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SEASON NCAA: (43-30)

I hope you woke up this morning feeling a little tingly inside, you know, the kind of excitement you get when your significant other pulls a toy out from underneath the bed. You don’t exactly know how the night will end up, but you know that it will be a fun ride. I would even venture to say that for a serious sports degenerate, having four 1 seeds playing today could possibly supersede any type of bedroom experience. I won’t tell you what type of person I am, but I will tell you that there is going to be some damn good hoops being played, just click below to check out my thoughts.

Dr. Dorsey, are you tryin' to tell me that size does matter?

Pink, blue, white, I don't give a f**k. It doesn't matter who wears what today, Memphis rolls, period.

Memphis -2.5 @ UCLA

I bet a majority of you reading this have UCLA in the finals in your brackets, and probably by beating someone other than Memphis. I think you may have gotten caught up in the FT talk that has surrounded Memphis for the last month, and hopefully you have seen that free throws don’t matter when you win by 20 and also that these Tigers can make ‘em when the game is on the line. So now you have a conflict in your own mind…how could I have UCLA in the finals but Memphis is actually picked by 2.5. The answer, cuz numbers don’t lie, size doesn’t lie, pure athleticism doesn’t lie, and a smooth azz point guard named Derrick Rose doesn’t lie. To start off, UCLA is giving up 8 inches between the two starting line-ups, and that isn’t easy to try to overcome when all of the Tigers can play wider with their longer arms and play higher with their athletic hops. I really see Love getting frustrated today trying to work through Dorsey, Dozier, & Taggert, and I don’t believe that Mbah a Moute has what it takes to carry the Bruins in the paint. And if you still need more, the difference maker in this game will be CDR. He will be able to absolutely own the offensive side of the ball against Josh Shipp today. Shipp is giving up 2 inches and CDR is eerily quick in that first step. I love the Tigers today and see them having about a 10 point lead most of the game, winning by 8.

I don't know that Carolina can play one handed, but it's not far from that.....

Kansas @ North Carolina -4

All I have been hearing all week is how one of Kansas’ goal was to make the final four. Now, if I am a coach or a player that has been in the top five teams all year I would think that my goal is to win a friggin’ national championship, but not the Jayhawks. I feel like they are absolutely content just taking the plane ride to San Antonio. If you put both teams mental state out of the mix, NC clearly has more talent in every matchup that you will see tonight. I don’t see anyone wearing a Jayhawks jersey that can contend with Hansbrough or Ellington. I do believe that Rush will be asked to do a little more on D just cause of his guard size, but that isn’t good overall as I see it affecting his effort on offense. Everyone I know is saying that the true difference maker in this game is going to be Kansas’ defense, I do agree that they have a good D, I just don’t see it making much of a difference. If you can think back a week ago when the Tarheels played Washington State, the Cougars had one of the stingiest D’s in the nation and NC quietly put up 68 points, but the amazing thing is they held the Cougars to 47. I see the same thing tonight, Roy Williams may get less points than normal, but the way they dominate the boards is impressive. If Kansas wants to play a half court game, it will only mean less possessions for both teams, it does nothing to guarantee that Kansas will shoot better or get more turnovers, which is what is needed to stay close. Baby Blue Heels win by 7.

You better just stay on the couch today cause that's where all the fun is at!

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