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To Flip or not to Flip, that is the question.

This NBA playoff season has already been a little more interesting than most had predicted, I don’t know that many would have guessed the Pistons down 1-2 and acting very unmotivated and the Spurs on the verge of a sweep. I was actually at game one of the Pistons/Sixers matchup and listened to the random guy next to me say that Flip Saunders was the exact duplicate of one of the air blow up guys that waves his arms profusely that you see outside of a tire store, except the Pistons had to pay 10 million for theirs. I shrugged him off, put as I watched Detroit squander a 13 point halftime lead in addition to watching his halftime talk last night, I’m starting to think this random guy may be the next Einstein. Anyway, there is a ton of playoff action today, so click below and read my free picks. Good luck with your monopoly money today, let’s see how many hotels we can put on boardwalk……

She must be a super-Howard fan...looks good in blue in loves the glass. This could be the first time I have ever wanted to be a piece of glass.

Orlando +3 @ Toronto

As I studied why the Raptors pulled off such a lopsided win on Thursday against the Magic I only saw two aspects that really stuck out…they shot 35% from downtown which isn’t impressive but way better than Orlando, and they had 31 friggin’ assists. The good thing for the Magic is that they can turn both of those around by simply shutting down the point guard play for the Rap. And I don’t even think they need to shut down both Ford and Calderon, if they can take care of one of them the other won’t have enough to carry the team to a win. The real damage from the duo on Thursday was their ability to dish the ball after their defender sucked up tight on them. After both were on fire, I’m predicting Porno Van Gundy will tells his team to step back a bit and make ‘em beat the Magic from behind the line. I can also guarantee that after the Magic watched the Pistons crumble last night, they are extra motivated to not make the same mistake and know that if they can get this one done in 5 games they will have a few extra days of rest. Orlando outright by 7.

A whip cream treat may be the only thing that can distract the Lakers today, we know how much Kobe likes Colorado!

LA +1 @ Denver

While watching the Lake Show roll to a 2-0 lead in the series, I keep thinking about the Nuggets defense and singing to myself…..U-G-L-Y, you ugly, yeah yeah you ugly. To top off the fact that Kobe and the boys are averaging 125 points so far, Camby and his used-to-be-defensive-minded homies also gave up 126, 111, and 117 respectively to the Lakers during the regular season. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking the Nuggs don’t have an answer for what the Lakers bring every day. With Denver knowing they are going to have to score around 120, plus the fact they like to run anyway, I don’t see George Karl trying to slow the pace down to throw Jackson’s cult out of their rhythm. I see a bit of thugness coming out of the Nuggets when they realize late in this game that they don’t have an answer, which means the gap will end up a little larger than it should be. Lakers by 9.

The Angels will be wanting to get back to surfin' country after the pummeling they receive in Mo-town.

LA Angels @ Detroit Tigers -135

Lots of things stacking up against the Angels today. For starters, they have won 3 in a row on the road, they are playing a Tigers squad that has finally had its offense playing like they are getting paid, which is well, and the biggest of all is the pitchers today. The Angels are putting a fill in named Moseley on the mound who has a 7.78 ERA on not lasted through the 5th in his last two starts, while the Tigers put Galarraga on the mound with an impressive 1.50 ERA and a 2-0 start. You know the bats will be juiced early and the focus will be on putting runs on the board while Moseley is still in the game. I also love the fact that Mo-towns bullpen has pitched 14 scoreless innings, which may not continue today but will be enough to get the win. Tigers win 6-1.

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