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March 1, 2008


SEASON NCAA: (35-21)

Good Saturday my friends. In case you haven’t cleared last nights cobwebs from your head yet let me remind you of one thing, it’s now March which means 2 things for me: 1)March Mutha F***in’ Madness is almost upon us, and 2) it’s time for a new drink of the month, and this month it is….the big 4-0. I don’t care what flavor, although my preference is OE, just make sure that you make your fair share of big bottle purchases this month, cuz when the hoops action is fierce you won’t have time to get off your azz every 30 minutes when that tiny 12 ouncer is empty!!! Just check out my free ATS picks by clicking below, and good luck today fellas.


March 2, 2008


SEASON NCAA: (37-22)

Let me start by saying this, after Texas Tech wiped away an early season 26 point loss to Texas by beating them by 3 yesterday, I don’t even know if the world is round anymore. But with that lone game being the only thing that stood in my way of a perfect Saturday, I am still rollin’ into today with a large amount of confidence, especially after looking at the available plays. I bring you some East coast luv today, so click below, grab that 40 and dig in for the day.


March 3, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

If you haven't been watching NBA basketball, you have been missing some good games. Yesterday afternoon was another possible playoff preview as Kobe went for 52 to carry the Lake-show to a win at home against the Mavs. Dirk tried his best to match Kobe; making some incredible shots over Lamar Odom playing blanket defense on the German the whole game. The win keeps the Lakers in the 2nd spot in the western conference. Dallas, only three wins out of first, sit at the 7th spot. The west is so tight it's ridiculous!

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Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks & Bikinis

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 32-26 NBA: 75-84

Having lost only 3 times at home, there's a reason they luv him

And anytime I think of D-Will, I have 2 think of his running mate
...and who says he's short, I hear all these girls are ova 6'4"

Following an emotional OT loss in Hollywood yesterday, the Mavs head to Utah to play their 4th game in 5 nights. Even a veteran like Jenna Jameson would look sloppy on that kind of schedule. Not to mention, in two of the losses Avery’s boys had to battle the likes of Timmy D and the Kobinator. And I won’t say I told you so, but J-Kidd and his 20 Million $$ sneakers look even shakier taking those open jumpers now that these games really matter. The worst part of trade has been how Josh Howard has adjusted. Since the idiotic transaction was made, the phenom has struggled to find a rhythm and is shooting 34% from the field. As for the Jazz, nobody in the league has a bigger discrepancy in performance on the road and at home than the Jazz (Home: 25-3 Road: 13-19), ok maybe one team is close…the MAVS (Home: 25-3 Road: 14-18). Even better ATS confidence can be found in the match-ups tonight. D-Williams has the size and strength to handle Kidd, while Joumana’s past whipping-boy cannot handle the young legs of the former Illini kid. In addition...

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March 4, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

The Pack:
I won't believe it until I hear it come out of the old mans mouth. Favre retiring? I will hold my comments until I know for sure.

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Home of Greggy G's ATS Picks & Lovely Ladies

ATS MONDAY - 3-0 ...with a push that should've won!
ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 34-26 NBA: 76-84


If you haven't seen lil Monta yet...you need to Homeboys!

While an East Coast road-trip never sounds like a nice ATS investment for the sometimes absent-minded Warriors, with Baron’s boys barely holding onto the final playoff spot in the West they have no-choice but to be focused tonight. Especially with three extremely winnable games to open the trip (ATL, CHAR, MIA), you have to expect Nellie to have his wildly athletic group ready to roll. But the biggest reason I predict a GST victory in HotLanta tonight is the match-ups on the perimeter. While the Warriors and Hawks share the highflying options at the forward spots, Mike Bibby has no business trying to stop the bouncing-backside of Baron Davis and the lighting-quick Monta Ellis is simply unguardable right now (last 5 games: 25 ppg, 6 apg, & 5 rpg). Throw-in the drama that surfaced this weekend that some in the Hawks front-office tried to fire Coach Mike Woodson, not to mention...

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March 5, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

I know NBA teams have bad nights sometimes .....but giving up 135 points? That's just not acceptable on any night on the NBA. They must have been on the other side of the court while the Warriors ran down to score! You'll get swept out the playoffs of you keep playing D like that!

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Home of Greggy G's Daily NBA Picks & Babes

This Week - 4-2...Greggy G on Buffalo bitch-slapped me anoche
ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 34-28 NBA: 77-84

If this guy's gettin' big-time run in NBA games, go the otha way!

Watching the Grizzlies last night, in-between my dominating performance in Men’s League Hoops, it’s clear they are by-far the worst team on the professional hardwood. Even with Gasol playing and Mike Miller (doubtful) healthy they were a bottom-5 squad in the Association, now, with Kwame Brown & Brian Cardinal in their place I’d be surprised if they won more than 3 games the rest of the way. And tonight, on a back-to-back after getting rolled by the JV Bulls…please. As for the Nets, while they played in San Antonio last night, since their holding onto the final playoff spot in the East I can’t see how they don’t bring more passion than the Grizz. Especially with...

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March 6, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Snapped off again last night for 50 against the terrible ass Knicks. The MVP talk is stirring up with KB and LBJ the front runners. I think it will all come down to how strong both teams finish in their respective divisions. Unfortunately for Lebron, if the Kobster gets the Lake-show a #1 seed in the west, I think KB will win his first MVP of his career.


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Home of Greg Gamble's Daily NBA ATS

Hopefully Gooden will play some sweet music tonight!

*The following play has been endorsed by:
Larry "the M*tha F*ckin" Ova/Unda Legend

After playing in New York last night, look for the Cavs to slow things down even more than normal. Coach Mike Brown knows Boylan's kids will want to run, so don't expect King James to be flying down the sideline like normal...Final Score: Bulls 95 Cavs 88

Is it too much of a stretch to think Da Bulls can pull this off?

The Bulls looked great in Cleveland for 44 minutes and most of Tuesday against Memphis. As for the Cavs, my guess is after playing in Da Garden in-front of Jay-Z it'll be a little bit of a letdown for them at the United Center...Bulls 5-9 points

Seeing a Bulls Swimsuit is the sign I needed!

Want a college pick & pic...better click on "Continue Reading" below

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March 7, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Wow is all I can say! 17 straight? I know Dallas didn't have Dirk but the they man handled those fools down in Dallas.

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Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks & Booty

Before I get to my Friday Night Picks & Bikinis, I had to get this Chicago Bulls trade off my chest. While I hated it at 1st, I think I know why GM Johnny Pax made the move:



When the buzz from a new text hit my pocket near the NBA Trade Deadline, I knew GM John Paxson had found somebody to take Big Ben Wallace. What I never expected was to read the name Larry Hughes as the main chip in return. In an era when salaries rule the NBA landscape, the Bulls traded their overpriced fan-hated center for the Cavs overpriced fan-hated guard with virtually identical expensive and long-term contracts. As for the rest of the pieces, while veteran Joe Smith was one of the lone bright-spots in a horrendous season, most would admit PF Drew Gooden is an up-grade because of his youth, rebounding prowess, and an addition year on a reasonable contract. Throw-in 22-year old PF Cedric Simmons by sending Adrian Griffin to Seattle and the Bulls frontcourt continues to get younger and more athletic. Still, at first glance the addition of Hughes was a huge head-scratcher. With Hinrich already providing a similar role as an overpriced underperforming combo guard, Ben Gordon looking for more than 11 million this summer, and Thabo Sefolosha looking impressive as a starting 2-guard over the last month, I couldn’t figure out where he fit and assumed Johnny Pax had somehow lost his marbles overnight.


Initially, with Hinrich making around 10-million a year for the foreseeable future (until 2011-12) and Hughes owed around 13-million for this year and two more, the local scribes and 12-oz curl GMs at the watering-hole assumed Gordon would be the odd man out next year. Whether Pax would work out a sign-n-trade or just let him walk, it seemed inconceivable the Bulls could have three guards making 8-figures apiece (to be fair, Hinrich’s deal decreases each year and he’ll be making 8-million by 2011-12). But after further review and a little faith that my favorite GM still knows what he’s doing, I started to see a different angle from this trade. With the addition of Drew Gooden, maybe the still valuable chip known as The Tyrus Thomas Project could entice a GM to take on Kirk Hinrich’s deal and then Reinsdorf would sign-off a long-term deal for Ben Gordon. Think about it, the Bulls have tried for years to make the Hinrich/Gordon combo work, but Gordon’s inability to defend the 2-spot or handle the playmaking duties has left them in a quandary. Under this theory, a Hughes/Gordon combo makes much more sense as Hughes can handle the point as he did in Cleveland and has the size to guard the scorers on the wing.

The problem with a Hinrich/Hughes combo is that it’s impossible to win in the Association without spot-up shooters. While both can knockdown the occasional jumper, neither strikes fear enough to cause opponents to alter their defense. Not to mention, with the Hughes/Gordon combo, the Bulls can still develop Thabo with plenty of minutes as he can fit alongside either.


As for the frontcourt in my brilliant theory, while the two-headed monster of Deng and Noce is one of the best small forward duos in the league, Noah and Gooden need Paxson to hit a homerun for what he can pull-off for T-Time and Capt. Kirk…and I think I’ve found it. Welcome Home Elton Brand! A sign and trade between the Bulls and Clippers makes sense both financially and strategically for both teams. For the Clippers, Chris Kaman has been unbelievable in the middle this season and is starting to prove he can handle the bulk of low-post opportunities. Unfortunately, the combo of Kaman and the “soon-to-be-free-agent” Brand is their lack of athleticism. With Tyrus Thomas, the lottery bound Clippers get another rising-star with the athleticism to play alongside Mr. Kaman. As for Hinrich, with Cassell trying to win a championship in Boston (or elsewhere) and the unexpected recovery of Shaun Livingston after a devastating knee-injury, the Clippers would get some stability at the guard-spot, with a contract that gets smaller by the year.

The Bulls new line-up would look Flawless!

And now, onto the new look Bulls. A starting line-up of Hughes, Gordon, Deng, Brand, & Noah, with a solid bench of Noce, Gooden, & Sefolosha…I think we’re getting some-where. While Noah is still young, he does all the dirty work in the paint and has the size to look perfect alongside Elton. Throw-in a backcourt that will no longer be criticized for having more value at Great America as the determining factor in how tall you have to be to ride a roller-coaster, and this Bulls fan is starting to smile. Call me crazy, but in the abysmal Eastern Conference, besides the Celts, Cavs, & Pistons, I’d put the 2008-09 Bulls as candidate for homecourt in the 1st round and designed to make some noise for years to come. Of course, I could be completely wrong about all of this, but after becoming a stockholder in Ibuprofen from my trips to the United Center this season…one can only hope.

Want my NBA ATS picks and more bikinis...

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March 8, 2008


SEASON NCAA: (39-22)


Welcome to insideplays.com, where the men are men, and the sheep are nervous. We have some good action today in college hoops as everyone is fighting for their spot not only in the conference tourney’s, but more importantly the big dance. We have a man among boys battle that I absolutely love, and an SEC tilt that involves old school computers and elephants, but is still a no brainer in my book. So click below for my free college ATS picks, and if I bring you results that you like, keep on comin’ back.


March 9, 2008


SEASON NCAA: (39-25)

Dearest Ashley, how do I love thee? You can be my kitty any day!!

After an absolutely horrific day with the books yesterday, I am gettin’ back on the horse that bucked me off, stepped on me, and kicked my teeth in. I’m stickin’ with the East Coast today as it has proven to be a winning combination for me on Sunday Funday. And before you get to my picks and pics, have I ever told you that I am absolutely infatuated with Ashley Judd? Mmmmmmm, I love chicks that dig hoops! Click below for more of T-Bone's future bed mates.


March 10, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

As hard of a time I give Shaq and the Suns, I must give them some props for stepping up to the plate yesterday against the Spurs at home. 14 pts. and 16 boards for the big diesel yesterday against the defending NBA champions. Let's see if they can keep it rollin!

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Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Luv & Hotties

ATS HOOPS Overall – CBB: 34-30 NBA: 79-88

Orlando has nobody to stop the Hip-Hop Highlight Homeboy!

I’m predicting a closer than expected battle tonight as the Hawks currently sit in the 8th spot in the East. ATL rolled into Orlando in mid-December and pulled the upset with a 98-87 victory, and that was without the newly acquired Mike Bibby and injuries to do-everything 6th man Josh Childress (12 ppg, 5 rpg, 58 fg%) and the 6-11, 280 lbs Zaza Pachulia. On that night, Josh Smith utilized his athleticism on the Magic’s perimeter oriented forwards (Rashard “I hate rebounding & defense” Lewis & Hedu Turkoglu) to the tune of 25 pts, 16 reb, 5 ass, 4 blks, & 4 stls. I expect the same type of dominance tonight from Mr. Smith, while Al Horford & Zaza Pachulia should keep D-Howard from completely dominating the glass.
She better not distract my Hawks tonight!
The Magic still haven’t found a solid guard rotation, so expect the Mike Bibby & Joe Johnson combo to easily outscore the undersized shooting-challenged guards for Stan “Ron Jeremy” Van Gundy. And just from reading the Hot-Lanta papers this morning...

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March 11, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Mutombo has made the Houston D even better with Yao!

What the hell have the Rockets been smokin? These guys are straight ballin! They are putting the western conference and the league on notice that they will need to be reckoned with in the playoffs. The only thing I will say is that they may have peaked to soon with the playoffs still 20 games away. We can only wait and see.

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Home of Greggy's Mid Major ATS Luv & Ladies


Trust me Homeboys, Mr. Hill will be playin' in the Association!

Not only do the Jaguars have best guard in the nation you’ve never heard of in 6-2 Jr. George Hill, but IUPUI as an entire team can be considered the best shooting squad in the nation (3rd in the nation in FG%, 2nd in the nation in 3pt%). As for do-everything superstar George Hill (21 ppg, 7 rpg, 4 apg), I’ve never seen an attacking guard with shooting %s that are Double-Dribble automatic (55 fg%, 81ft%, 45 3pt%). Throw-in two starting wings that shoot a combined 90 ft% & 44 3pt%, and a pair of 6-7 frontcourt workhorses that rebound and shoot almost 60% from the field, and I’d be shocked if the Jaguars aren’t heading to the Big Dance. While IUPUI (26-6) overall has better record than Oral Roberts (23-8)...

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March 12, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

I'm all about the NBA right now....until March madness starts. Anyway, let's get to it!

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Home of Greg Gamble's Attempt for ATS Wins

Just like the Jazz, Greggy G needs to bounce back 2night!

I've even broke-out the Greggy G Cheer squad for luck!

Both squads will be playing a back-to-back, with the Jazz actually having any easier trip from Chi-Town to Milwaukee than the Bucks return from D.C. While the Jazz have been less then stellar on the road this season (14-20), expect some desperation tonight as Jerry Sloan knows if they drop this and head to Boston Friday they could find themselves fighting for their playoff lives. As for the Bucks, with their playoff fortunes at stake the last few weeks they’ve proceeded to drop 6 of 7 and might be the softest team in the Association. While most think Michael Redd is their star, PG Mo Williams (18 ppg, 6 apg, 48-fg%) is the engine that makes them go and he’s missed the last 4 games with an abdominal strain (questionable). Especially with Carlos Boozer coming off an extremely average night in Chicago (10 pts, 9 reb), look for the Jazz to pound the Bucks inside as Charlie V’s pedestrian D will be in-charge of slowing the former Dukie. In addition, with Andrew Bogut as the Milwaukee’s only low-post presence...

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March 13, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

San Antonio! 8 points in the 4th quarter last night? That's ridiculous! You gotta be playin better than that down the stretch. Let's face it. San Antonio is getting old real fast. They can't keep up with the better teams in the west anymore. Don't get me wrong, come playoff time they will still be right in the hunt, but the western conference has narrowed the gap.

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Greg Gamble's NCAA & NBA Daily ATS Picks

Senior Gary Forbes has the Minutemen on a tear lately...

Speaking of Minutemen, I wouldn't last 60 seconds by this fire!

After a slow start to conference play, the Minutemen have been the most dominate team in the A-10 winning 6-straight by an average of 14 ppg. With 6-7 Sr. Gary Forbes (20 ppg, 8 rpg) 6-8 Sr. Etienne Bower (last 12 gms: 16 ppg, 7 rpg), 6-9 Sr. Dante Milligan (64-fg%, 2 bpg) dominating the middle, and a starting backcourt (Lowe & Harris) averaging 30 ppg & 8 apg, UMASS is definitely one of my sleepers come tourney time. As for the 49ers, while they’ve won 4 straight, all have been against teams with a losing record in conference. UNC Charlotte’s entire offense runs through...

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March 14, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Gratuitous Photos to make-up for his Lousy ATS Picks of late

After blowing another game this afternoon (Miami-FL), I need the Bulls to get the United Center rocking and get me a win!

Check out all my NBA picks and below...

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March 15, 2008


SEASON NCAA: (40-26)

After many days of battle, the lower seeds are very Britney-esque with their emotional state...

Conference Tourney time is always interesting when your only concern is ATS. Today, we have a few matchups where a low seed has been riding a two or three day wave of success only to hit a top seeded wall of rocks. Read on to see who is gonna live to see another day.


March 16, 2008


SEASON NCAA: (41-27)

There are two things to be grateful for on this fine Sunday….a little thing called the NCAA brackets and it’s friggin’ Sunday Funday!! There is a disappointing aspect about it being selection Sunday though, I look at gambling like breastfeeding, the more games(aka tatas) the better the chances of finding the perfect game(tata) that suits your exact needs. But have no fear, with only a half a dozen games on the board today I have found my perfect 36 C’s, so click below, pretend you are a newborn and latch on cuz it’s time to fill the belly my fellow degenerates!!


March 17, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Crazy weekend!
The tourney is among us finally! It's time to see who is really the best basketball team in the country. I will save my comments on the bracket until I have had a little more time to break it down.

As hot as they have been of late, I still can't say I think the Rockets are a title favorite. They play great defense and don't seem to have trouble scoring but I'm not convinced yet. "Skip to my Lou" was on fire from three range last night against the Lakers. Let's see if those 3's fall that easy come playoff time. The purple and gold were really undermanned with Ariza, Gasol Bynum and Mihm all out of the line up. No inside presence meant no win for the Lake show last night!

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Home of Greg Gamble's ATS Tourney Madness

That's what I'm talking about Bryce!

And for all the tourney breakdowns and NBA pics...

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March 18, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

I hate that I don't have more time to talk about the games last night but I will touch on some of the things I observed from the best games of the night:

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Home of Greggy G's Undefeated NBA ATS Picks ...Since Monday

These 2 seem determined 2 make a run at the final playoff spot

I don't care if the Nuggets scored 168 points against my old church league squad or the Bulls in the 4th quarter...that's frickin' unbelievable. Throw-in their 138-pointer two nights ago and...

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March 19, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Only one more day till the Tourney starts. I gotta say that I think this tourney will have more upsets than usual, with alot of the mid majors playing disciplined, smart basketball. Congrats to Mount Saint Mary's by winning the honors to get rolled Friday by UNC with basically home court advantage i their favor. Is it just me or does UNC seem to always start the tournament playing somewhere in North Carolina? Anyway, GG and myself will have more analysis as the games get started tomorrow.

These guys just go Deeeeeed the hell up last night by a good defensive team in the Boston Celtics. They balled those fools like nobody's business. Boston is good folks ....and as long as the role players keep doing their part, they will win the east with no problem. AS for the Rockets....look for these guys to go from 1st to the bottom of the west with their next few games against the Hornets, Warriors and Suns all on the road.

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Greg Gamble's NCCA & NBA Hoops Luv

And when I’m talking about College Breakdowns, I’m talkin’ bout:
The National Invitational Tournament...aka the NI “frickin” T
Check in early tomorrow as I finish-up my Bracketology for the Big Dance!

My Homeboy Jaycee is gonna light-up the Illinois skies 2night!

The Redbirds (24-9) were the only team from IL to have a better than expected season and actually had a chance at an at-large bid...before they were blown-out by 30 against Drake in the MVC Championship. In my opinion, even if they had lost by two I still don’t think they would've been invited, but that doesn’t change the fact that their probably dealing with a major hangover from Selection Sunday. Outside of Drake, the MVC was horrible this season and ISU was not much different from the rest of the pack. Besides some impressive wins in a lousy conference, the Redbirds didn’t win a game against any teams currently in the field of 65, with their most impressive non-conf. win coming at home against (20-13) UNC-Wilmington. Outside of 6-3 So. Osiris Eldridge (16 ppg, 6 rpg, 40-3pt%), ISU doesn’t have anybody that will scare opponents, as seen in their last two contest as nobody scored in double figures except for Eldridge. As for the (24-10) Aggies...

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March 20, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NCAA ATS Picks & Upsets

Check my NCAA & NBA ATS picks, as well as, a BIG TEN upset!

Besides improving his TOs, OJ's defense has been da real spark

The battle between the most dominate college freshman Michael Beasley (27 ppg, 12 rpg, 54-fg%, 39-3pt%) & O.J. Mayo (21 ppg, 5 rpg, 41-3pt%) should be one of the most exciting 1st round games of tourney. While both teams are remarkably young up-n-down the roster and have some explosives scorers to complaint their stars, I believe the difference-makers tonight will be the coaches. For all the jokes around Chi-Town and the majority of NBA circles about Tim Floyd, not many coaches have had the immediate success at every college program like the former Cyclone Headmaster. More importantly come tourney time, Tim Floyd has been a master at eliminating an opponent’s go-to scorer over his career. While he’s never faced someone with Beasley’s complete arsenal, I expect Floyd to limit his touches and force Bill Walker’s shaky jump-shot to beat them. As for Wildcats shady-slickster…a mean 1st year headmaster Frank Martin, I think he’s in over his head and will struggle to adjust to the many wrinkles the Trojans throw at his youngsters. Not to mention...

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March 21, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Bad NCAA Advice, NBA Winners, and Friendly Faces

Picking upsets in never fun when nobody's gettin' frickin' upset...and damn was I wrong about USC, what a MFing letdown they were. Anywho, before I roll to my NBA picks (100% ATS since yesterday) I figure I'll let you fools make fun of my Final Four:

Say hello to my superstar tourney sleeper Terrence Williams

The deepest team in the tourney has an athletic frontcout to stop UNC and Psyco T, while Jr. Terrece Williams and So. Edgar Sosa will emerge in this tourney as superstars. I also believe the projected Kansas/Louisville match-up could be the best game of the Dance.

Good & Bad, Dorsey & Dozier make for some entertainin' ballin'

Another loaded, athletic roster that would crush 90% of the teams in the field of 65, but watch as their bigs struggle with foul-trouble against UCONN...and no matter what Mr. Calipari says, FTs will not help his cause.

It's nice when ur 7-3 shot-blocker has the luxury of watchin' 2 other guys block more than a couple shots a game

The 1st-place Loser - UCONN HUSKIES
Their frontcourt erases anything within 7-ft of the bucket, and has a guard rotation that has become remarkable disciplined...after some Calhoun discipline.

Both Darrell Aurther and...

Brandon Rush are sooo silky smooth!

They've killed my bracket soooo many times, I'd feel like a fool if I didn't pick them when they finally won it. As my grandma would say, So-balanced and So-nice to have veteran guards late in games.

As for today's upsets, NBA picks, and Friendly Faces, you better...

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March 22, 2008


SEASON NCAA: (42-27)

Will Sparty win today? Do you think of a nun when you fantasize? The answer is the same today my friends!!

After 2 full days of Big Dance basketball, I can honestly say that there aren’t any major surprises out of the 32 that are left. What has been interesting to me is that in the 1st round we saw some tell-tale signs of who is focused and has the real talent vs. who received a higher seed but doesn’t have the talent level to back it up. Today I am going to focus on one game that I absolutely luv like a fat kid luvs cake, then I will follow it up with all of the ATS winners. So click below to check out some hoops and scantily clad women. Good luck today moving your picks into the Sweet 16!!


March 23, 2008


SEASON NCAA: (42-28)

Yesterday I mentioned fantasizing about nuns, you are now officially looking through the eyes of T-Bone.

For those that visited IS.com yesterday, you are already well aware that I threw up a win-less day. So win-less in fact that I gave my opinion on all 8 hoops games and was wrong every single time, now that is a new level of win-less. The good thing about being an ATS fiend is that I believe in trends, and when anyone drops 8 in a row, the trend has got to change soon. So I am going to put all my marbles on one money lock and throw in my 2 cents on the other seven, and you might want to watch out cuz I’m feelin’ like I could roll off eight in a row to the good side. And even though it’s Bunny Day, make sure that you still make it a Sunday Funday!!


March 24, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

“The Daily Rant”

Crazy, crazy weekend kids. I hate to say “I told you so”….actually, I love to say I told you so! I was so right- on about the upsets in the tourney! It’s almost like the media hypes up some of these teams so much you get duped into believing squads like Duke, Georgetown, Gonzaga and Butler really can make some noise in the tourney. I really haven’t been that impressed within anyone thus far, (UNC hasn't been challenged yet); with that said I think the tourney is still up for grabs. Hopefully for most of you clowns your entry fee wasn’t more than $20…because I'm sure you have no shot in winning it now! Your only hope is that your colleagues were as clueless as you! Just kiddin fellas!

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Home of Greggy G's Daily ATS Picks & Pics

With NY in tank mode and NJ sitting 1.5 gms out of the playoffs, we may see these two smile on the road for once

Considering the horrible atmosphere that’s surrounded Knickerbocker Land all year (and the last couple for that matter), its amazing things are even worse as the sun comes up today. With Isiah acting even stranger with his termination inevitable, rumors of Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh in the Gotham City GM mix, and their best player all season (Zach Randolph) being a healthy DNP last few games, I think the Knicks will struggle to cover five games from here on out. In Minny Saturday Night, NY was embarrassed by 21 and featured a starting line-up that included F/C Randolph Morris (1-7 Fgs, 3 rebs), rookie F Wilson Chandler, journeyman G Fred Jones, not to mention, 34 minutes for new 6th man Mardy Collins. Tonight, they face a Nets squad that amazingly is still only a game and a half out of the final playoff spot, and...

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March 25, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

What a game last night in Oakland! The Lakers and the Warriors gave us a preview of the playoffs! The Lakers put the league on notice by holding on to the top spot in the west with both of their big men out of the lineup (Bynum and Gasol). It was a huge win for the Lakers who revenged a loss to the Warriors on their home court the night before.

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Home of Greg Gamble's Undefeated NBA ATS (...since Monday March 24, 2008)

For all the talk about Gilbert's return & Caron's dominance, Jamison's the one that will scare opponents come Playoff time

While a cross-country trip to the Pacific Northwest is never easy for an Eastern Conference squad, with the return of Caron Butler just 6-games ago the Wiz are still looking to find their early-season rhythm as they head into the playoffs. Since Butler’s return the Wiz have won 5 of 6, including Sunday’s impressive win against Detroit, but still can’t shake Philly & Toronto in the standings as they both sit less than 1.5 games behind them…which is huge, since the lowest seed of the three will probably be playing the Pistons in Round One. As for their West Coast trip, with the homecourt magic at Arco for the Kings, the Lakeshow, and Utah closing out the journey, Coach Jordan knows they need to start out with victories against POR & SEA to keep pace in the postseason race. While the Blazers have been solid at home, their coming off an embarrassing loss at Seattle last night (who was playing with Earl Watson & Chris Wilcox) and lost LaMarcus Aldridge to an ankle sprain in the 3rd quarter (questionable-tonight). As the season has progressed for Portland...

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March 26, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Not to much to rant about from last night's action. Teams that were supposed to take care of business did just that (San Antonio and New Orleans); but the game to watch is tonight.... Phoenix @ Boston. 7:00 PM EST. This will be interesting to see how Phoenix matches up against a team that can actually play defense. If these two squads don't interest you, you can always tune into New Orleans @ Cleveland 7:00 PM EST.

With that....I will leave you with a few nice pics to tickle your fancy!

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Home of Greggy G's 67% NBA ATS Record (...Since Monday March 24, 2008)

Devin Harris will have a field day vs Flip Murray & Travis Diener

With the Nets somehow only a half game out of the final playoff spot and the Pacers coming-off a home loss last night, I see Vinsanity & RJ with little more fire in their eyes and expect them to roll out to an early lead tonight. Throw-in the worst PG situation in the league for Larry Bird’s squad (Ronald Murray & Travis Diener), especially defensively, and I see the lightning quick Devin Harris running roughshod over a squad that would've been better off signing Travis Best this off-season. As for the frontcourt, the slow-footed bigs on Indiana (Murphy, Foster, & Harrison) won’t look any faster off a back-to-back, and will be facing one of the youngest and most athletic frontcourts in the league (Josh Boone, Sean Williams, & Diop) that now has Nenad Krstic back in the mix (last gm: 22 pts & 6 reb). Just as we saw the Nets roll in Gotham by 15 Monday...

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March 27, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Shut the hell up Shaq!. It just irritates the hell out of me when players leaves teams and take it upon themselves to disparage the other. He didn't have anything bad to say about the Heat organization when D Wade carried his lazy ass to a NBA title two years ago. If Shaq plays for another team after his tenure with the Suns....be rest assured he will have nothing good to say about D'antoni and the crew. Especially since they acquired his washed up ass to get them over the top and will most likely fall way short! Pretty ridiculous if you ask me!

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Sweet 16, NBA, & Bikini Pics from Greggy G (71% NBA ATS...since Monday 24, 2008)

Today, Greg Gamble likes Xavier to cover straight up...

Louisville to spank Tennessee by more than 3...
(just pretend she's wearing Volunteer short-shorts Homeboys!)

And LOVE...

...teasing anything with UCLA

While Huggins has done a remarkable job in his 1st season at WV, I’ll take the coach that knows his veteran players better than I know Kobe Tai’s birthmarks. With six veteran players averaging double figures, nobody in the country has a more balanced, efficient attack than my Homeboys from Xavier. Featuring a Sr. backcourt of 5-7 playmaker Drew Lavender (Tourney: 16 ppg, 6 apg, 50-3pt%) and arguable the best perimeter defender in the country Stanley Burrell, a frontcourt duo of 6-9 sharpshooter Josh Duncan (12 ppg, 5 rpg, 42 3pt%) and 6-8 banger Derrick Brown (11 ppg, 7 rpg, 60-fg%), an athletic slasher in 6-6 C.J. Anderson (11 ppg, 6 rpg, 52-fg%), and 6-6 6th man named M*tha F*ckin B.J. (10 ppg, 41 3pt%), I’m surprised the line doesn’t favor the kids from Cincinnati. Obviously, the Mountaineers victory ova Duke has Vegas buzzing, but watching the tiny, no-frontcourt Blue Devils all year…they had no chance to stop a player like 6-8 Jr. Joe Alexander (17 ppg, 6 rpg). Even if one of Xavier’s bigs gets in foul-trouble...

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March 28, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Great games yesterday! Louisville straight hooped the volunteers....and to me UNC, Xavier and UCLA we not surprises. Today's games may be less intriguing. Good luck Nova, MSU and Davidson. We all know Texas and Standford is a toss up! We will have to wait and see what GG thinks!

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Home of Greggy G's Friday Night ATS Magic


He luvs teasing Pac-10 teams with multiple 7-footers...

...the phrase "Lose the Zero, and get w/ the Hero"...

Did I mention the Pac-10 teaser thing?...
(I would've used a Stanford Cheerleader, but it was slim pickins)

And most importantly, I luv the Tigers athletic frontline!

I know I hated on the Big Ten in Round One and they proceeded to roll through like a Heather Graham on skates, but I watched too much of their ball this season and can’t see how they match-up with the depth of the big-boys. While Tigers can be sloppy and look like they took charity-stripe lessons from Chris Dudley, their unbelievably fast, have a huge backcourt, and an athletic frontline (Dozier, Dorsey, & Taggert) that should have a field day against the slow-footed combo of Suton/Naymick. Even if 8th-year Sr. Drew Neitzel catches fire, I can’t see how he’s able to stop anybody at the other end to make that much of a difference. While nobody plays harder or works the glass like the Spartans, Raymar Morgan & baldy don’t have much scoring help and will not be able to keep pace with the scoring output of Calipari’s boys. I actually think the Tigers 2nd-half meltdown against Mississippi St.

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March 29, 2008


With only two games on the docket tonight for college hoops I had to show some luv and throw in a Greggy G NBA specialty. And to make sure that your hunger gets taken care of, I can guarantee a pic to pick ratio of better than 1:1. Why wouldn't you want to read on.....

I know of a couple teams that seem to have the squeeze put on them, in this case pressure is not a good thing....


March 30, 2008


I've got a couple hidden gems for you today, and roundball(s) appear to be a common theme!

Take advantage of today my friends, cause this is officially the last Sunday Funday until late fall that you will be able to use college hoops as your reason to not be a productive human being. I am absolutely out of my mind waiting for the Longhorns and Tigers to square off, and I am also predicting that this will be the last day to watch the amazing Stephen Curry, so click below and read on to get a lil luv from Teasin’ T-Bone…..

Don't let this Sunday Funday pass you by, make all degenerates proud today...


March 31, 2008

The Daily Rant


What a great weekend! I gotta say the game of the weekend was Davidson against Kansas. Stephen Curry and Co. gave the Jayhawks all they could handle. Congrats to the wildcats for a great tourney run. I'm still in amazement all four #1 seeds made it to the final dance. I still got my money on those Memphis Tigers!

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Picks of the day

It's all Money Mike all day fellas......Greggy G is out probably for a day or two taking care of business!

I got some nice picks for you today even with Greggy G out today.

Toronto @ Charlotte +2

The Raptors are fine tuning their team as they get ready for the playoffs in the East. Felton and Boykins will have trouble keeping up with the PG tandem of Calderon and T.J. Ford. Raptors by 5-6 points.

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T-Bone's Free NBA ATS picks

Teasin' T-Bone here, just droppin' a line in the water today in Greggy G's absence. It turns out the only way he thinks he can get any at home is to promise a kid out of the deal....so he is in the hospital right now wondering how he can still support all of his habits with two kids. It's all about time management my friend, and congrats on your 2nd NBA All-star, I truly believe in 20 years there will be more of a calling for the pass only 5-10 white point guard. Anyway, read on so that I can show you how to make winners out of a couple of losers.

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