SEASON NCAA: (39-25)

Dearest Ashley, how do I love thee? You can be my kitty any day!!

After an absolutely horrific day with the books yesterday, I am gettin’ back on the horse that bucked me off, stepped on me, and kicked my teeth in. I’m stickin’ with the East Coast today as it has proven to be a winning combination for me on Sunday Funday. And before you get to my picks and pics, have I ever told you that I am absolutely infatuated with Ashley Judd? Mmmmmmm, I love chicks that dig hoops! Click below for more of T-Bone's future bed mates.

Now that is a true uniform of a baller fan, lucky for her I love her Cats a little more than her today!!

Florida @ Kentucky -3

The Gators and Cats played back in January with the Gainsville warriors taking it in overtime on their home court. Since then Ashley Judd’s favorite team has rattled off 10 wins in 12 games, all in SEC play. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Kentucky is a much different team now that the players are confident of Gillespie’s system. What is even more important in this one is that the Cats are still only 17-11 and need a couple quality wins to ensure their place in the big dance, and what better way to do that than taking one from a perennial tourney team. If you still need more….with the Gators youth they have managed only 3 wins on the road all year, and all of those were to the bottom feeders of the SEC(South Carolina, Bama, and Georgia). I really don’t see how a bunch of tired underclassmen are going to get up and change their ways just for a season finale on the road. Cats shine today and win by 9.

For some reason I seem to favor the Mighty Turtles in their road reds.....

Maryland +2 @ Virginia

Allow me to let you in on a little secret….Sean Singletary is the only player in a Cavaliers uniform and when you control him you win, which is why the rest of the ACC have walked away from John Paul Jones Arena with victories. Unfortunate for the Cavs, that’s all it takes to beat them. I’m guessing that Vasquez and Hayes trade off on Singletary all day long and pester him with Velcro-like consistency on defense. The equation is pretty simple, make Dr. Sean work hard to get the ball, hold him to 15 or under, and watch the Terps head into the conference tourney with 19 wins and an easy first round game. That looks like a team that is NCAA tourney bound to me. And for the record, Singletary is an excellent baller that is surrounded by mediocrity, it really is one of the most heartbreaking stories in the land and he will be a great find at the next level. That being said, Terps roll by 10.

Sparty may not support the Hustler, but they do support the 'H to tha Izzo'!!

I also like Michigan State today at -1 on the road, I keep thinking that Izzo is going to solve his road woes and what a better time to do it than right before tourney time. A win today could easily bump them up two seeds, and that is too much to lose for Sparty.

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