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Let the Baseball battles begin my friends!

While I have to admit the NBA regular season was more of a disappointment than Poisen Ivy 3 after my 171-127 2007 ATS season, the best part of being a degenerate gambler is there’s always another day, another sport, and plenty of pics of hotties in bikinis. So today, I think it’s time to dabble in a little baseball ATS action. And with that, I’m off to the diamond like a divorced cougar heading to the ball-park early to catch a drunken frat-boy to knock some dust of the kitty-kat!

Time to get focused on the Diamond Homeboys!

*And for those of you not familiar with today’s ATS Pastime, here’s a quick little review:

The Atlanta Braves are -155 @ the Florida Marlins +135 today, which means if you want to win 100 arcade tokens on the Braves you must risk 155 tokens if they lose. On the flip side, you risk 100 arcade tokens if you play the Marlins, and if they win you collect 135 tokens. As for what you’ll find on Greggy G’s site and from every Arcade token-collecting bookie or investment site is the option to give up a few runs to make the numbers more manageable (Because at the Insideplays family, we truly care about your tokens).

Today, instead of taking Atlanta Braves and John Smoltz and risking 155 tokens if they lose, I’m giving up 1.5 runs to the Marlins. In this case, if the Braves win by more than two runs I collect 115 tokens, but if they don’t win by 2…I only lose 100 tokens. If this too confusing for ya, just skip to the bikini pics at the bottom of the link. And with that, onto Greg Gamble’s baseball pick of the day….

Our friend here & Mr Smoltz prove that age doesn't matter!

*I'll be investing on the Braves -155 straight-up as well, but this is for the lil' people I don’t want risking 2 much.

The 5-9 Braves are the midst of a 3-game losing streak and desperate to get things back-on-track. While some clubs seem to dig themselves a bigger hole than Asia Carrera’s after filming Naughty Bottoms, Grandpa Cox doesn’t panic when things go south and has always depended on veteran pitching to right-the-ship. And who better to get things rolling than possibly the most underrated dominated pitcher of our era…John “MFin” Smoltz (2-0, 0.82 ERA). The Braves always seem to play with more confidence when he’s on the mound, and things haven’t changed this year as the club has averaged almost 6 runs and 11 hits in his two starts. ATL’s struggles are even more surprising with Chipper Jones crushing the ball (.404 2 HRs 11 RBIs) and youngster SS Yunel Escobar getting on base with ease (.438 OBP). Obviously, the biggest reason for their slow start has been clean-up hitter Mark Teixeira, but even though he’s scuffling with an average just ova .200 and a couple diggers, if you scout like yours truly you’ll see that he’s really starting to rock the ball…just right at some gloves. Today...that changes Homeboys. As for the Marlins…

While I love the Braves today, that doesn't mean I don't love the Marlin Mermaids everyday!

Yeah, how about those MFin Marlin Mermaids…what an MFin concept! I digress…the 9-5 Marlins have to be considered one of the bright surprises of this young season. With that said, the youngsters have to come down to earth and I have a feeling Mr. Smoltz is the right man to do it. As for their pitcher Ricky Nolasco (1-0 4.22), while his numbers look decent, he opened the season out of the pen and has only started one game…and in that game he lasted 5 innings and allowed 7 hits and 6 runs. Nolasco actually was a full-time starter as rookie in 2006 (11-11 4.82), but 2007 was a disaster as he spent the majority of the season on DL (1-2, 5.42). While most teams would have plenty of patience with a pitcher of his age (25), the Marlins are absolutely loaded with young talent and I have a feeling his starter’s leash is shorter than the Bulls backcourt. And while some pitchers thrive on the pressure, coming off an injury I don’t think that’s the best formula for Ricky. And with that, I’m taking Teixeria to finds his stroke and the Braves to roll the Marlins by more than a couple runs tonight…Braves by 3-5 runs

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