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April 1, 2008

Daily Picks by Money Mike

How do you blow a 22 point lead and lose by 15? Play D like the Denver Nuggets that's how. I though about picking this game but both squads are so unpredictable I dare not touch it. So wit that that said......I choose the following:

Golden State @ San Antonio+ 8 1/2
No, GS doesn't really have anybody to match up with the big fundamental, but I think Baron and Monte will give Ginobili and Parker hell all night as they fight for the last playoff spot. Spurs win the game but Warriors keep it close.

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April 2, 2008

Daily Picks by Money Mike

Rough night last night, going 0-2....but it's all good. When you get smacked down to the mat we just get back up! GS let us down in a big way but Greggy G agrees with me when I say let's give them another shot!

GS @ Dallas

Don't be fooled guys....if you watched any of the games last night best believe the NBA playoffs have already started. Tempers are flaring all across the league as teams fight to keep playing basketball after the second week in April! Yeah GS played last night and got ran out the gym but their sense of urgency has been heightened knowing Denver won and took over the 8th and final playoff spot. This is as close to a must win as you can get. GS squeaks this one out against the Dirkless Mavs.

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April 3, 2008

"The Daily Rant"


Good to see so many guys come back last night (Gasol, Arenas, Brand, and Nowitzki). It will be a hell of a playoff run if these guys can stay healthy down the stretch. The only other guy that could have a major impact on the playoff race is Andrew Bynum who is due to return At some point in hte next two weeks.

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Greg Gamble's Back Baby...& he missed U!

Yes, the rumors are true…Greggy G now has his starting backcourt with the addition of a 2nd boy. While he flops around more than Manu Ginobili, he looks like a cross between Kirk Hinrich & Warren G. As for the last three days, we basically hung-out and watched Chi-Town baseball get off to an amazing start…but he’s still pining for a Fukudome jersey. And with that, I’m sure you care more about my picks, or more realistically, my gratuitous photos…but before I roll, I quick shout-out to his Mommie…I don’t know how you ladies do…frickin’ amazing!

"Congrats Greggy G...I'll make sure 2 pull this one out for ya!"

With the playoffs approaching, I’m all over teams maneuvering for seeds and attempting to gain momentum for a post-season run. And with the Rockets still holding-out hope for a Southwest Division Title and in the midst of a 2-game losing streak, I expect them to roll a Blazers squad that played last night in Lakerland without Brandon Roy. While the Blazers have been a nice story this season,

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April 4, 2008

"The Daily Rant"


Congrats to THEE Ohio State University Buckeyes for taking care of UMass in the NIT tournament. It was a bitter sweet experience for the Buckeyes just one year removed from the final four; and feeling they were snubbed by the committee for not getting an invite to the big dance.

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Greggy G's 100% ATS since Baby #2...Holla

Check-in early 2marrow for all the FINAL FOUR knowledge
Cause we'll even breakdown the back-ups like Mr. Mata-Real

My guess...or bet is Alfonso hits a couple dingers today

The Cubs have already played three day games in Chi-Town weather, while the Astros just finished-up a series in San Diego and limp-in with a 1-3 record. Not to mention, I think the Astros will suck this year and can’t match the power in the Cubbie line-up. As for the pitchers, it’s never a good sign when your starting pitcher is 29 years-old and entering only his 2nd full Major League season…Hello, my name is Chris Sampson and I play for Houston. As for Rich Hill...

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April 5, 2008


SEASON NCAA: (43-30)

I hope you woke up this morning feeling a little tingly inside, you know, the kind of excitement you get when your significant other pulls a toy out from underneath the bed. You don’t exactly know how the night will end up, but you know that it will be a fun ride. I would even venture to say that for a serious sports degenerate, having four 1 seeds playing today could possibly supersede any type of bedroom experience. I won’t tell you what type of person I am, but I will tell you that there is going to be some damn good hoops being played, just click below to check out my thoughts.

Dr. Dorsey, are you tryin' to tell me that size does matter?


April 6, 2008


If she's a Warrior fan...you should be too!

I think Baron the "Bad-Azz-Money-Makers: Davis agrees

My Homeboy Baron Davis is desperate...and Jessica Alba also likes my Warrior Zubaz!

I agree...like today's pick, I should have checked out my "Best Azz Angle"

April 7, 2008

Home of NCAA Picks & Long Tongues

While my Insidplays effort has been worse than the Detroit Tigers lately, once I figure out how to handle two kids unda two...I'll be back to my degenerate self!

Defense, Defense, and...

more Defense will be the message in San Antonio

Just like these girls, you'll be amazed by the length you see in the Frontcourt tonight!

While I picked the Jayhawks to win it all to start the tourney, I couldn’t be more on the fence about tonight’s contest. Both teams have displayed lockdown defense and have shot-blockers littering the frontcourt. For the season, both teams are only allowing around 60 ppg, but especially in Kansas’s sake, they’ve looked even sharper as the season has progressed. The Jayhawks 1st four opponents in the Big Dance averaged less than 58 ppg, while the high-powered Tar Heels only mustered 27 pts in the 1st half before closing with 66. On the offensive end for Bill Self’s squad, with Memphis running wild after creating turnovers, look for their veteran backcourt to slow things down to keep Rose & Douglas-Roberts from hitting the open court. Especially with the Tigers inconsistencies from downtown all season...

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April 8, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's Daily ATS Luv

While OT made me nervous last night, you know the UNDA's a solid call when the extra frame doesn't affect your ATS play!

While he looked soild with the rock on the move...

He should give her a call on how to stay relaxed while standing still!

As for tonight's NBA picks...

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Greggy G's Afternoon ATS & Bikini Updates

Kobe's not excited cause he noticed an innocent young white-girl impressed with his status...he's excited for some homecourt!

Kobe's just like our friend in a Polka Dot bikini...I don't like the style, but it doesn't mean it doesn't look good!

The Trailblazers are without every star, while the Lakers have homecourt to think about...Lakers by 12-16 points

I have plenty more Homeboys and some Bikini's ta boot...it would be stupid not to keep on reading...

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April 9, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Hump Day ATS Winners

After a 4-point outing last night...I expect wizardry from CP3

With the Hornets losing last night, CP3 coming off a 4-point outing, and only leading the Western Conference Standings by a game, I expect Byron’s boys to win by 30 tonight. Especially with Minnesota having to travel even farther than NO after losing in Charlotte last night, I expect Paul to look twice as fast early-on against a squad playing two SG’s at the point (Randy Foye & Marko Jaric). While Al Jefferson is an absolute beast and was remarkable last night (40 pts 10 reb), he’s been extremely average on back-to-back games lately (last two back-2-back games: 10 ppg, 6 reb) and should have his hands full with the Chandler/West Combo. Basically...

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April 10, 2008

Home of Greggy G's ATS Picks & Happy Faces

Brewer's length should disrupt Jason Terry tonight!

For the 1st time in a long-time, the Jazz have everybody healthy and are looking dominant on the road. Having won 4-straight, including an impressive victory at New Orleans Tuesday, the Jazz are looking to move-up in the standings as they trail three teams by only a game. While the return of 6-7 SG Ronnie Brewer may not excite the masses, his length on defense and ridiculous shooting % might be the most overlooked aspect of Utah’s success (12 ppg, 56 fg%). Throw-in the hottest shooting big-man in the game in Mehmet Okur (last 4 games: 19 ppg, 12 rpg, 46 3pt%), a healthy AK-47, and plenty of scoring options off the bench (Harping, Korver, Millsap, & the emergence of Ronnie Price), and the Jazz are much more than the pick-n-roll duo of D-Will & the Booze. While the return of Diggler and his bionic ankles has been nothing short of a miracle for the Mavs, they only have one impressive victory (@ Phx) since Joumana’s punching-bag came to town and seem to play tight in big-games. Especially with the Jazz...

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April 11, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

Money Mike is back punks! Been a crazy week at work which kept me from writing but I am back now!

Let's tie up a few lose ends from this past week and talk about last night festivities.

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Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Wonderland

While I'm takin' Shaq & PHX 2night, I just wanted to remind u...

Insideplays also handicaps Football...


and someday, maybe even Tennis!

While the Suns currently hold the 6th seed in the West, they’re only a game behind 2nd seed LA and a ½ game behind tonight’s opponent the Rockets. During their ridiculously impressive performance in San Antonio Wednesday (W 96-79), the Suns played with a bounce in their step that hasn’t been seen since the Shaq trade and a defense intensity that’s never looked better. Obviously, their confidence is sky-high as their rotation is finally getting set, while Black Jesus (aka Amare) looks like the most dominate big-man in the game with The Diesel at his side. As for the Rockets, while they continue to impress with a roster full of overachievers and T-Mac, I can’t see how their AARP Center and undersized PFs in Houston can hang with the most dominate frontcourt in the Association. While T-Mac plans on playing tonight...

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April 12, 2008


It is time for sunny skies and warm weather sports, I don't know how that can't be a good thing.

Let me put a close to the college hoops season by saying that I wept like a baby watching Memphis drop a 9 point lead in the last two minutes. A Memphis win would have moved me from seventh to second in my friendly bracket pool, instead, I ended up with no cabbage in my pocket and looking through the white pages trying to find CDR's address so I could offer up some free throw lessons. It is a good thing that in the wonderful world of sports we can move on to our next sport in relatively quick fashion, and for me it is focusing on NBA playoffs and digging in on a very fresh MLB season. So good reading my friends.....


April 13, 2008


It's Sunday Funday folks, time to get your drink on, visit the bathroom, and think of plaid skirts!!!

I was clammering yesterday about warm weather sports, then today I wake up to friggin' snow on the ground outside my Michigan home. It seems fitting that it looks like hell has frozen over, I mean the Sox did manage to beat Zoolander, I mean Verlander yesterday. Tough to win games when the line up can't post a run in nine innings. Moving on to Sunday Funday we've got some more NBA action and another MLB tilt, and if you like Windy City teams you will love the action today.


April 14, 2008

"The Daily Rant"

What a weekend for the Lake Show. Beat the Hornets on Friday and the Spurs on Sunday (without Ginobili) to take over the #1 spot. The Lakers can close the deal on the #1 spot in the west with a win over the Kings @ Staples Center.

Sonics:We will have to wait and see if their is a changing of the guard towards the purple and gold!


Congrats to the Supersonics for winning their last home game (against Dallas) in the city where the franchise started. I wish Durant and the crew much success in Oklahoma City!

I know its a long season but these guys are pretty bad so far. I hope for the fans sake they get it together very soon!

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Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Picks & Pics

Noce will bring the passion we need 2night!

For how pathetic, lazy, and uninspired the Bullies have looked of late, the Bucks are worse and actually have players that have decided they aren’t gonna finish out the season. Leading scorer Michael Redd took 7 shots in their last game (a 13 point home-loss to the Nets), Charlie V scored 38 point in Toronto last Wednesday and has missed the last two games with a strained calf, or what I call, I finally played a great game and want people to remember me for that, and PG Mo Williams (17 ppg, 6 apg) hasn’t even been with the team lately as he deals with an abdominal injury. And to top things off, with the Bucks in the midst of a 6-game losing streak, Coach Krystkowiak is demanding the new GM make a decision with the coaching staff…which means, I know I’m frickin’ fired so let’s just get it over with! I know the Bulls are almost as depressing...

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April 15, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's NBA ATS LUV

While these two haven't been smiling that much, I can't see how they don't crack one w/ the Cats O' Bob in town and...

...some very passionate and creative Dancers to watch!

With Lawrence Frank still coaching like it’s the Little League World Series (no pun intended), a new floor general in Devin Harris, and RJ & Vinsanity still playing 40 minutes a night, I can’t see how the Nets allow the Bobcats to embarrass them at their place tonight. Last Saturday, playing off a back-to-back after being officially eliminated from the playoffs, the Nets rolled in Milwaukee by 13 and looked like the globetrotters dishing out 34 assists. Of course it came against the worst defensive team in the Association (how the hell do you let the Bulls put-up 151), but it proves the Nets still have the little tickers in their hearts working. Throw-in a plethora of bigs that are competing for jobs and contracts next year (Krstic, Diop, Swift, & Williams) and I expect the Nets to easily handle the undermanned Cats O’ Bob. While Charlotte looked impressive in a victory in Indiana on Saturday, do you really think a starting line-up that includes Matt Carroll, rookie Jared Dudley, and without do-everything Gerald Wallace can get it done again…I’d bet my DVD collection of Straight-off-the-Boat Asians that it ain’t happening. And with injuries throughout the Bobcat roster...

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April 16, 2008

Greggy G's NBA ATS Regular Season Finale

The NBA Regular Season Finale is here Homeboys!

And what do u know, Da Bulls are finally coming together...

And even the Luvabulls seem to be focused!
Ok...maybe those aren't the LuvaBulls, but they should be!

By the way, as u’ll read later, I’m taking the Bulls tonight too
With the Bulls abysmal season coming to an end at the United Center, I expect their game plan to match Monday’s in Milwaukee as they decided to concentrate on defending the hole as much as Tera Patrick did in the film-classic Nuttin’ Hunnies. The Bulls prevailed 151-135 in that contest, and more suprisingly, actually seemed to have some fun. With Jim Boylan coaching his final NBA game (for this team or any team), I expect him to go out with a bang and let the boys run-wild. And to tell you the truth, even if he tells them something different, as we've seen they won’t listen anyway. As for the Raptors with the playoff seedings set in the East...

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April 17, 2008

"The Rant"

NBA playoffs version:

The match ups are set. FINALLY! And I will break down every match up and tell you why your team may or may not move to the next round. We will start with the East today and end with the West tomorrow. Let's get to it.

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Home of Greg Gamble's ATS Pastime

Let the Baseball battles begin my friends!

While I have to admit the NBA regular season was more of a disappointment than Poisen Ivy 3 after my 171-127 2007 ATS season, the best part of being a degenerate gambler is there’s always another day, another sport, and plenty of pics of hotties in bikinis. So today, I think it’s time to dabble in a little baseball ATS action. And with that, I’m off to the diamond like a divorced cougar heading to the ball-park early to catch a drunken frat-boy to knock some dust of the kitty-kat!

Time to get focused on the Diamond Homeboys!

*And for those of you not familiar with today’s ATS Pastime, here’s a quick little review:

The Atlanta Braves are -155 @ the Florida Marlins +135 today, which means if you want to win 100 arcade tokens on the Braves you must risk 155 tokens if they lose. On the flip side, you risk 100 arcade tokens if you play the Marlins, and if they win you collect 135 tokens. As for what you’ll find on Greggy G’s site and from every Arcade token-collecting bookie or investment site is the option to give up a few runs to make the numbers more manageable (Because at the Insideplays family, we truly care about your tokens).

Today, instead of taking Atlanta Braves and John Smoltz and risking 155 tokens if they lose, I’m giving up 1.5 runs to the Marlins. In this case, if the Braves win by more than two runs I collect 115 tokens, but if they don’t win by 2…I only lose 100 tokens. If this too confusing for ya, just skip to the bikini pics at the bottom of the link. And with that, onto Greg Gamble’s baseball pick of the day….

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April 18, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Undefeated MLB ATS

Since I opened the MLB season undefeated, do you think MLBs #1 groupie will like me?

After you studiously read my undefeated baseball picks (1-0), check out my 1st round NBA Playoff predictions and THE RANT by Money Mike on the link below. And coming Monday, Greggy G’s Regular Season NBA Awards.
*All of Greg Gamble baseball plays must be -130 or below to count on his ATS tally

Trust me, the Prince is gonna be on fire this weekend!

When healthy, Ben Sheets (2-0, 1.17) has been as dominate as any pitcher over his career. And this year, considering it’s a contract year and he looks like he spent less time this off-season eating Funjuns and actually looks like…a pitcher looking to prove he’s worth a zillion dollars. As for the Brewer hitters, what’s amazing about their solid open to the season has been they’ve done it while Braun & Fielder have slumped in the middle of their line-up. But yesterday, those two combined for 4 hits, 4 Rbi’s, and 2 runs as Milwaukee (9-6) snapped a 2-game losing streak at St. Louis. Tonight, they travel to Cincinnati to face a club managed by Dusty Baker…so we have that going for us. While the Reds started out the year strong, before beating the Cubs yesterday they had lost 5-straight and really looked like the same old reds of the last few years. On the mound tonight for the below-average Reds...

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April 19, 2008



With the NBA playoff season here I want to make my feelings very clear about the East and the West. The Celtics, Pistons, and the West should all be 1 seeds while the remaining 6 teams in the East should respectfully lose game one and go home. I automatically give the edge to the East simply because anyone from the West will have gone through 12 grueling victories, and probably at least a half a dozen losses in the meantime. Check out my locks by clicking below, and in true T-Bone fashion there will be a set of roundballs for each pick………


April 20, 2008



While many have been out golfing, I have been scouting the playoffs and building my record base for the hardball fanatics, no matter what I do I still wish I was a kangaroo at times....

Sunday Funday again, man it seems like I just get my body back to normal and along comes another weekend to remind me of my priorities...booze and the sportsbooks. One thing became very apparent in the Mavs game last night, what I was calling Dallas experience quickly turned into Dallas old-man-ness. The Mavs might just be at the end of their leash and be watching the playoffs from their homes, much like last year. But for today, we have more action which is sure to be more lopsided since 3 of the games are coming from the hero vs. goat Eastern Conference. Click below and get the inside scoop.....


"The Daily Rant"

Great weekend of hoops! Almost everybody that was supposed to take care of business took care of business....... except for the Pistons......who let the young Sixers hang around and got beat down the stretch. Detroit is in for a dog fight in this series. Mo Cheeks has his boys playin' great ball. The game of the weekend was Phoenix and San Antonio of course. One of the greatest playoff games I've seen in a while. On that note, here are my players of the weekend!

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April 21, 2008

Home for Playoff Hoops & MLB ATS Picks

Greg Gamble MLB 2008: 2-0 ATS - NBA Playoffs: TBD

Without these two, I can't see how HOU pulls it off 2night

While we knew Ming would be out, the lingering affects of a hamstring injury can catch cheerleaders and PGs off guard!

The back of this sign reads: "We need help at PG & Center"

Forget all the other BS in this game and look at one match-up: Deron Williams vs Bobby Jackson. The veteran Bobby J is a career 6th-man sparkplug known more for his streaky-shooting than ability to lockdown defensively or run the point, but because of a hamstring injury to Rafer Alston (doubtful), he’s been forced to tangle with one of the best young playmakers in the game. With the inexperience of rookie back-up Aaron Brooks as the only other option for Coach Adelman, expect Bobby J to play big minutes again tonight (Game 1- 33 min. 3-15 Fgs) and to struggle keeping the deceptively strong D-Will (Game 1- 20 pts 10 ass 7-12 fgs) out of the paint. And if you’re not sold on that match-up, how about the fact that in Game One Utah’s two hottest shooters the last few weeks (Brewer & Okur) combined to shoot 2-11 while the Rockets Shane Battier went 4-4 from downtown…and the Jazz still won by double-digits. Tonight...

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April 22, 2008

"The Rant"

Wizards @ Cavs:
lb.jpgBoy! If I see that replay one more time of Haywood fouling LeBron I'm going to lose it! Yeah....it was a hard foul. Yeah he could have been hurt.....but to say Haywood will purposely trying to injure LeBron is silly. Brendan was frustrated by getting dunked on over and over again and pushed his ass to the floor. I don't think he was trying to hurt him. No, I am not saying it was right, I just think it was a bad decision made under duress and frustration. I'm just sick of how soft the league has gotten. Back when the "Bad Boys" were playing those kind of plays happened every game. You just picked yourself off the floor and went to the free throw line.

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Home for MLB & Playoff Hoops Picks

Greggy G’s 2008 MLB: 3-0 ATS – NBA Playoffs: 1-0 ATS

Trust me, Mr. Stack will be attacking the cup 2night...

Cause the vet has too many options in his bag 'o tricks!

While nobody in the league has been able to contain CP3, well…besides maybe Devin Harris, I still feel the Mavs have too many passionate scoring veterans to let this thing head to Dallas 0-2. Besides the bionic-kneed German, nobody shot the ball well for Avery in Game One, and I expect guys like Jerry Stackhouse & Josh Howard (combined 6-25 Fgs) to try to get things going at the charity-stripe early in the contest. With Peja forced to guard one of them, look for them to play off Dirk in the high-post and create isolations either on the shallow wing or extended block. In addition, with Chandler & West’s mobility off the pick-n-roll, look for the Mavs to counter with more pairings of Bass & Dirk than Dampier & Dirk, which in-turn should give them another scoring option and more loose-ball opportunities. Since Jason Kidd has not shown the ability to slow Chris Paul in any way, I also expect Avery to counter with more minutes for Jason Terry at the point. If Joumana’s punching-bag is gonna let the Wake Forest Wonder drop 35 pts & 10 assists...

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April 23, 2008

"The Rant"

It was the night for the point guards. Tony Longoria and CP3 both snapped off carrying their teams to victories at home. Orlando also took care of business squeaking out a win against the pesky Raptors.

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Home of Greg Gamble's ATS NBA Playoffs


When your Center is chasing the opponents PG like this...

...It means ur team is just fit to play solid D!

I expect even more defensive passion tonight from a Boston squad whose leader is playing his 1st game since winning the Defensive MVP Award, and a Hot-Lanta squad that just received their first tasting of playoff intensity. While these two totaled 185 points in Game One, through three quarters they were on pace for 170 points before both squads loosened things-up with the game-in-hand and some of their starters on the bench. Overall, the Hawks actually played solid defensive, especially on the interior, but were victimized by some ridiculous shooting from behind the arc by Boston (9-16 3pters). Look for the Hawks to step-it-up even more tonight, and while they’ll still lose by double-digits, don’t expect the Celtic wings to find as many open looks from deep. As for Coach Woodson’s youngsters on the offensive end, since they averaged just over 86 ppg against the Three Amigos during the regular season and scored 81 in Game One, I’d be surprised if they break 80 tonight as the Celts bring their game up another notch and look to demoralize the Hawks confidence before leaving town. Also, as with almost every series, watch how the officials let a little more go tonight and turn this contest into a half-court battle…Total points scored 178-183

When your small forward can make plays like this...

...I'm guessin it puts a smile on every Piston face!

After holding the Sixers to 38 first half points and leading by as much as 15 in the 3rd quarter, the veteran Pistons seemed to take their foot off the gas and actually looked as though their reputation would close the game out for them. As result, Andre Miller led his scrappy squad to unexpected victory and left the Pistons embarrassed after crabbing all season about being disrespected. In addition, while the Pistons somewhat up-tempo style gave them a solid lead early, I believe playing a faster tempo enabled the Sixers to make a 2nd half comeback. Tonight, I expect the Flip & Chauncey to make this a half-court slugfest and prevent Andre Miller from running the court and getting his high-flyers some easy buckets. Even when they were rolling during the regular season, Philly has struggled to make shots from the perimeter and has relied on defensive turnovers to open things up. As a result, look for the Pistons to be more patient on O and to do a much better job of getting back and protecting the basket off a miss. While some would consider this an ugly game, I’ll consider it an exciting business adventure…Sixers/Pistons total points 167-172

Want some more picks and picks...

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April 24, 2008

"The Rant"

Lake Show:
Well, Denver's strategy last night was to slack off on KB so Gasol couldn't get easy buckets and "triple ocho" made them pay with 49 points and 10 assists. Can't wait to see what their strategy in game three will be.

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Home of Greggy G's ATS NBA Playoff Luv

With Etan Thomas out, the Wiz only have....

Mr. Haywood to protect the basket. Maybe he should...

give Manute Bol a call or find the tallest member...

...of the Dance Team to help!

Just like the Spurs, the Cavs coasted through the regular season and had the experts convinced the team wouldn’t come close to matching last year’s success. As most playoff contenders attempted to position themselves for a perfect seed, the Cavs spent the end of the regular season mixing & matching their new pieces and making sure everyone was healthy. While I’ve been critical of Coach Mike Brown in the past, I loved how he keep his cool during their late-season struggles and have to say the insertion of Wally Szczerbiak into the starting line-up for the playoffs was ingenious. Wally struggled early in his arrival as he tried too hard to make the King happy and seemed tentative after missing a few shots early. But as true ballhog myself, I know it’s impossible to change yourself into a role-player when you know the net needs a swishin’. After averaging just over 16 minutes a game the last month of the season, the powers that be finally realized Wally’s ability to catch fire and space the floor was magnified with increased minutes. While the pretty-boy struggled with his shot in Game One, he finally found a rhythm in Game Two knocking down 6 of 9 shots and tallying 15 points…and as the playoffs continue, I expect his production to increase. In addition, while Big Ben was a malcontent douche-bag in the Windy City...

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Home of Tryin' to win my MFin' $$$ back

While the Sixers are good...they're not this good

A Piston loss in Game One makes this too easy to predict. No way the crabby vets let this thing go to 1-2...Pistons roll by double digits

The Mavs always look tight at home...

And while I'm not the biggest Cuban supporter, stop hatin' on the Homeboy...you'd do the same!

I picked an upset in this series so it would be stupid to bail now. The Mavs old school ballers erupt for a huge night and win by more than 6...Mavs 7-11 points

And when PHX finally gets down and wins one, trust me....it'll be a buzzer-beater

Bron-Bron gettin' rolled and the Pistons already down a game keeps the Champs on edge, not to mention, I now believe the Spurs are the team to beat...Spurs in a stunner

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April 26, 2008



To Flip or not to Flip, that is the question.

This NBA playoff season has already been a little more interesting than most had predicted, I don’t know that many would have guessed the Pistons down 1-2 and acting very unmotivated and the Spurs on the verge of a sweep. I was actually at game one of the Pistons/Sixers matchup and listened to the random guy next to me say that Flip Saunders was the exact duplicate of one of the air blow up guys that waves his arms profusely that you see outside of a tire store, except the Pistons had to pay 10 million for theirs. I shrugged him off, put as I watched Detroit squander a 13 point halftime lead in addition to watching his halftime talk last night, I’m starting to think this random guy may be the next Einstein. Anyway, there is a ton of playoff action today, so click below and read my free picks. Good luck with your monopoly money today, let’s see how many hotels we can put on boardwalk……


April 27, 2008


While many are focused on who is going to join Tom Bradys club this weekend, I'm convinced that Gisele is teammate number 1, so I moved onto NBA hoops long ago.


More hoops action on this Sunday Funday, and with a 4-0 playoff record in the last week I am ridin' a wave that doesn't look to be coming down anytime soon. I can't say that I like much on the ATS side during the daylight today, but like a true male animal hunting for the femail prey, I love what the night time action is offering me. And with that, onto my picks to see how experienced teams matchup against the newcomers.


April 28, 2008

Home of Greggy G's ATS Playoff Magic

I expect the Pepsi Center to be rocking and...

...A.I. & Melo to live at the FT line 2night!

While Kobe has the killer instinct to keep his boys focused on closing this out, I expect a slight letdown from Lakers tonight with a 3-0 lead. With Carmelo coming off an awful Game 3 (5-22 Fgs), A.I. pissed he was benched for the final 11 minutes in that contest, and Eduardo Najera calling-out Sasha Vujacic for flopping all over the floor, I expect the Nuggets to come flying out of the gate tonight. Look for Carmelo & A.I.’s desperation to take them to the charity stripe much more than their 9 trips Saturday and for Linas Kleiza & J.R. Smith to finally catch fire from downtown (4-18 3pters last two games). Reports even have infighting between Coach Karl and his superstars, but as we’ve seen in the past with these two...

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April 29, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Playoff Picks

My Homeboy Dirk will bring the passion tonight...

...just like he brings the passion everyday!

I know the Mavs give me no reason to believe they can head to the Big Easy and roll the most fun team to watch since Team Euphoria of the Lingerie Bowl, but Keanu Reeves gave me no reason to watch any of his moves after Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the next thing I know I’m changing my schedule around the Matrix and that hot-azz Asian Devil from Devil’s Advocate. While I knew CP3 would absolutely destroy the most overrated PG in the game, what I didn’t know was how fragile and idiotic Josh Howard was…not to mention, how he suddenly can’t score even when matched against Peja. Now I too have seen and smelled the whacky-weed, but why the hell would you announce that to the world in-the-middle of a Playoff Series? While I’m sure this isn’t helping your confidence in my pick, let’s just say I have feeling the desperation oozing out of Dirk will finally rub-off on Kidd, Howard, & Stackhouse tonight. Surprisingly...

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April 30, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Picks


While I still think this reuniting has as good a chance as any, how the Celts bounce back tonight could be the real crystal ball in the East!

While the Celts will control the tempo 2night with their home-court atmosphere, it's not like the...

...Highflyin' Hot-lanta Homeboy can't do this in the half-court

Boston cannot get into a playground track meet with the Hot-lanta Hip-Hopsters. While both teams play with more passion than Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball, the Hawks highfliers usually get hyped watching Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, & Josh Childress hammer-home a fastbreak lob and the Celts get their swerve-on playing halfcourt D. As a result, I expect the veteran boys from Boston to do everything they can to keep this a low-scoring affair, especially since I truly believe the Big 3 are extremely worn-out. Paulie & Shuttlesworth took some major spills in Monday’s contest, while KG has all he can handle with the freak that is Josh Smith. Breaking it down further, Doc Rivers made a major mistake letting the “He Got Game (on offense only)”-star spend the majority of time iso’ed on Joe J. Cause of this shiznit...and unless Doc is Jim Boylan-underqualified, I expect a lot more minutes for the defensive-minded James Posey & Tony Allen tonight.

On the Hawks side, while they’ve talked about controlling the tempo to their liking, the crowd and music in Boston will turn this into a Old-timers game, not to mention, they actually had their most success letting Johnson slowly breakdown the D from the wing. And finally, if this game is refereed like it was in Game 4, expect some teeth to be flying before the whistle is blow as KG, Perkins, J-Smith, & Horford look as if their playing some YMCA Championship-type of interior D…Hawks/Celts total 170-176 total points

Want some more picks & pics Homeboys...

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