I've got a couple hidden gems for you today, and roundball(s) appear to be a common theme!

Take advantage of today my friends, cause this is officially the last Sunday Funday until late fall that you will be able to use college hoops as your reason to not be a productive human being. I am absolutely out of my mind waiting for the Longhorns and Tigers to square off, and I am also predicting that this will be the last day to watch the amazing Stephen Curry, so click below and read on to get a lil luv from Teasin’ T-Bone…..

Don't let this Sunday Funday pass you by, make all degenerates proud today...

Leopard...Tiger...same thing in my book. All I know is 3.5 is too good to be true.

Texas @ Memphis -3.5

When I look across the losses that Texas has had this year, although few, they have been against athletic clubs that know how to put up points(Kansas, Mizzou, & A&M to name a few). I don’t know about you, but I think the Tigers fall into that group. After watching them completely dismantle a very sound Michigan State club on Friday, I am convinced that they will own the paint today and the backcourt of Rose and Anderson will show pretty clearly that the Augustin/Abrams combo is still a bit too young to run a team all the way. Am I worried about the FT shooting of Memphis? Yeah, a little bit, but I’m not convinced that Atchley, Pittman, and Johnson can come close to slowing down the likes of the Double D men down low. Calipari will make sure that Memphis pours it on early and often, it won’t be a Sparty-like blowout, but it will still be 10 points.

The ball may be a little slippery and hard to find for Curry today.

Davidson @ Kansas -9

All of you are probably wondering if I have seen Davidson play in the last 2 weeks, the answer is that I have, and I have seen them enough to know that their real name is Cinderella, and Cinderella always loses her slipper. I give all of my props to Curry and the boyz, but the road ends today in an abrupt way for them. I see the shear athleticism of Rush, Chalmers, Collins, & Robinson wearing down Curry & Richards. In fact I see it so much that the I believe the four of them will be providing the proverbial ‘defensive glove’ all day long. And when you take 10-15 points away from the Wildcats backcourt, you have unofficially won the game. Kansas simply has too many people that can put the ball in the basket, and Davidson runs out of luck. I mean, c’mon, Kansas is a 1 seed for cryin’ out loud, what do you expect? Rock ‘em sock ‘em Jayhawks walk by 17.

I don't remember the playground swingset lookin' like this, oh what childhood could've been....

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