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Noce will bring the passion we need 2night!

For how pathetic, lazy, and uninspired the Bullies have looked of late, the Bucks are worse and actually have players that have decided they aren’t gonna finish out the season. Leading scorer Michael Redd took 7 shots in their last game (a 13 point home-loss to the Nets), Charlie V scored 38 point in Toronto last Wednesday and has missed the last two games with a strained calf, or what I call, I finally played a great game and want people to remember me for that, and PG Mo Williams (17 ppg, 6 apg) hasn’t even been with the team lately as he deals with an abdominal injury. And to top things off, with the Bucks in the midst of a 6-game losing streak, Coach Krystkowiak is demanding the new GM make a decision with the coaching staff…which means, I know I’m frickin’ fired so let’s just get it over with! I know the Bulls are almost as depressing...

She reminds me of Noce...young, white, and passionate!

I know the Bulls are almost as depressing, but with Noce, Deng, Hinrich, Noah, & Thabo, at least we can expect them to show more energy than the Bucks tonight…Bulls by 5-9 points

She has more stars than the Knicks!

While everybody expected the Celts to play with a little less passion as the regular season closes out, Garnett & Co. are looking for a place as one of the top teams in history and have a deep bench that’s trying to prove they deserve playoff minutes. Especially with the game in the Big Apple tonight, I expect some of KG caveman-screams, Shuttlesworth’s evil-eye on a deep-three, and Paulie to still sacrifice his body to get to the charity stripe. As for Knickerbockers, they suck, they have a lame-duck coach, and their fans will be cheering for Boston from start-to-finish. Not much more to say…Celts by 9-13 points

The Warriors may be down, but their still not out!

My guess is the Warriors actually play looser tonight knowing they’re a long-shot to make the playoffs. Basically, they need a win tonight and a Nugget home-loss to the Grizz to prevent from playing the ping-pong ball game. Especially with the Suns starting to rest some of their big-boys and possibly having the weakest bench in the Association, I expect Baron and the boys to run-wild against the likes of D.J Strawberry, Sean Marks, & Eric Piatkowski. Coach D’Antoni hinted at slowing things down these final few games, and that was definitely apparent in the Suns loss to the Rockets on Friday as Nash didn’t spend as much time driving to the hole (32 min. 6 pts, 2-2 FTs). With Grant Hill & The Deisel having no reason to be running up-n-down with Warriros, my guess is will seem them with their warm-ups on by the 3rd quarter…Warriors by 6-10 points

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