support for the team….hence the loss. Aside from that loss, I absolutely luv your commitment to puttin’ a little extra cabbage in your pocket. Today I take you out to the East Coast for some good Sunday Funday action, so click below to check out the free picks and don’t forget to come back for a healthy dose of Greggy G’s NBA action this week.


February 18, 2008

Home of Greggy G's return to ATS Brilliance

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 25-23 NBA: 71-75

While he may not look that part, Jaycee is one of the top-ballers in the country (Last 3 games- 28 ppg on 55-3pg%)

While investing on a squad two days after returning from Hawaii is usually a no-no, the (18-8, 8-3) senior-laden Aggies have lost two straight and have dropped from 1st to 3rd in the WAC Standings. Tonight, they’ll look to get back on track against the (11-13, 3-8) Spartans who have looked terrible the last month with their only victories coming at home against (11-15, 4-8) Fresno St, (8-17) Cal St. Bakersfield, & (4-20, 1-11) Louisiana Tech. The major reason for their terrible 2nd-half has been an injury/sickness to leading scorer Fr. G Justin Graham, who returned to action Saturday but still looked awful (33 min. 2-7 FGs & 4 pts). As for Utah St., Senior Jaycee Carroll might be one of the best shooters in the country (22 ppg, 53-fg%, 92-ft%, 52-3pt), while his teammates...

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February 19, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Even though the Hawks passed on Chris Paul and Mike Conley, I think they are pretty happy with the Bibby trade. Even better....they didn't have to get up any of their core! (Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, Al Horford). Look for this squad to make a run at a playoff spot. (currently one game out).

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Home of Greggy G's 67% ATS...since Monday

ATS MON – 2-1…At least I’m headin’ in the right direction
ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 27-24 NBA: 71-75

This Duo has been all smiles of late!

The difference between the East & West can be seen in the standings of these two teams. While the Rockets have three more wins the Cavs, T-Mac and the Great Wall of Houston are tied for the 8th spot as the LeBrons would have home-court in the 1st round if the playoffs started today. As for their current skills, nobody in West is playing better ball than Houston as they’ve won 12 of their last 13 and seem to be playing with desperation knowing every loss could bounce them from the playoffs. On Cleveland’s side, most of the recent chatter has revolved around King James’s unhappiness with the roster as GM Danny Ferry seems paralyzed from some bad contracts he’s written the last few years. As for the All-Star break, T-Mac had the luxury of staying home and Yao only participated in a handful of minutes, while Mr. James was front and center carrying the East to an unexpected victory. Tonight...

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February 20, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Coming off the All-Star break things got off to a good start for some NBA teams, while others didn't seem to bring it last night. Lakers, Spurs and Nuggets all played good ball while LB and the Cavs just don't seem good enough and the Pistons get smoked at home to D Howard and the Magic. We got some more good games tonight that should provide a preview of playoff atmosphere coming in April.

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Home of Greggy G's 67% ATS...since Monday

ATS This Week – 4-2…Tryin’ to win back my fans!
ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 29-25 NBA: 72-75

Pau Gasol looks really pretty running w/ the Lake Show!

Greg Gamble's NBA Trade Analysis

Pau Gasol to the Lakers was the most amazing acquisition since the White Sox received Jon Garland for Matt Karchner or when David Spade traded in his groupie-trash for Heather Locklear. If Bynum was healthy and Kobe’s finger could perform at Brandi Belle’s level, I’m convinced they would have dominated the playoffs…now, 50/50 they win it all. (Whatever you do, don't google for Brandi Belle)

While I’m as big a fan of J-Kidd as Joumana, the move to Dallas is one of the few places the whinny, crabby, shooting-challenged guy fits. Even though the Mavs gave-up waaaaay too much, it was impossible to put Jason Terry & Devin Harris on the floor together as nobody had the size to guard the 2-spot. Now, Kidd can slide-over on D and Terry can play his usually lousy D on the opponents PG…not great, but a better solution than before. In addition, I think Kidd forces Avery to play faster which will make Josh Howard look sweeter than the scenery in the Wisconsin Dells during prom-week and let Dirk knockdown those transition-jumpers that made him famous under Donnie Nelson. The only problem, losing Diop’s presence in the middle will cause a Duncan/Shaq/Gasol/Bynum match-up against Mr. Dampier all by his lonesome...aka GAME OVA 2nd ROUND

While you have to luv the balls of GM Stevie Kerr, I can’t figure-out how this is gonna work. For all the truth behind The Matrix becoming a superstar because of Mr. Nash, nobody in the league was better for Suns run-n-gun style than Marion. With all the long-rebounds and loose-balls created by D’Antoni’s system, Shawn’s ridiculous quickness and leaping ability created tons of 2nd chance opportunities for the Suns. While I understand how Shaq will take some pressure off Amare and can picture him standing just outside the paint ready to destroy the basket from a Nash dish, the fact that he’ll probably only give them 20 solid minutes a night means Boris Diaw & Brian Skinner will be logging heavy frontcourt time come the playoffs.

Mike Bibby to Hot-lanta may look pretty on paper to the so-called roundball wizards, but as a basketball scouting savant myself, I’m not sure this makes the Hawks that much better. The highflying youngsters on ATL need a playmaking PG to utilize their talents, and Mr. Headband is not what you call a Spud Webb type of distributor. While he's is a clutch-shooter and decent ball-handler, his scoring ability is similar to Joe Johnson’s and his defense is actually a step-down from Tyronn Lue & Anthony Johnson’s…both just traded to Sac-Town. Bibby’s game flourished off the skills of high-post passers like Chris Webber & Brad Miller, and now, he’s forced to teach Al Horford how to play the pick-n-roll on the fly.

With that, let’s find some ATS games and bikinis to close-out Hump Day!

While it's impossible not to luv him, I don't think he helps!

The Lakers are a machine since the Gasol trade and are playing with a chip on their shoulder that would make MJ proud. As for tonight, with Shaq lacing them up, you know Kobe will do everything in his power to prevent the headlines from praising the Suns new Diesel-look. While the frontcourt of the Lakers has dominated teams of late and added a perfect dimension to the triangle with Pau, the depth in the Lakers backcourt has given the Zen Master tons of options…and tonight, expect them to handle Nash & the Brazilian Bandit better than most squads. But the biggest reason I know I’ll be having Cristal & Caviar tomorrow, you know it’s gonna take some time for them to get used to having a plodding big-man in the game. Not to mention...(better click on "Continue Reading" below for the wonderful-world of BIKINIS & BBALL PICKS)

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February 21, 2008

"The Daily Rant"



Great games in the NBA last night! J Kidd and the Diesel made their debuts for their new teams last night and many questions were answered....but many questions still remain.

Mavs @ Hornets

C Paul draining a J or J Kidd
Don't know if any of you guys saw it (I think everybody was watching the Suns Lakers game, I have PIP, "Picture in Picture"on my TV so I saw both) ; their was a changing of the guard last night.....point guard that is......The best PG in the league right now is no longer Jason Kidd......It's Chris Paul. He broke off 31 points 11 dimes 5 boards and 9 (yes 9!) steals against J Kidd and the Mavericks yesterday! He is nasty! Flat out nasty! One of my boys made a great point last night saying that C. Paul's game is most similar to Isiah Thomas' from back in the day. As much as we all hate Isiah as a GM/coach ......he was still a great player who could score, dish and create shots for his teammates. C. Paul does that and more. He made Kidd look like one of those old cats you see on the playground that is really just out their to get his "heart rate up" and a quick workout in. You think he plays good defense because he moves his arms alot, but he gets beat off the dribble time after time. You spend most of your energy trying to help him with his guy while your guy runs free on the perimeter, draining 18FT jumpers. He can pass, but he really only makes shots when their is nobody around him because the "playground star" is being double teamed. He just can't keep up with the young dudes anymore. He is a liability more than anything. J Kidd had 8 points and 5 assists last night. Yes, J Kidd will get more comfortable with his teammates....but does this team seem to be better on paper with the addition of Kidd? Dallas' championship starting lineup last night was Kidd, Howard, Nowitzki Dampier and Devean George? Is this the team that Cuban feels is going to compete with the Spurs, Hornets, Lakers, Jazz, Celtics and Pistons (just to name a few) for the NBA title? Somebody find me the person that believes that and I'll show you somebody that spends their afternoons smokin that Ganja from down in the islands!!

C Paul drawing the foul on the slew footed Kidd

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I Luv U Like A Fat Kid Luvs Cake Homeboy

Tragedy has struck friends close to us in Iowa and we send our deepest thoughts and prayers to all those involved...Greggy G

February 22, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Friday Night NBA ATS

ATS This Week – 7-4…Let's keep it Rollin
ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 30-25 NBA: 74-79

After losing in their 1st contest with J-Kidd, I expect the passion to be flowing from Dirk and the Boys tonight

It's been a rough week for me...so figure out why they'll win on your own. I'll be back to normal on Monady I hope...Mavs by double-digits

Want a few more Friday Night Picks and beautiful outfits...

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February 23, 2008


2. SEASON: (NCAA 33-20)

First and foremost, I would like to give a shoutout to all of my close friends who have been working through emotional adversity after the loss of a close friend and brother. Just remember one thing…Chance made us sisters.

On to the action, after a not-so-hot Sunday a week ago, I have been anxious to get back into the action this weekend. It never hurts when my homey Greggy G posts a solid record thru the week to make sure I have enough cabbage for that extra bottle of Barefoot Bubbly for my lady. Just click below to check out today’s free college ATS winners from the Big East and Big 12.


February 24, 2008


Is today Sunday? I didn't even notice.....

1. YESTERDAY: (1-1)
2. SEASON: (NCAA 34-21)

I am going to make today very simple, mainly because of a 2 day binder, but also because I have just learned that more games equals more losses in T-Bone land. Just like any Sunday Funday, I am perplexed at how Vegas has fell asleep on a game or two. So read on to pick up what I am layin’ down, trust me, it’s good stuff.


"The Daily Rant"

I must apologize to all my "ranties" for not posting a rant on Friday. Had to take care of stuff at home. But anyway The Rant is back,and I have plenty to talk about after this weekend's festivities!

Congrats to the new #1 team in the country; the Tennessee Volunteers. Bruce Pearl had his boys ready to play, and they met the challenge of playing the #1 team in the country on it's home floor. Sports fans argue all the time about whether or not its good for a team to lose prior to tournaments or playoffs.....I tend to think it depends on the scenario. It can be good just to take off the additional pressure/distractions the pursuit of an undefeated season can bring. (Just ask the Patriots)! In the case of Memphis, I think it was good to get the loss out the way now. I don't think it was realistic for them to go undefeated through a regular season and the NCAA tourney. Now with the loss out the way, this team will be focused and primed for March Madness.

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February 26, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily NBA ATS Luv

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 30-25 NBA: 75-81

Just returned from a weekend out of town after seeing way too many old friends for the wrong reason. Glad to be back and ready to bring some happiness back to my ATS world…Game on!

When the King asks for something...He gets it!

King James looks rejuvenated after Danny Ferry swung a spectacular deal and surrounded his leader with some muscle (Big Ben), spot-up shooting (Wally), and a PG that can actually play some defense (Delonte “MFing” West). While the Bucks have looked solid at home of late, nobody on the squad plays much defense and nobody besides Bogut crashes the boards. Not a good recipe with Bron-Bron slashing from the perimeter and four rebounding machines available to wear-down the Australian (Big Z, Wallace, Joe Smith, and the return of Side-Show Bob). Just as we’ve seen with the Lakers and Mavs since their trades...

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February 27, 2008

Daily Hardwood ATS picks from Greg Gamble

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 31-25 NBA: 75-83

Sittin' a game out of the playoffs, these two roll 2night!

The new-look Sonics played solid at GST last night, but rookies Kevin Durant & Jeff Green logged over 40 minutes apiece, while Collison & Ridnour totaled 82 minutes of court time. With a short-bench following their deadline trade, the young Sonics will be forced to duplicate those minutes on a back-to-back against the run-n-gun Nuggets. Speaking of George Karl’s squad...

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February 28, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Hey fellas. It's been a tough week for Money Mike. Boss man has been cracking the whip more than usual taking away from my free time. Next week will be better and the rant will be back to normal, But quickly, I had a few things I wanted to comment on.

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Home of Greggy G's 4-0 ATS Last Night

Hump Day: 4-0 ATS...I knew I had it in me!
ATS OVERALL 2008 - CBB: 33-25 NBA: 77-83

Woke-up sicker than normal this morning and can't seem to concentrate...I keep trying to study spreads, but all I see is the Birdman...aka Chris Anderson:

Will the NBA please reinstate him...I miss the Birdman!

No joke, I have the flu something filthy! Not much banter today, but at least I have a few picks and picks...

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February 29, 2008

Greg Gamble's Friday Night NBA ATS Picks

Last Two Days - 5-1...We goin' Sizzler, we goin' Sizzler!
ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 32-26 NBA: 75-81

I’m still sick as shiznit, but had enough TheraFlu and Painkillers to make a few picks & pics. Make sure to check back around 3:00 for some additional ATS Luv as I just purchased a bottle of Dr. McGillicutty's and always perform better under his care.

Nobody on the Pacers can stop His Bosh'ness!

The Raptors have been absolutely crushing people at home winning their last 4 contests by an average of 20 ppg, including a 17-pointer against the Magic. With deadly shooters and TJ Ford anchoring the bench, once Bosh and the boys take control the 2nd squad usually expands on the lead as the visiting team starts thinking about the flight back to the states. Tonight, Sam Mitchell’s crew face a Pacers squad they just beat in Indiana Monday and has lost their last two road contests by double-digits. While the Pacers are still playing with some playoff aspirations, the Raptors are sitting in a dubious-spot currently seeded 4th with King James right behind them. Of all the Eastern Conference teams...

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