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SEASON NCAA: (35-21)

Good Saturday my friends. In case you haven’t cleared last nights cobwebs from your head yet let me remind you of one thing, it’s now March which means 2 things for me: 1)March Mutha F***in’ Madness is almost upon us, and 2) it’s time for a new drink of the month, and this month it is….the big 4-0. I don’t care what flavor, although my preference is OE, just make sure that you make your fair share of big bottle purchases this month, cuz when the hoops action is fierce you won’t have time to get off your azz every 30 minutes when that tiny 12 ouncer is empty!!! Just check out my free ATS picks by clicking below, and good luck today fellas.

I think she's hidin' the key to victory, but it ain't anything the Chippewa's haven't seen!!

Central Michigan -1 @ Northern Illinois

The Chippewa’s absolutely controlled the Huskies in their first meeting, taking them by 14 at home. And they did it by creating turnovers and dropping the long ball. The really important aspect to me today is that NIU has only won 6 total all year and they are, unfortunately, trying to get focused after the tragedy that hit their campus a few weeks ago. This combination does not spell good news for them cuz when a team isn’t focused and hasn’t practiced much, they tend to get sloppy with the ball. CMU averages over 8 steals a game, so add in the silly turnovers as well and I see the Huskies combining for over 15 total. This is just too much for a team that hasn’t shown greatness all year long. I feel for NIU, but I need to go against them today. Chippewa’s by 8.

I think this Horns fan is road worthy, I know I wouldn't kick her off the bus!!

Texas -6 @ Texas Tech

Here is the thing with Tech, it doesn’t matter what coach you put in Lubbock, they simply don’t have the talent at all five positions to hang with the Longhorns. I see Augustin & Abrams controlling much of the clock on offense which will get Zeno & Voskuil too tired to be as effective as they need to be when they have the ball. The bottom line….with the guard court punching it out all day long, the difference maker will be down low with Tech barely averaging 20 a game while Texas puts in almost 35 a game. So while the Tech guards have to be the offensive spark and the defensive stoppers, the A&A duo have a much lower stress level and will still have some legs left going into the last 10 minutes of the game. The Red Raiders won’t avenge their 26 point loss to the Longhorns today….Hook ‘em horns by 12.

Let's be serious now, with a spread that wide, can it really be covered?

George Washington +19 @ Xavier

I will be the first to admit that GW is not very good this year, I mean what team with 9 wins in March is? But my mind isn’t about the SU, it is about the ATS. So when I look at Xavier’s schedule throughout the year I find that in their last 14 games they only have one win over 18 points, including their first tilt against Gdub that led to a measely 8 point victory. I have a firm belief that the pressure is mounting for the Muskateers as they are now thinking about their seeding in the big dance, which means less mental focus available for the task at hand. Xavier is up by double digits most of the game, but backs off in the last 5 minutes to win by 12.

A little something to leave you with…K-State @ Kansas. The Jayhawks are giving 13.5 in this one, and it is the #2 vs. #3 team in conference! I love the road dogs, but I just don’t have the scruples to throw some lettuce on it….unless I’m rollin’ 3-0 going into tip off and have an OE 40 in my hand. It’s March F***in’ Madness Baby!

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