SEASON NCAA: (41-27)

There are two things to be grateful for on this fine Sunday….a little thing called the NCAA brackets and it’s friggin’ Sunday Funday!! There is a disappointing aspect about it being selection Sunday though, I look at gambling like breastfeeding, the more games(aka tatas) the better the chances of finding the perfect game(tata) that suits your exact needs. But have no fear, with only a half a dozen games on the board today I have found my perfect 36 C’s, so click below, pretend you are a newborn and latch on cuz it’s time to fill the belly my fellow degenerates!!

The Orange Crush feel a little tattered, torn, and dirty today. Unfortunately that's not a good mix when you're up against the Badgers...

Illinois @ Wisconsin -7

The only reason the Orange Crush are sittin’ in the Big Ten finals is because they only had to get one real upset to get there(Purdue in OT on Friday). Yesterdays match-up with the Gophers was really a scrimmage with Tubby’s club missing a good chunk of their offensive power in the paint. So here they sit in the finals going into their 4th game in as many days, all of which have been close even though they shouldn’t have been, and they get to suit up against the Badgers who have absolutely controlled them twice this season(once by 15 and the other by 10). So I am looking at this game thinking to myself that the Illini are overmatched to begin with let alone with tired legs. I truly believe this game will be similar to the Tulsa/Memphis matchup from Saturday….a team that was trying to ride emotion through the finals, but it became glaringly obvious that mental and physical readiness overpowered emotions. The Badgers will prevail in strong fashion today, I predict they will roll by 15.

This ain't a 5-star, but just in case you can't settle for one of anything this is definitely a good second!

If you are looking for a parlay play in college hoops today that will pay some dividends, try rollin’ with the moneyline for Texas. At a 5.5 point underdog I think they have a very good chance of taking the title, I personally think this spread is a joke since they have beaten the likes of Tennessee, UCLA, and the rock ‘em sock ‘em Jayhawks already. Even if you don’t have the scruples to throw down on it, this game will be one you can’t miss…the winner gets a 2 seed and a perfect preparation game to an elite matchup in the big dance. There isn’t another conference title game in the nation this year that is providing those two things.

Posted by Greg Gamble on March 16, 2008 9:52 AM |


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