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While I'm takin' Shaq & PHX 2night, I just wanted to remind u...

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While the Suns currently hold the 6th seed in the West, they’re only a game behind 2nd seed LA and a ½ game behind tonight’s opponent the Rockets. During their ridiculously impressive performance in San Antonio Wednesday (W 96-79), the Suns played with a bounce in their step that hasn’t been seen since the Shaq trade and a defense intensity that’s never looked better. Obviously, their confidence is sky-high as their rotation is finally getting set, while Black Jesus (aka Amare) looks like the most dominate big-man in the game with The Diesel at his side. As for the Rockets, while they continue to impress with a roster full of overachievers and T-Mac, I can’t see how their AARP Center and undersized PFs in Houston can hang with the most dominate frontcourt in the Association. While T-Mac plans on playing tonight...

The Suns have dug-in their heels (or knees) on defense!

While T-Mac plans on playing tonight, he actually sat-out the Rockets last game with a sore shoulder and should look forward to a few more bumps and bruises with Raja Bell’s aggressive D. Overall, the Rockets just don’t have the talent to match the Suns offensive output and I fully expect PHX to control this game from start to finish…Suns by 8-12 points

The Cavs had a little too much fun the last time they played the crappy-azz Bulls...don't count on that again tonight!

With a loss against the 10-day contract Heat and a blow-out defeat at the hands of Orlando, it’s more than apparent that the Bulls are ready for this dreadful season to be over and have no desire to listen to Jim Boylan in the last few games of his NBA coaching era. Especially with Chicago’s only win this month on a ridiculous comeback at King James’s house, I expect the Cavs to roll into Chicago and embarrass the strangest grouping of duplicates I’ve ever seen on a NBA roster. While Bron-Bron’s back has been a little sore, I expect him to play with the Cavs still needing to lock-up home-court in the 1st round. In addition, the role/bench players for Coach Brown are jockeying for playoff minutes so expect them to be even more disciplined at the United Center tonight. As for the Bulls 17-point 2nd half comeback on them two weeks ago, you could see the Cavs totally shut things down once the game was in hand and struggled to believe Paxson’s terrible team was actually coming back. Just like my Homeboy Bob Marley would say…REDEMPTION BABY!...Cavs by double-digits

The Grizz have two weapons that can't be contained!

The Grizz just have too many scoring options that have started to play big-time minutes together to lose to a team that is littered with NBDL vagabonds. Especially with Memphis realizing this could be their last winnable game of the year, I expect Rudy Gay (last 5 games: 26 ppg, 7 rpg, 48-3pt%) & Mike Miller (34 pts, 10 reb, 8-12 3pts in their last win) to explode for a huge games tonight. Throw-in a PG tandem of the lightning-quick Mike Conley and the RB-strong/speedy Kyle Lowry matching-up with Chris Quinn & Jason Williams, and don’t be surprised if the Grizz score a 120 tonight. And finally, since Memphis Coach Marc Iavaroni has heard rumors he may be out after just one season, don’t expect his coaching style to reflex any tanking for a higher number of ping-pong balls…Grizz by 8-12 points

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