While many have been out golfing, I have been scouting the playoffs and building my record base for the hardball fanatics, no matter what I do I still wish I was a kangaroo at times....

Sunday Funday again, man it seems like I just get my body back to normal and along comes another weekend to remind me of my priorities...booze and the sportsbooks. One thing became very apparent in the Mavs game last night, what I was calling Dallas experience quickly turned into Dallas old-man-ness. The Mavs might just be at the end of their leash and be watching the playoffs from their homes, much like last year. But for today, we have more action which is sure to be more lopsided since 3 of the games are coming from the hero vs. goat Eastern Conference. Click below and get the inside scoop.....

Much like our friend above, the Raptors will stumble around like their foot is caught in their uni....

Toronto @ Orlando -7

I really don’t see how the Raps can stay close in this game or any series game in Orlando. Toronto has absolutely no answers for Howard and Turkoglu, and the Nelson/Ford matchup could be the only interesting thing happening. The Magic have already proven they don’t need Howard to have a huge game to beat Bosh’s crew, in the 2 Magic wins this year Howard has been a non-factor. What that tells me is that if Super Dwight can manage to stay out of foul trouble this one will be a blowout from the word go. Turkoglu has averaged mid-20’s against Toronto this year and will prove to create matchup conflicts all day today. As much as Toronto will have to be changing their D combined with the fact they are severely undertalented will spell bad news for any Canadian looking for an NBA title. Most games in the East will be ugly in the first round, and this is one of them. Magic by 15.

Looks like the zen master Jackson has even altered the minds of some asian azz!!

Denver @ Los Angeles -8.5

I started out looking at this game and trying to find reasons why I needed to go with Denver, but as I continued my search everything is leading toward the Lake Show. The Nuggets are very similar to Ryan Leaf cause they have all the potential and capability in the world, but potential doesn’t get very far in the playoffs. You may be saying, ‘but T-Bone, these guys are proven NBA stars, what do you mean potential?’ I’m talkin’ defense baby, Denver has the capability to absolutely shut down teams with AI and Camby, but they haven’t and I believe they are banking too much on the fact that they will be able to flip a switch today. My thought is that Kobe will get Pau going early and Fisher will control the ball forcing AI to waste his energy on defense, from there Kobe takes over when he needs to and whoever is on the floor for Denver won’t get a chance to score when AI’s traditional ego comes into play and he throws up half of the 4th quarter shots, on tired legs none-the-less. Lake Show by 12.

Having a choice between two things are normally a great idea, but not for the Jays and their pitching predicament


Detroit +113 @ Toronto

Nate Robertson is on the mound for the Tigers today and he is due to have an outstanding performance. His SO have been solid at 16 so far, and he has only walked 5, so his ERA at 7.07 is simply an issue of tweeking those strikes a couple inches so they turn into ground outs and not hits. But the true story today is who is going to be on the mound for the Jays. AJ Burnett is scheduled, but they had to bring him into a relief role when they blew their whole bullpen just a couple days ago. Now I hear that a triple A’er named David Purcey was brought up to cover the start today, I don’t know about you, but I think either scenario is the perfect catalyst for a Tigers offense that can rattle off 10 runs before the Jays know what happened. And with a depleted pen, it looks like whoever starts is going to need to cover at least 6 innings today, even if they are getting shelled. Tigers win big.

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