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"The Daily Rant"

“The Daily Rant”

Crazy, crazy weekend kids. I hate to say “I told you so”….actually, I love to say I told you so! I was so right- on about the upsets in the tourney! It’s almost like the media hypes up some of these teams so much you get duped into believing squads like Duke, Georgetown, Gonzaga and Butler really can make some noise in the tourney. I really haven’t been that impressed within anyone thus far, (UNC hasn't been challenged yet); with that said I think the tourney is still up for grabs. Hopefully for most of you clowns your entry fee wasn’t more than $20…because I'm sure you have no shot in winning it now! Your only hope is that your colleagues were as clueless as you! Just kiddin fellas!

Someone please tell me why these guys are so bad? J-Kidd seems to have no confidence on the floor and teams are daring his ass to take that broke ass jumper of his. It was on display again as the spurs slacked off of him and doubled teamed Dirk, giving him tough looks at the basket. If Dirk doesn't come back from injury soon, this squad could be sipping Pina coladas in the Grand Cayman islands come April.

Since the playoffs are steadily approaching in the NBA, I wanted to take the time to name my top 6 favorite players (in no particular order). Don’t worry….my most hated will be posted tomorrow.

Kobe Bryant

Why: Because he is the best player on the planet and he finally figured out how to be a good teammate/leader for the Lakers.

Rasheed Wallace
Why: His passion and versatility. He’s 6’10” can shoot threes, post up, bang down low and play defense; and does it with a passion night in and night out.

Kevin Garnett

Why: Best power forward in the game (Duncan is a center, and I dare you to argue with me about it). Never takes a night off and works hard on both ends of the court.

Allen Iverson:
Why: Might be the toughest, most athletic player in the game for his size. Hasn’t really slowed down at all after 10 years, and has matured enough to take a back seat to Denver’s franchise player Carmelo Anthony. Gave his heart and soul to the Sixer’s organization for many years before being traded to the Nuggets two years ago.

Chris Paul
Why: Best PG in the league, just slightly over Deron Williams in Utah. Can score, distribute and is already a leader after only three years in the NBA. Might end of being the best PG ever after his career is all said and done.

Baron Davis
Why: Probably the most underrated PG in the league…..and you gotta love the beard! What he did for the Warriors last year in the playoffs on a bad knee was amazing. Anybody playing this team in the first round beware.

Honorable mention:
Manu Ginobli
Paul Pierce
Chauncey Billups
Dwight Howard
Chris Bosh
Gilbert Arenas

Games to watch tonight:
Phoenix @ Detroit 7:30 PM EST
L.A. Lakers @ G.S. Warriors 10:30 PM EST

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