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"The Daily Rant"

By Money Mike

Wow Phoenix.....are you serious? Shaq for Marion and Marcus banks? Is cherry picking on offense legal in the NBA? Who is your backup point guard now? Barbosa? We all know he's not a point guard. Maybe this trade makes sense 5 years ago but not now. You just don't make a move like this in the middle of the season. You would have to change your whole offense in the summer for this to work out. The Suns offensive strategy is to get up the floor and score in 7 seconds or less. Shaq can't get across half court that fast anymore. On top of that he's hurt and hasn't been in real shape since the 2002-2003 season (The last title with the Lakers). Kerr won't have that GM job very long when this trade doesn't work out!

Vince Carter:
I lost a little respect for this guy after watching him play against the Lakers last night. He was amazing! Marc Jackson and Marv Albert both agreed that the Nets would be alot better if their keys guys (specifically Vince Carter) played "this hard every night". It takes the Lakers coming to town for you to get up for a game? This is the key trait (competitiveness, killer instinct and 100% effort every night) that separates the stars (Vince Carter, Tracy Mcgrady) from superstars (Kobe, Garnett, Duncan).


The Lakers put the league on notice last night that they are going to be the team to beat if not already. The key to a title will be Bynum's health and chemistry. Gasol started out a little slow and got in foul trouble early and had to sit most of the first quarter and part of the second quarter. His box score at the end of the night.......24 points 12 boards and 4 assists. Nice!!! Wait till he actually learns the offense and gets used to his new team mates!

I don't know if anyone saw clips of the victory parade but Strahan was hilarious when talking about the Patriots yesterday....saying the Patriots were "stomped out" by the Giants and they were probably wearing black around New England on Monday. If the Giants played in the AFC I would say it was a bad move to agitate the Pats even more.......but since they don't....."F" em!

That's all I got for you today Fella's ......good games tonight, enjoy.

Duke @ North Carolina (Lawson probably won't play tonight)

New Orleans @ Phoenix 9:00PM EST

Posted by Money Mike on February 6, 2008 10:20 AM |


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