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Daily Picks by Money Mike

Rough night last night, going 0-2....but it's all good. When you get smacked down to the mat we just get back up! GS let us down in a big way but Greggy G agrees with me when I say let's give them another shot!

GS @ Dallas

Don't be fooled guys....if you watched any of the games last night best believe the NBA playoffs have already started. Tempers are flaring all across the league as teams fight to keep playing basketball after the second week in April! Yeah GS played last night and got ran out the gym but their sense of urgency has been heightened knowing Denver won and took over the 8th and final playoff spot. This is as close to a must win as you can get. GS squeaks this one out against the Dirkless Mavs.

Games to watch tonight:

GS @ Dallas 9:30 PM EST

Just a reminder......summer is just around the corner so hopefully you have been in the gym working out all winter. If not, you still got time to get it in gear and look good for the ladies this summer. That puts you at about 2 months to get that baby out of your belly. No.....your not going to get a six pack in to months (unless you take drugs) but you can atleast make it respectable enough to take your shirt off at the beach and atleast get close to these ladies:


1. I could give you all kinds of workouts to do but that would take to much time, either go to mens health.com or grab the mag off the news stand for tips.

2. stop drinking beer. I know it sounds ridiculous but try it for a week or two. Do the mix drinks with the diet soda if you really need a buzz. Yeah it still has sugar but its not as bad as beer as far as calories. And you won't feel so groggy in the morning.

3. Stop eating fast foods for every meal in your day. Go for the grilled chicken instead of the double cheese burger kid!

4. Increase your water intake. It's a natural hunger suppressant if your trying to loose weight!

5. Don't eat late. The food just sits in your stomach till the next morning, taking longer to digest.

6. For you skinny cats: low reps heavier weight to build bulk. Chubbie dudes looking to tone: high reps low weights. Nobody in the weight room cares what you can lift....chicks only care what you look like. Keep it light!

That's all I got for today fellas. Peace!

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