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While I still think this reuniting has as good a chance as any, how the Celts bounce back tonight could be the real crystal ball in the East!

While the Celts will control the tempo 2night with their home-court atmosphere, it's not like the...

...Highflyin' Hot-lanta Homeboy can't do this in the half-court

Boston cannot get into a playground track meet with the Hot-lanta Hip-Hopsters. While both teams play with more passion than Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball, the Hawks highfliers usually get hyped watching Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, & Josh Childress hammer-home a fastbreak lob and the Celts get their swerve-on playing halfcourt D. As a result, I expect the veteran boys from Boston to do everything they can to keep this a low-scoring affair, especially since I truly believe the Big 3 are extremely worn-out. Paulie & Shuttlesworth took some major spills in Monday’s contest, while KG has all he can handle with the freak that is Josh Smith. Breaking it down further, Doc Rivers made a major mistake letting the “He Got Game (on offense only)”-star spend the majority of time iso’ed on Joe J. Cause of this shiznit...and unless Doc is Jim Boylan-underqualified, I expect a lot more minutes for the defensive-minded James Posey & Tony Allen tonight.

On the Hawks side, while they’ve talked about controlling the tempo to their liking, the crowd and music in Boston will turn this into a Old-timers game, not to mention, they actually had their most success letting Johnson slowly breakdown the D from the wing. And finally, if this game is refereed like it was in Game 4, expect some teeth to be flying before the whistle is blow as KG, Perkins, J-Smith, & Horford look as if their playing some YMCA Championship-type of interior D…Hawks/Celts total 170-176 total points

Want some more picks & pics Homeboys...


Will u be on ur toes for Hot-lanta red 2night...I will

With the Celts banged-up and looking to play this at a slower pace tonight, I find it hard to believe there will be enough possessions to make this a complete blow-out. Also, watching the young Hawks come back from two huge double-digit leads in Game 4 proves their maturity is better than advertised, more importantly, has their confidence Josh Howard-HIGH. In addition, while Mike Bibby struggled in Boston and doesn’t have the foot-speed to keep-up with Rando, the playoff vet looks to have found a rhythm and has always done a remarkable job of picking his spots when a team needs his heroics. Maybe I drank too much of the Hot-Lanta Kool-Aid, but getting almost 20 points means at least the Kool-Aid has some ATS Vodka in it…Celtics by 8-12 points

This should be a tight-azz contest tonight!

The Wiz blew-out the Bron-Brons in Game 3, and if not for a few lapses, should have won Game 4. What was noticeably different in DC was the on-court chemistry of a squad that has played together for a solid two years (not counting some Agent Zero moments of selfishness), while the Cavs still don’t have a consistent rotation. In addition, I expect Washington to finally exploit their most obvious match-up with 20 n 10 regular season Wiz Antawn Jamison (now that's a pun BEEATCH!). Big Ben, Joe Smith, & Side Show Bob have no business playing the Tar Heel on the perimeter, while it also forces one less meat-head to protect the rim in this slash-hack contest. I’d luv to take the Bullets straight-up, but with the best player in the world playing at home, I’d hate to see him take over the final minutes and let FT’s prevent me from back-to-back perfect ATS evenings…Cavs in a nail-bitter

BTW, if I was ranking my Teasers...I'd go Basketball #1, Football #2, and Ms Moss #3...btw, that's reverse order

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