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T-Bone's Free NBA ATS picks

Teasin' T-Bone here, just droppin' a line in the water today in Greggy G's absence. It turns out the only way he thinks he can get any at home is to promise a kid out of the deal....so he is in the hospital right now wondering how he can still support all of his habits with two kids. It's all about time management my friend, and congrats on your 2nd NBA All-star, I truly believe in 20 years there will be more of a calling for the pass only 5-10 white point guard. Anyway, read on so that I can show you how to make winners out of a couple of losers.

Every Rose has its thorn, and tonight the Pacers will be the Rose, but the thorn is their god-awful defense....

Miami Heat +17 @ Indiana Pacers

As I read through the injuries for the Pacers I start to crack a little smile, and here is why. We all know that the Heat have locked up the most amount of lottery balls in the draft, so that goal for the year is outa the way. So now the lines get way out of whack cuz Vegas is seeing all of these D-leaguers suit up against a pro team, and they think it just can't be close. But the reality is that these D-leaguers finally have their time in the spotlight, there is no better opportunity than the one they are in right now to try to land with a squad for upcoming years. It doesn't mean many wins for the Heat, but what it does mean is 4-1 ATS in their last 5 and 5-2 ATS in their last 7 on the road. I also forgot to mention that Jamaal 'thug life' Tinsley has been sidelined for some time now, do you actually think that Travis Diener can lead a defensive charge enough to lead the 30 win Pacers to a 17 point victory? I think not. Heat lose by 8.

I don't think these are the Mavs uniforms, but I hope this gives you some idea on the type of beat-down the Clipps are in for tonight!

Dallas Mavericks -6 @ LA Clippers

The Mavs are sittin' at the 8 seed right now going up against the lowly LA 'the other white meat' Clippers squad. I could get into all of the specifics about how Dallas owns LA and LA is more banged up than that one girl named Cherry at the Bunny Ranch, but this will come down to Dallas having more talent and pride. This one won't be close. Mavs by 15.

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