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My Homeboy Dirk will bring the passion tonight...

...just like he brings the passion everyday!

I know the Mavs give me no reason to believe they can head to the Big Easy and roll the most fun team to watch since Team Euphoria of the Lingerie Bowl, but Keanu Reeves gave me no reason to watch any of his moves after Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the next thing I know I’m changing my schedule around the Matrix and that hot-azz Asian Devil from Devil’s Advocate. While I knew CP3 would absolutely destroy the most overrated PG in the game, what I didn’t know was how fragile and idiotic Josh Howard was…not to mention, how he suddenly can’t score even when matched against Peja. Now I too have seen and smelled the whacky-weed, but why the hell would you announce that to the world in-the-middle of a Playoff Series? While I’m sure this isn’t helping your confidence in my pick, let’s just say I have feeling the desperation oozing out of Dirk will finally rub-off on Kidd, Howard, & Stackhouse tonight. Surprisingly...

Just like our friend, if u see Dirk with a towel around his neck and a smile on his face 2night...u know Greggy G will be a happy cat too!

Surprisingly, J-Terry & Brandon Bass have been extremely solid complimenting the German Diggler, so if at least two out of the other three wake-up tonight I believe the Mavs can pull an upset. While their blood is in the water and nobody is icier than Byron Scott when it comes to winning, you have to think the Hornets might be a little overconfident tonight. And trust me, if the Mavs attack the basket tonight…they will get the calls. And finally, if Avery Johnson doesn’t force Kidd to plant his overrated azz on the block and post-up or replace the slowest center not-named Jamal Magloire in Erick Dampier with Brandon Bass for the entire night, he should be banned from coaching in the Association for life…Mavs in an upset

No matter how small the space is between two bigs...Parker & Manu always seem to squeeze through

After blowing out the Suns in Phoenix in Game 3, the Spurs seemed content in heading back to San Antonio up 3-1 as seen in their 21 point 1st quarter deficit of Game 4. Overall, besides Game 3, the Spurs have been outscored by 34 points in the 1st quarter by Stevie Nash & Co., but tonight…I expect Popovich to have a game-plan to make sure this thing doesn’t turn into a track meet early. The Spurs half-court defense is too strong to let Barbosa and Stoudemire get easy feeds from Nash on the break, not to mention, for all the quickness of Parker and creativeness of Manu, they actually are better at driving to the cup when the frontcourt bigs are forced to leave Duncan, Kurt Thomas, & Oberto. Overall, especially with the injury to Grant Hill that has forced Boris Diaw into major minutes, I just don’t think the Suns have the gas in the tank (especially with absolutely no-bench) to keep this series alive. Spurs win by 7-11 points

With the crappy weather in Chi-Town, who knew I'd be watching Playoff Hoops by the fire!

"The Rant"

Boston @ Atlanta:
Wow. What a great two games by the young Hawks. I can bet you your next Bodog deposit that Boston didn't think they would get so much opposition from Atlanta. Joe Johnson is finally living up those big dollars he got after leaving Phoenix and Josh Smith is an athletic freak! Even when the go on to lose this series the experience they will have gained will be invaluable.

L.A. @ Denver:
I watched all four of these games and Denver is terrible. Yeah they won 50 games; but its the same problem Phoenix had before trading for Shaq..... no dedication to defense. It might be time for a coaching change because this team just doesn't listen to George when he tells them to move the ball around and quit taking quick, stupid shots. Anyway, they got all summer to think about what they need to do to get better.

Check back tomorrow as I breakdown what Phoenix, Dallas and Houston need to do in the offseason to make a title run next year......because these 3 series are over fellas!

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