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Hope they didn't start the production of these to soon! super%20bowl%20rings.jpg

Super Bowl:

The key to the game sports fans:

After 18 games...somebody finally figured it out!

Wow....what an ending! I actually was dozing off in the first half. In the second half it looked like the Pats were primed to pull away. Let's be clear....the defenses won and lost the game for both teams. For the Giants, Eli can think that nasty defense for pulling this one out; putting plenty of pressure on Tom and the crew to give the DB's a chance against the weapons of New England. Brady was never really comfortable in the game; even though he still did his part and got the team down the field when it counted in the 4th quarter. The Pats can blame that old defense on this one. I waited and waited for somebody (Harrison, Seau, Bruschi Vrabel, Samuel) to make a play, but it never happened. They let the rest of the team down in the clutch. Write it down now.......the Pats will bring in some young on talent on defense and be right back in the hunt next year.

The media praised the Pats all season; said this could be the greatest team of all time. Well folks they didn't get it done, so lets call it what it really is.....the biggest choke job in NFL history! Brady and the crew just went from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mole hill in a matter of 60 minutes. With that said, I do really feel bad for Seau, he is a great guy, outstanding player and a hall of famer....as long as he stops wearing the brown taxi cab hat! Better luck next year guys! That's why they play the game folks. Many props to Coughlin for his game planning and prep for this game. Give this guy an extension Giants!


What a move by the Kupchak and Buss to steal Gasol from the Grizz! Everybody I talked to agrees it was a great deal for the Lake show....but their are a few people that think the Lakers gave up to much (as far as draft picks go). What these people don't understand is the draft picks are contingent on record....the Lakers are destined to be at the top of the NBA for years to come with this current core of talent.....meaning they will win 50 or more games a season for the next few years.....meaning that Memphis basically bought themselves not top ten draft picks but draft picks in the middle to late 20's. The Lakers don't care about that! The Lakers drafted 19 last year after winning only 40 some odd games. The only thing the Lake show has to worry about this year is Bynum being close to his old self when he comes back from injury and the chemistry with this squad, but thats why you pay Phil the big money!

Deron Williams:

Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz inititated the first cries of whining after hearing about the Gasol trade. Deron was quoted as saying "I don't know what Memphis is trying to do to us,'' Williams said. "Trade him to the East. They're in the Western Conference, aren't they, last time I checked, right?"

Deron.....your a great player but I don't think you've earned the right to be the voice of the western conference! You sound like a hater a little bit. Worry about making your team elite! The Lakers were the only team to step up to the plate and give Memphis what they wanted.......which brings me to the......

Paxson and Reinsdorf just put another notch on their belt of "F" ups! How can you not pull the trigger on Gasol? You had chance after chance after chance to get Gasol with little given up and you didn't do it because you didn't want to take on Gasol's salary and pay the luxury tax? To me it shows a lack of "fanhood" and commitment to winning when you have the salary cap space and don't jump on opportunities to clearly make your team relevant in the eastern conference. It's unfortunate, because Bulls fans will continue to support their mediocre team and Jerry will still be cash flow positive......giving him no incentive to make a major move; making this team better any time in the near future. Bulls fans would do themselves good to stop attending games until J.R and the crew step up to the plate.

That's all I got for today fellas. Check in tomorrow for more RANT!
Games to watch tonight:

Dallas @ Orlando 7:00 PM EST
New Orleans @Utah 9:00 PM EST
Denver @ Portland 10:00 PM EST

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