Is today Sunday? I didn't even notice.....

1. YESTERDAY: (1-1)
2. SEASON: (NCAA 34-21)

I am going to make today very simple, mainly because of a 2 day binder, but also because I have just learned that more games equals more losses in T-Bone land. Just like any Sunday Funday, I am perplexed at how Vegas has fell asleep on a game or two. So read on to pick up what I am layin’ down, trust me, it’s good stuff.

Is that a leopard or a badger? I think the latter, but either one is fiesty enough to win on the road.

Wisconsin pick ‘em @ Ohio State

I think the Vegas Gods were thinkin’ about the pigskin when they dreamed this one up. The difference in this one is that the Badgers used to be a bunch of chest-passing Hoosier wanna-bees, and now they have talent jumping out of the gym. With four players averaging double digits and eight making a significant impact, this ‘Sconsin team is just too deep across the board for OSU. Not only do they know how to work the ball and control the tempo on the road(8-1 in last 9), but they are solid at the line. I think the difference maker in this one will be the ability to create turnovers. The Badgers will get at least 12 points from Buckeye miscues, and in a game that I don’t see going much over 60, that’s 20% of the action just handed to them. The other reason this one stuck out to me….there is a serious gap in talent levels between the top 4(Indiana, Wisconsin, Purdue, Michigan State) and the rest of the conference. Those 4 are ranked, the rest are fighting for a chance to get into the show in March. So I don’t think the Badge let this one get away from them. It will be close, but the Badgers win by 7 cuz of free throws.


Looks like Suns colors to me, I think she is very happy that there is a big cactus in town!!

Detroit @ Phoenix -2

We all know that the Suns are gettin’ used to the Big Cactus and how he like to play hoops, but what is not easily seen is that Detroit simply doesn’t fair well when they have to get up and down the court every possession. I see Sheed getting really pissed by halftime cuz he has already let Shaq beat him several times, and Nash will make sure that he’s pressing the issue all day long. This game isn’t really about talent level, it’s about the Suns making sure that they play their tempo. Suns pull away late and win by 6.

Posted by Greg Gamble on February 24, 2008 7:58 AM |


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