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"The Daily Rant"

Hey fellas. It's been a tough week for Money Mike. Boss man has been cracking the whip more than usual taking away from my free time. Next week will be better and the rant will be back to normal, But quickly, I had a few things I wanted to comment on.

My condolences go out to the Rocket fans with the loss of Yao for the rest of the season. This was probably the hottest team in the league next to the Lakers, and now their franchise player is out. McGrady and crew found a way to win the other night, but it remains to be seen if they can continue to win without a real inside presence. Not sure how long 56 year old Dikembe Mutombo can hold down the center position for this squad.

A young 'Sam I am"
Can "Sam I am" really help the Celts at 38 years old? He may be able to give them a spark in the playoffs but after his episode with Rondo I'm not sure if he would help or hurt their chemistry.

Baseball season:
It always amazes me how many guys realize they need surgery once spring training starts. You didn't know your knee hurt until it was time to go back to work? So basically you sat iyour ass in a recliner all winter and didn't work out at all. We understand.

Games to watch tonight:

Dallas @ San Antonio 8:00 PM EST

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