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ATS THU: 1-4…At halftime, all my plays were covering...
…and by the final horn I was drinking heavily!
ATS Overall – NBA: 67-64 CBB: 21-19 NFL: 22-20
TEASIN’ T-BONE’S WEEKEND – 4-1 ATS…Much Luv Homeboy!

With Okur outside lettin' Boozer work & AK47's defense on Butler (if he plays), nuttin' but smiles from Utah in DC

Without Caron Butler, the Wiz are 5-16 over the last two seasons…and most of those included Agent Zero’s casting-azz on the floor. While he’s questionable tonight with a bad hip-flexor, even if he plays we probably won’t see the reckless abandonment that has made him an All-Star this season. As for Utah, they continue to move-up the West Coast standings and are in the midst of 6-game winning streak that has seen them win by an average of 12 pts per contest. Especially with....

The Jazz have the look and swagger to roll out East!

Especially with Okur & Korver’s shooting success away from home, look for Boozer to have room down-low against Jamison, who’s not what you call a defensive-stonewall on the block. Jazz by 6-10 points

With the sun starting to set on their playoff chances, look for the Blazers to come out poised tonight!

I think the painful loss against King James Wednesday will motive this young squad to play the full 48 tonight with playoff intensity. After a remarkable run through December, the Blazers have lost 6 of their last 10 and now sit a game out of the final playoff spot in the West…with Yao & Tracy only a game behind. Nate McMillian knows the Blazers need a confidence boaster to make another run through the 2nd half and what better team for that than Isiah and the Knickerbockers. Speaking of the Knicks, their in the midst of 5-game Western Trip (already 0-3) that ends Saturday in Seattle and has the entire team fighting thru the flu-bug. Look for the Blazers to get-up early and use their 10-man rotation to bury New York by the 3rd quarter…Blazers by 12-16 points

With their backs against the wall, Loyola has rallied of late!

The Greyhounds were pre-season favorites to win the MAAC, but after a brutal non-conference schedule that had them on the road at Kansas, Illinois, Dayton, & Seton Hall, they started conference play without much confidence and lost two of their 1st three. Since then, they won six of seven in conference and are coming-off 5-straight victories, including their last two on the road by an average of 19 ppg. While Niagara has the leading scorer in the conference in 6-4 Charron Fisher (27 ppg, 9 rpg), is currently tied with Loyola in the standings, and winners of 2-straight themselves, the Greyhounds counter with their own superstar in 6-5 Gerald Brown (18 ppg, 5 rpg) who’s surrounded by a much more talented group, especially on the block (6-7 Sr. Michael Tuck last 4 games: 20 ppg, 10 rpg & 6-8 Jr. Omari Israel: transferred from Notre Dame). This should be a close game throughout, but I expect the early season travel-schedule of Loyola (Md.) to assist them in pulling-out this contest on the road…Greyhounds in a buzzer-beater

I don't know if this is Cornell's mascot...but it should!

My scouts tell me Cornell won't lose a conference game all year...and tonight they're gettin' points! Big Red by 3-6 points


You know I luv a tease!

The Lakeshow lost a heartbreaker in Detroit last night and I can’t see this undermanned squad excited for a trip to Canada where Chris Bosh & the boys have started to dominate at home…check this, The Rap O’ Tor has won by an average of 27 ppg over their last four contests!....Raptors by 8-12 points

The Raptors are so much more relaxed at home!

This just seems easier than a pool-party sponsored by Vivid Entertainment…Magic 17-10 on the road…Philly 9-13 at home. And all Dwight, Hedu, & Rashard have to do is win…I’m going on a limb and taking Orlando

Just like our friend here, D-Howard has...
...the perfect frame and length to dominate down-low tonight!


By Money Mike

It's the Daily Rant super bowl special style! We are going to make this quick, easy, painless and straight forward fellas!

I'm gonna break down the super bowl laundry list style and tell you why each team will win.....the team with the longest list wins on Sunday!

Here we go!

Why New England will probably win:

1. Experience- This team has been there, done that to many times to lose to the Giants
2. They have the best clutch QB in the NFL
3. Their defense will pressure Eli and make him make mistakes over and over again
4. They have the best coach in the league and will out smart Coughlin in regards to game planning, preparation and in game adjustments
5. Mike Vrabel will have atleast 1 offensive touchdown
6. Randy Moss is un-guardable
7. Wes Welker will have a great game because the Giants will double team Moss all night
8. The Giants best player Plaxico Burress will be a non factor because:
A. N.E will double team his ass
B. The Giants offense won't have the ball enough
C. His big mouth has irritated the Patriots
9. New England hasn't played a bad game all season....they won't play one Sunday
10. New England is just plain better
11. The NFL wants the Patriots to win

What the Giants need to do to win:

1. Plax puts his game where his mouth is
2. Eli plays a flawless game
3. The Giants front four needs to put Brady on his back and possibly out the game
4. The Giants offense needs to control the ball and keep Brady and Moss off the field.
5. Don't let Wes Welker catch 20 passes
6. Contain Kevin Faulk
7. The Giants need to have the ball last

That's about it fellas....Patriots win! Enjoy the game and talk to you Monday!

Games to watch tonight:

Lakers @ Raptors 7:00 PM EST
New Orleans @ Sacramento 10:00 PM EST

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