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"The Daily Rant"



Great games in the NBA last night! J Kidd and the Diesel made their debuts for their new teams last night and many questions were answered....but many questions still remain.

Mavs @ Hornets

C Paul draining a J or J Kidd
Don't know if any of you guys saw it (I think everybody was watching the Suns Lakers game, I have PIP, "Picture in Picture"on my TV so I saw both) ; their was a changing of the guard last night.....point guard that is......The best PG in the league right now is no longer Jason Kidd......It's Chris Paul. He broke off 31 points 11 dimes 5 boards and 9 (yes 9!) steals against J Kidd and the Mavericks yesterday! He is nasty! Flat out nasty! One of my boys made a great point last night saying that C. Paul's game is most similar to Isiah Thomas' from back in the day. As much as we all hate Isiah as a GM/coach ......he was still a great player who could score, dish and create shots for his teammates. C. Paul does that and more. He made Kidd look like one of those old cats you see on the playground that is really just out their to get his "heart rate up" and a quick workout in. You think he plays good defense because he moves his arms alot, but he gets beat off the dribble time after time. You spend most of your energy trying to help him with his guy while your guy runs free on the perimeter, draining 18FT jumpers. He can pass, but he really only makes shots when their is nobody around him because the "playground star" is being double teamed. He just can't keep up with the young dudes anymore. He is a liability more than anything. J Kidd had 8 points and 5 assists last night. Yes, J Kidd will get more comfortable with his teammates....but does this team seem to be better on paper with the addition of Kidd? Dallas' championship starting lineup last night was Kidd, Howard, Nowitzki Dampier and Devean George? Is this the team that Cuban feels is going to compete with the Spurs, Hornets, Lakers, Jazz, Celtics and Pistons (just to name a few) for the NBA title? Somebody find me the person that believes that and I'll show you somebody that spends their afternoons smokin that Ganja from down in the islands!!

C Paul drawing the foul on the slew footed Kidd

L.A. Lakers @ Phoenix Suns
The Lakers look good....real good. I can't imagine this squad with a healthy Bynum. The only thing holding this squad back from winning a title this year is a healthy Bynum and the uncertainty of how the young guys will play in the playoffs. With that said, I think The Kobster, D fish and the Zen master should have the troops ready for anything come April. To much playoff pedigree.

Shaq was decent last night scoring 15 points and 9 boards in 29 minutes. I think this is the best the Suns can hope for since I think alot of Shaq's contribution last night was based upon pure adrenaline and the will to play well and not really on his current skill level. What happens 10 games from now when all the hype is gone? I think most telling about this game was Shaq is supposed to make this team better defensively but the Lakers scored 130 points! Wow! Now that's defense if you ask me! The other intangible that Shaq was supposed to bring was wide open shots for the perimeter guys, because people think he still draws a double team (not true) but the Suns starting 2 guard (Raja Bell) took 3 shots and had 0 points. Your starting 2 guard didn't score in 36 minutes played? You lost that match up 41-0! Are you kidding me? The Suns are already showing signs of missing Marion. I think they will realize it even more in the coming days as Shaq's current talent level will be more apparent when Shaq's not "hyped up" for the less important games.

Kobe dunking on the Suns great new defense! kobe%20dunk.jpg

Warriors fans...I didn't forget about you! Baron might be trying to get a nickname like "Mr. Big shot" (Chauncey Billups) or "Big shot Bob" (Robert Horry). That shot he hit to beat the Celts last night was huge! Keep doin what ya doin Baron!

That's all I have for today fellas. No real good games tonight....unless you want to see Manu take Marco Jaric to the cup all night ......watch the Spurs @ T-Wolves 8:00 PM EST.

Talk to ya tomorrow!

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