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"The Rant"

Wizards @ Cavs:
lb.jpgBoy! If I see that replay one more time of Haywood fouling LeBron I'm going to lose it! Yeah....it was a hard foul. Yeah he could have been hurt.....but to say Haywood will purposely trying to injure LeBron is silly. Brendan was frustrated by getting dunked on over and over again and pushed his ass to the floor. I don't think he was trying to hurt him. No, I am not saying it was right, I just think it was a bad decision made under duress and frustration. I'm just sick of how soft the league has gotten. Back when the "Bad Boys" were playing those kind of plays happened every game. You just picked yourself off the floor and went to the free throw line.

Anyway, the Cavs won the game and are half way to winning the war. "Lebrezzy" snapped off as usual carrying his mediocre squad to a win. With that said, I anticipate the Wizards bounce back at home in game three and take care of business. I am pretty sure the expert GG will agree.

Utah @ Houston:
Houston is done folks....they will put up a good fight but this one is over with. Utah lost 4 games at home all year and the Rockets just don't have enough to make it interesting. Minus a severe let down the Jazz sweep.

The game of the night is in San Antonio....look for another "barn burner" with the out come contingent on another last second shot. Spurs hold home court tonight. Stayed tuned for GG's predictions.

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