SEASON NCAA: (42-28)

Yesterday I mentioned fantasizing about nuns, you are now officially looking through the eyes of T-Bone.

For those that visited IS.com yesterday, you are already well aware that I threw up a win-less day. So win-less in fact that I gave my opinion on all 8 hoops games and was wrong every single time, now that is a new level of win-less. The good thing about being an ATS fiend is that I believe in trends, and when anyone drops 8 in a row, the trend has got to change soon. So I am going to put all my marbles on one money lock and throw in my 2 cents on the other seven, and you might want to watch out cuz I’m feelin’ like I could roll off eight in a row to the good side. And even though it’s Bunny Day, make sure that you still make it a Sunday Funday!!

The Vols make me very comfortable today, much like butterflies, open pastures, and an azz that won't quit!

Butler @ Tennessee -5

I have loved the Vols all year long, and quite frankly it is hard not to with the likes of Chris Lofton and the half dozen Smiths that suit up for every game. I’ve said it before and will repeat it one last time this year…Tennessee is a team that has found a perfect combination of athletic street baller play with discipline defensive play. To top it off ‘The Pearl’ has a level of passion that he wears on his shirt sleeve, and that works extremely well with a bunch of 19 year olds. On the Butler side, the only thing that has me concerned is if Green and Graves can effectively control the tempo. But what I really think is going to happen is a large amount of pressure picked up at half-court that will force the Bulldogs into a flustered state and many turnovers. With pressure on the backcourt they will have to try to go into the paint and even though freshman Matt Howard has put up about 13 a game, I just don’t see him being able to carry the load today. The Vols will control the boards, have 15+ in fast break points, and win by 10.


I'm lookin' up above for some guidance today....

Siena @ Villanova -5.5

Nova as a 12 seed absolutely blew me away when I saw it, and they will still be riding the Clemson wave. They are simply too battle tested to let Siena get past them.

Miami +7 @ Texas

I know that Texas is good, and I am pretty confident that they will get the win, but Miami has made nay-sayers out of plenty of people this year. They have mixed mediocre talent with big-time heart this year, and that keeps them closer than 7 today.

San Diego +5.5 @ Western Kentucky

I honestly haven’t invested any cabbage on either of these teams this year, but I do know that the west coasters knocked off solid St Mary’s and Gonzaga squads to get into the dance. That’s more than I can say for the Hilltoppers.

Davidson @ Georgetown -5.5

There is one player that will make this line easy to cover, and his name is Boy Toy Roy. He will absolutely dominate the paint today and show all the scouts what he can do when he begins collecting a paycheck.

Mississippi State +9 @ Memphis

I really believe that MSU is a sleeper this year and if Memphis decides to not make free throws today they could be heading home to watch the rest of the tourney from their dorm rooms. Either way, 9 points is pretty safe today.

Oklahoma @ Louisville -7

The Cardinal have two aspects that cannot be overlooked in this matchup…their talent level compared to the Sooners is not even close, and the experience level of their coaches. Louisville will walk easily into the Sweet 16.

Arkansas +11.5 @ North Carolina

The Razorbacks have dropped Vandy, Tennessee, and Indiana in the last week. It sounds like they are hitting their stride at the right time. Hansborough will be too much at the end, but eleven and a half is simply too much.

After 4 straight days of hoops, I might find myself in a situation where a stripper pole this size would be the perfect night cap....

Posted by Greg Gamble on March 23, 2008 9:12 AM |


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