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Alright guys, if you are a first timer to Insideplays.com then let me give you 2 reasons to stick around….
1. YESTERDAY: (4-1)
2. SEASON: (NCAA 33-17)

And for those faithful followers….I want to apologize for my one loss yesterday, I got a call right before the start of the game from that hottie in the Sun Devils gear and she told me she was gonna be busy fantasizing about me touching her devil during the game and couldn’t be there for morale support for the team….hence the loss. Aside from that loss, I absolutely luv your commitment to puttin’ a little extra cabbage in your pocket. Today I take you out to the East Coast for some good Sunday Funday action, so click below to check out the free picks and don’t forget to come back for a healthy dose of Greggy G’s NBA action this week.

Oh so innocent yet business-like, much like the 49ers ATS wins!

UNC-Charlotte +1.5 @ Fordham

I love this one because we have some history to look at in this match-up. And that history shows that Charlotte pasted Fordham last month by 14. I know that this game is on the Rams homecourt this time, but can homecourt really make up 15.5 points? Especially when they are just 5-5 at home and the 49ers are 4-4 on the road…let me ask again, does homecourt really make up 15.5 points? This game will come down to the three’s, when Charlotte drops in about 8 trifectas they seem to close the deal. So if Fordham can figure out how to stop their guards this one might be close, but still not close enough to be worried about the ATS, and that’s my only concern baby! 49ers by 5.

My friends, I bring you two other reasons why home whites will help BC avenge an early conference loss!!

Virginia @ Boston College teased to -1

Poor Virginia is just not very good this year. They bring an 11-12 record in only cuz they picked up 10 wins in powderpuff land in November & December. They have one solid player, Sean Singletary, who is a very good baller at 20 a game, but in the ACC you need more than one to pick up some wins. Trust me, the Cavs have tried 16, yes 16 other players the help Sean along with no winning combinations found, man that’s a lot of walk-ons hittin’ the court. Revenge is also in the middle of this contest. BC happens to be Virginia’s only ACC victory, and you can bet the Eagles won’t let them get the sweep. I love this one teased down to one cuz the support forwards(Sanders, Spears, Raji), have been playing solid ball lately to help free up Tyrese Rice on the outside, plus it’s never a bad thing to dominate the paint. BC by 6.

I spy a luck of the Irish clover, or are my eyes deceiving me again?

Notre Dame teased to -6 @ Rutgers

This one stuck out as a teaser to me simply because Rutgers is absolutely horrific. They rely on guard play, but there is two problems with that….their starters, Chandler and Farmer, bring less than 4 assists a game COMBINED to the table, now that is some serious guard play, and the second reason is that the Fighting Irish have some of the better paint players in the Big East, and owning the paint on the road is a perfect formula for setting how the tempo of the game is going to be played. I like this at 10 also, I’m just a little leary of the 15 point lead shrinking to 9 in the last 2 minutes. ND by 13.

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