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SEASON NCAA: (39-22)


Welcome to insideplays.com, where the men are men, and the sheep are nervous. We have some good action today in college hoops as everyone is fighting for their spot not only in the conference tourney’s, but more importantly the big dance. We have a man among boys battle that I absolutely love, and an SEC tilt that involves old school computers and elephants, but is still a no brainer in my book. So click below for my free college ATS picks, and if I bring you results that you like, keep on comin’ back.

Lets take a peek to see if I can even cover this spread...not today for the Tigers anyway!!

UAB Blazers +14.5 @ Memphis

#1 vs. #2 in C-USA with a 14.5 point spread, come on now Vegas. Last time out UAB only lost by 1, I don’t think playing on the road is going to change their talent level by another 14 points. I fully expect the Tigers to wear down the Blazers in the 2nd half, but the only way this game will end above 10 points is if Dorsey and the boys make it a blowout, cuz if it is within 10 with less than 2 minutes to go, you can guarantee there will be a bunch of fouls and with Memphis only dropping 58% from the line they won’t make the gap any bigger. Memphis also has a 1 seed locked up, so the motivation and focus may be lacking today, while UAB is still trying to prove that they aren’t the little brother of C-USA. We all know that little brother gets payback at some point, and today it is in the tune of an ATS cover baby! Memphis by 6.

Ain't nuttin' better than a visitor gettin' comfortable on someone else's turf....go Vandy!!!

Vanderbilt pick’em @ Alabama

This game is a perfect example of a team fightin’ for something(Vandy) vs. a team that is waiting for the season to be over(Bama). The Commodores have a lot at stake today…sittin’ at 16 in the polls they need this win and a couple in the SEC tourney to secure a 4 seed in the big dance. The good thing for Vandy is that they spread the ball across the court, their top 3 scorers(Foster, Ogilvy, Gordon) cover guard, forward, and center positions and almost 50 points a game. On top of that the Commodores hit the boards which is huge to hold the home team to a one and done situation, and they nail over 73% of their free throws…what a better way to pull away at the end of a game. On the other bench, the Mighty Elephants do have respectable guard play, but no one that can come close to stopping Ogilvy and his 17 a game down low. Let’s see….dominate the paint, clean up the boards, and hit the freebies at the line, sounds like a good way to win on the road to me. Old School Computers win by 9.

How 'bout that for a warm up stretch, unfortunately the Clones will need much more than that today...

Kansas State -4.5 @ Iowa State

K-State grabbed a 25 point ‘W’ the first time out in this match up, and we all know this one won’t be quite that big, but the Beasley-Walker tandem are going to create just as many problems for the Cyclones. The ‘Clones do have some paint presence with Hubalek, Johnson, and Brackins, but the problem lies in the fact that these three can only play in the paint while the likes of Beasley and the rest of the Cats are a little more athletic than that. This will be a day filled with 10-15 foot jumpers in the first half, followed by the big Clones trying to come out and defend in the second half only to get schooled by good footwork and quick moves. Hilton magic will keep this around 10, but not much closer. KSU by 9.

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