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It's Sunday Funday folks, time to get your drink on, visit the bathroom, and think of plaid skirts!!!

I was clammering yesterday about warm weather sports, then today I wake up to friggin' snow on the ground outside my Michigan home. It seems fitting that it looks like hell has frozen over, I mean the Sox did manage to beat Zoolander, I mean Verlander yesterday. Tough to win games when the line up can't post a run in nine innings. Moving on to Sunday Funday we've got some more NBA action and another MLB tilt, and if you like Windy City teams you will love the action today.

There is snow in Motown today, but the snow bunnies will help guide the Pistons to another W!

Toronto @ Detroit -6.5

After a complete routing of the Wizards on Friday night, the Pistons are playing their second straight at home and the starters are about as rested as they were in the 1st game of the season. It became apparent on Friday that Flip is solidifying his playoff squad and looking to define who the players are that can contribute, hence Maxiel with 28 friggin’ points. And unfortunate for the Raptors, Flip will not allow his squad to have a let down at this point in the season after the Eastern Finals meltdown last year. I absolutely love the mix of veterans and fresh blood that the Pistons have this year, and I don’t think Ford and Bosh can keep this one close, especially when they know they have the Heat and the Bulls left, which means two wins, a 6 seed lock, and a date with Orlando in the 1st round. Prince has a big one today, Pistons win by 12.

This position is one of respect for a super hero, maybe Noah should take some lessons before gametime.

Orlando -4 @ Chicago

This is my favorite pick today cause everyone is a little puzzled by the Bulls win over Cleveland on Friday. I am not. I understand that the Bulls have a mental mindf**k on the Cavs. Think back to when you used to play sports competitively….remember that team or that player that you knew you were better than, but for some reason they would step up and you would not, and before you knew it you were in the middle of a mental battle with yourself instead of a talent battle with the opponent. Well, that is what the Bulls are to the Cavs, and the truth is that the Bulls still suck when they play everyone else. Aside from that, Drew Gooden is out for the remainder of the season, which leaves Joakim Noah alone all day long with Dwight Howard, that’s like Superman against friggin’ Gumby. That matchup will be ugly from the start. I also see Larry Hughes being concerned about Larry Hughes as he tries to build up his stock a little more before the off-season hits. Magic roll by 10 today.

Green means go for the Cubbies bats....


Chicago Cubs +110 @ Philadelphia Phillies

Three reasons I like the Cubs today
1. The Cubbies are facing a sweep in Philly, something that hasn’t happened in over 9 years, it won’t happen today.
2. Marquis is extremely fresh today after missing his last outing with strep throat, a fresh arm is always a good thing.
3. The Cubbies bats have been cold for 2 straight days, for a team that was posting almost 7 runs a game prior to this weekend, I think 3 days of poor hitting isn’t possible in their line up this year.

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