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May 1, 2008

The NBA Playoffs are ATS Frat-tastic

GREGGY G NBA ATS (last 4 days): 5-4...ur stilly Shitty Greg!

I just have a feeling Iggy is gonna break out tonight

Especially with a home-court advantage like this

(BTW, I luv a dance team that has creative moves)

And call me crazy, but I think Andre is gonna light-up Chauncey

Did I mention I like their home-court advantage...

*This line will be moving up all day
I know all of Vegas's money will be on the Pistons tonight, but I have a feeling that Sixers are gonna make a game out of this. Especially after Andre Miller struggled in Game 5, I have a feeling the crafty veteran will take control of tonight's game and try to prove he's just as solid a baller as Mr. Big Shot. In addition...

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May 2, 2008

"The Rant"

Detroit @ Philly:
Oooooooooweeeeeeeeee! I guess Detroit can turn it on and off, because that was an absolute beat down they put on those young Sixers last night. Embarrassing to get beat like that in a playoff game at home. Well, it was a good run while it lasted. Hopefully guys will work hard this summer and management makes some moves to make them a little better.

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Greggy G's Friday Night ATS Bounce Back

BTW, I was playing some Golden Tee with the Homeboys last night, and they almost laughed me out of the bar on my Sixers call last night…Yes, I’m an idiot and need a new hobby

Before I tell you how the Jazz will get a taste of their own roughhouse medicine...

...and just like Nuggets at home, the Utah Dancers may bow down to T-Mac and the Rockets...

I need to tell you about a squad that's lookin to embarrass...

...a home-crowd that may only watch one good thing 2night!

After watching the Pistons absolutely dominate in Philly last night, I have a feeling we’re going to see the Celts try to send a similar message. If you look back at Game 4 in Hot-Lanta, the Celtics stormed out of the gate to a huge lead, but seemed to let their emotions boil past a controlled intensity and it turned into street-ball pissing match. In Game 5, the Celtics return to form playing like passionate veterans who used their fire to play lockdown D…while still attempting to look into the Hawk souls and play some mind-games. In addition, Doc’s rotation looked more like the regular season and he proved not to be as stubborn changing individual matches-up on the fly. Also in Game 5, Boston realized with better ball rotation and little more patience they could get any shot they wanted…to tune of 54% shooting. On the Hawks side...

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May 3, 2008



I was going to focus only on this little horse race that I heard about happening somewhere in Kentucky, but with a friggin’ 7-1 NBA playoff record I see no reason not let the good times roll. I have convinced myself that sobriety is a thing of the past, Mint Julep anyone!!

Rain, what rain, where's the keg?


May 4, 2008



It's Sunday Mutha F***in' Funday and this guy can definitely tell that he had a blast on Derby Day yesterday, and even though my horsey picks didn't come through I managed to mix in enough other stuff to make it a profitable day. Today is simple, less talky talk, more walky walk....and walky walk means sweater kittens and landing strips. Good luck today!


May 5, 2008

Home of...Greggy G has 2 win 1 of these Days

(...with no legitimate facts at my disposal)

While Benson's never rubbed anybody the right-way, that doesn't mean he's a liar

While I think Cedric's as useful at RB as the Bulls backcourt is at playin' the point, for once, I actually believe an athlete's story (somewhat). Here's my unknowledgable, bad grammered-Synopsis:

Greggy G Theme- Redneck water-cops (step above bike-cops) didn’t like a brotha & his family/entourage in their water

Supposedly, the Naughty Water-Watchers had questioned Ced more times this year than the Southsiders struck-out ova the weekend. While Benson's craft probably wasn't the Love Boat, as everybody knows, any floating object with more than a half-dozen people could be booked for something.

Cedric's story was they boarded his boat (that wasn’t even moving), took him back to their boat, and after administering an alphabet test (which the terrible-tailback says he passed) was told he had to head to shore for a breathalyzer. Obviously I don't know if he was drunk or not, but he says he wasn't, and I tend to believe these cops planned on takin' a trip and were not leaving without sending a message...and I'm not saying they planned on roughing-him-up, but taking him to shore seems like a pretty easy way to send a message.

After that, it’s impossible to know what was said on the Police Boat, and I'm sure Mr. busted-Draft Pick wasn't as calm as he says, but would you be calm if what I describe was close to the situation (not to mention the media-circus it creates for him)? Seriously, if he had been stopped that many times over the past year, would he really be dumb enough to be Tony LaRussa'ed behind the wheel? Of course this is just my speculation and I'm not saying I'm right... I'm merely asking the MFin questions!

For all the barking & mind-games from the Pistons, does firing-up Superman seem like an idea that could backfire?

I also like ORL to cover gettin' a tuddie (+7) because they have a better coach w/ a great look and...

...because I'm frustred the Pistons don't have a cheerleader to post that comes close to a MFin' Sonics Dance maven!

Want to know why I think the Magic will roll, better click 'Continue Reading' below...

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May 6, 2008

"The Rant"

Spurs @ Hornets:
I can't stop talking about this kid CP3. This series is probably over. Even if it goes to game 7, I don't see any possibility of the Spurs beating the Hornets on their home floor. That crowd is like that kid in grade school that would get you to do things you never thought you could do. They feed off that crowd like nobody's business. You heard it hear first....their will be no repeat this year. Their will be a new champion in the NBA.

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Home of Greg Gamble's NBA Upset Pick

Talk about if I didn’t have bad-luck I wouldn’t have any MFin luck…Pistons get a 3-pointer after the buzzer in the 3rd that counts and an off the ball foul with 10 sec. left and I frickin’ PUSH...that's worse than kissing Courtney Love! Well slap-me and call me the former Mrs. Kidd…can’t the gambling gods show some luv to Greggy G for once.

Ok Homeboys, let's count out how many times we saw exchanges between Hinrich & Skiles like this...anybody, anybody, Bueller, Bueller.

As for the Mike D’Antoni rumors to the Bulls, what a perfect fit for a young group yearning for a new style and message. For all the talk he’s the obvious choice in Toronto, besides a couple PGs and Chris Bosh, the Raps can’t compare athletically to the Bulls frontcourt (Noah, T-Time, & Gooden) or have the plethora of guards with differing styles for D’Antoni to play with. As I’ve been saying to my Homegirls & 3 friends…it’s only a matter of time before he’s working the sideline at the United Center. With that, let's talk Cavs/Celtics...

Who the hell is gonna stop this guy on Boston...


I'll go with a resounding "Yes" on this...

Onto tonight’s Game 1 match-up between the Bron-Brons & the suddenly mortal Three Ballin’ Amigos. For a squad that’s almost giving double-digit points (-9.5), you’d think they’d actually have somebody to guard the most dominate & strongest wing player ever. Seriously, Shuttlesworth & Paulie don’t even have a chance of containing him, and while KG might actually be the best option, the Celts undermanned frontcourt would struggle to stop Big Z & Joe Smith if Garnett’s on the wing. The only legitimate option for the overwhelmed & underperforming Doc Rivers is having James “I’ll kick u in the Nuts” Posey, which means the Celts are going small or Allen/Pierce is on the bench…and that’s what an ATS Cavalier Fan would like to see.

Speaking of what a CLE fan likes to see, are my eyes bad or is that a Cavalier tattoo...that has to be a sign!

BTW, did I mention my reason 4 keepin' the Sonics in SEA?

One of the biggest advantages for the Celts this year has been Rando’s remarkable ability to pressure the point and disrupt the opponent’s ability to initiate the offense. Against the Cavs...

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May 7, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Spectacular

I expect some suprised DET faces in ORL tonight
(BTW, isn't it time for one of those "I'm in a porno, but don't have my heart or ass into it"-type of efforts from the Pistons?)

And without a friendly face on the sideline to comfort them...

...Mr. Howard might be the one they get caught watchin'

BTW #2, I can't remember if I told you about the worst part of the Sonics leaving town?

After the debacle in Detroit, I have a feeling the Magic are using the controversial 3-pointer to add fuel to their already ‘Jarah Mariano’-hot fire and pumped to get their home-crowd ignited for this must win Game 3.
Now that's one hot MFin fire!
For the season, the Magic were ridiculous from behind the arc at home (40%) and usually did a better job of controlling the tempo to their liking. While the Pistons appear in lockdown mode having won 5-straight since sleepwalking through their 1st few playoff games, I still believe their overdue for a “I’m in this porno, but I’m not happy about it”-type of effort. Especially with the postseason starting to take its toll fatigue-wise, I have a feeling the young legs of the Magic will look even bouncier in-front of their home-crowd and they’ll fly out the gate for a nice 1st quarter lead. Not to mention...

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May 8, 2008

"The Rant"

Detroit @ Orlando:
Detroit had no chance in this game after Mr. Big shot went down. I still think they would have lost anyway with Billups. Detroit has to find a way to defend their 3 point shooters. Regardless, this series will be tied 2-2 by the weekend.

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May 9, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's NBA ATS PICKS, after deleting yesterday's 0-2 picks

And now it's time for...Deep ATS Thoughts, by Greg Gamble

Two things need to happen for Utah to make this a series...they must control the tempo, and AK-47 has to play like his Once a Year I Get Out Of Sleepin' with my Neighbor/Groupie-Hall Pass might get revoked. Lakers/Utah barley break 200 in Salt Lake...UNDA 216

BTW...why isn't Pittsnogle playin Post-D on Pau Gasol? If I was GM, that's my gift to Jerry Sloan that would help him raise the trophy ova his head

Rule #21 - If you were wingman the previous evening, you are entilted to Green Short-Shorts and your Homeboy is responsible 4 talkin' to Brown Shirt...without bitchin' about it

No awkward Walker dance shuffles in the 2008 playoffs...
The NBA is truly Fantastic

Uniform Review - While I approve of the NBA dancer attire...

...no reason swimwear & sand couldn't be added 10 rows-back...and no reason for Reinsdorf to let $$$ seperate him from hiring a great coach with fresh ideas that our talented youngsters are screaming for.

A miss the slow, dopey, white cats of my younger years. Poor Brian Butch, if it was pre-1996, he's a hot name in draft circles right now

And sometimes a confident look in the eyes...

...can make-up for a size difference on the playin' field.
Am I right, Mr. Dickau?

And now, onto the nutz n boltz of my ATS Pick of The Day...

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May 10, 2008



Whatever you do today, focus your efforts somewhere, I've got an idea but I don't want to lead you astray!!

One thing is certain today, I will be watching the Pistons/Magic game with a great deal of focus, but I won’t be having any rent money on the line. The whole Billups hamstring injury throws the rest of this series into the mud in my opinion, and I’m not really concerned about him playing from a physical aspect, I’m more concerned about the mental aspect of both teams if he does or doesn’t play. With that said, just click below and find out where who you need to look at if you want to double up your porn video piggy bank…..


May 11, 2008



Today is about the home whites and the pics!

It is Mothers Day, but thank goodness the sports world doesn’t take a breather on yet another Sunday Funday. On this Mothers Day I plan on doing three things…place my wagers early so it doesn’t look like my degenerate ways are consuming this special day, give my wife 3 inches at a time to show her how special she is, and most importantly, win more friggin’ games than I did yesterday….and with that I wish you a great Sunday mates!


May 12, 2008

"The Rant"

NBA playoffs:
Winning on the road in the playoffs is looking damn near impossible. That has always puzzled me about the NBA. Why do "NBA" refs call the game differently depending on who is the home team? To make the series more interesting? To keep people watching? For ratings? It makes for a more interesting series I guess, but I'm not sure if its fair for either team involved.

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Home of Greggy G's NBA & MLB ATS Picks

While the NBA Playoffs haven't had the same flare as last year with Baron Davis out of the mix...

...maybe a Cavs Cheerleader can change that stigma 2night! *FYI, 50/50 chance that's not a Cavs Dancer

BTW, before I get to my analysis of how it's virtually inpossible to keep Bron-Bron down for a 4th straight night...

...just wanted to let you know I have a flawless baseball pick following my hoops breakdown!

Heading into Game 4, is it possible King James could have a 4th straight miserable shooting performance…my dirty money says ‘Hell No’! Even more amazing is how the Cavs blew-out the Three Amigos with James barely shooting over 30% from the field. With his supporting cast looking more comfortable back at home...
(Don't worry, this Celtic won't help the Three Amigos 2night!)
I expect their confidence to grow, and more importantly, open things-up just enough to give Bron-Bron a lil more room to maneuver. While Celtic supporters will tell you Paulie and Shuttlesworth also haven’t had a breakout game yet, I believe Pierce is destined to be grabbing his shorts more than grabbin’ the rock in this series as James has tired him out at both ends, while Allen has morphed into nuttin’ more than a spot-up shooter…aka, a slightly better version of Wally Szczerbiak. In addition, with Doc Rivers continuing to look frustrated, overwhelmed, and stomping around like a disappointed older brother, I never thought I’d say this, but Mike Brown is the best coach in this series. Throw-in the “Z-Factor”...

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Home of Greggy G's NBA & MLB ATS Picks

Before we get 2 the crazy coaching change coming for Shaq...

...or we discuss my favorite athlete...

...or determine if Dwight has some fight in him after gettin' beat-down in Game 4...

...or mention why the Sonics should stay in SEA...

...or discuss why every MLB team should have Cheerleaders...

...we need to decide if this tube-top is a good luck charm for New Orleans...come on, tell me that doesn't buzz with Hornet luv!

After blowing-out SA in the 1st two, I believe NO was lil shocked they were so easily dominated in the 2nd half of Game 3 and let that monta trickle into Game 4. With things moving back to the Hive, I expect the Hornets intensity to be off the charts and for Byron Scott to ensure Chandler's flying high for alley-oops and David West is running the veteran Spurs PFs into the ground. In Game 4, Tyson didn't attempt a shot and only managed 4 bounds in 25 min., while David West played into the hands of the Spurs by slowing things down on the block.
Byron Scott needs a flashy lockerroom speech to get his youngsters rollin'
Tonight, I expect Chris Paul to...

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May 14, 2008

"The Rant"

Home teams are 15-1 in the playoffs with the only loss coming to the Orlando against Detroit. An amazing stat if you ask me. Don't think anything will be different tonight when Boston and L.A. return home to go up 3-2. I am sure GG will agree!

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Home of Greg Gamble's NBA & MLB Picks

As I sipped my coffee this morning, I was amazed at some of the BS rollin' thru the paper about the Bulls coaching carousel

Quickly on the Chicago Bulls, over the last 10 years can you name me a big-time star or coach that they’ve signed? Besides overpaying the artist formerly known as Big Ben, Reinsdorf has been used more than a mail-order bride as players & coaches have used the Bulls to up their price-tag. Even funnier is Reinsdorf’s claim that he’d rather not talk with agents when hiring a coach…you’re a frickin’ lawyer Jerry, who in their right mind wouldn’t want their astute professionals handling their multi-million dollar business decisions.

Was 2 million more a year all that kept Mike from Chi-town?
As for D’antoni as a coach, let’s just say I expect the Knicks to be a playoff team next year and for the Suns to miss out in the West. D'antoni's fresh approach would've thrived within a Bulls squad suddenly-full of malcontents, but I honestly believe he was more uneasy about Paxson medaling than Reinsdorf’s “My word is stronger than Oak”-negotiations. In Gotham, new president Donnie Walsh has no loyalty to Thomas’s bag-o-shiznit and is known league-wide as a hands-off basketball-suit. While listening to the Chicago media debate who to blame is more annoying than Stuart Scott’s wondering eye or a short-armed reach-around, I did laugh hearing D’antoni basically respond at the Knicks press-conference with a “Yeah, I kind of f*cked them ova”-nonchalant attitude on the Bulls. And trust me, for all the solid things Paxson has done to help re-shape the Bulls, as constructed their only taking the next step w/ a dynamic coach at the helm…and I don’t think Johnny Pax has any idea who that is.

Greggy G's #1 coaching recommendation for the Bulls

Greggy G's back-up coaching recommendation

As for the LA/Utah contest, just as our friend knows, it's easier 2 cover small things than it is cover larger ones.
While LA might cover 4 or 5, I just think 9 is way too high

And as we've seen before, during the playoffs Kobe's body takes a beating, and with a bad back 2night, he's gonna need more help than normal

Also, while everybody talks about the Lakers w/out Bynum, the loss of Ariza has left their bench w/out much athleticism

Unless Kobe is pulling a little wounded-star drama ala His Airness, the MVP’s back injury looks bad and I can’t see how he’s close to 100% for tonight’s game. The only think that scares me about the 3rd greatest Kobe of all time (2nd – Kobe Beef, 1st – Kobe Tai) is the potential for his whinny act to be magnified and the refs to put him on the charity-stripe with every wince. With that said, the Jazz are brimming with confidence, especially Deron Williams, which means Jerry Sloan will make sure his wily ballers attack the rim early-on and try to control the tempo so the Lakers can’t find easy jumpers in transition. In addition, Utah should be more adjusted to the LakeShow Playoff atmosphere, and considering they’ve just tied-up the series, you have to think all the pressure is on LA.
Utah won't be distracted by the LakeShow Girls tonight!
Early in the series, the Jazz didn’t exploit the defensive deficiencies of the Laker sharpshooters Vujacic & Farmer, but now, D-Williams (Games 3-4: 24 ppg, 13 apg) is abusing them like a non-English speaking newbie to the adult-film world. Sloan has also slowed the Lakers fastbreak, which was freeing Vujacic & Farmer for open looks and gave Kobe fewer bodies to sort through, by having his guards drop-back into the LA’s outlet areas and taking better shots at the offensive end. On the Laker side...

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May 15, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA & MLB ATS Luv

While Kobe was crowned MVP and is averaging 8 more ppg in the Playoffs, our lil' playmaker has an assist-to-tournover ratio (7.5) that blows Mr. Bryant out of the water (2.0).

BTW, just like my favorite golfer, Kobe did an unbelievable job of stretching out his back prior 2 last night's game.

As long as we r talkin' bout my fav individual sports, just like the NBA has a pre-game dress code, don't u think all tennis players should follow Anna's pre-match dress ensemble?

As for the best in-action uni, I luv the simplicity of Volleyball

With all that said, the NBA is still my fav...where else do you have an atmosphere that just screams "I LOVE THIS GAME"

Speaking of the NBA, let's breakdown how David West has made SA's frontcourt look uncomfortable and out of sync!

Just as we saw in last night’s contests, while home-court continues to dominate the win/loss column, Vegas has overcompensated more than Pamela’s plastic surgeon for this and given a 2nd round playoff team tied 2-2 almost double-digit points. Watching Byron Scott’s youngsters destroy the Spurs in the 2nd half of Game 4 after trailing at intermission (57-32), I believe the Hornets 2nd trip to SA will have a different vibe. Since neither team has been able to stop CP3 or Tony Longoria, the biggest match-up in this series is veteran Timmy D versus David West. While Mr. Fundamental has become an even bigger part of Pop’s offense with his high/low post passing, if David West plays like he believes he’s the best frontcourt player in this series the Hornets will win tonight. On Tuesday, West dropped 38 pts, 14 reb, 5 blks, & 5 assists and used his combination of strength, quickness, and a better than advertised 12-18 foot jumper to make Oberto, Thomas, & Duncan play like their age. For all the amazing points in the paint by Longoria, he’s been extremely one-dimensional and doesn’t have the natural playmaking ability or athletic frontcourt to capitalize on overplays by the defense like Chris Paul. And for all the experts who call the Longoria/Paul match a wash, that’s like saying there’s no difference between the Olsen Twins...please everybody knows Mary-Kate is a MFin lefty! While CP3 is averaging 5 more ppg...

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May 16, 2008

Home of NBA, MLB, & Pigskin ATS Picks

Hey Homeboys...before I roll out of town, here's the skinny


I never thought I'd say this, but Ron-Ron is a steal right now...especially w/ him maturing faster than Aurora Snow back in 2002...it's a no-brainer if he op's out

"Greg Gamble...Never heard of him?"

If that's how she rolls shoppin at Kohl's...It's now my fav store

FYI...Mr. Ming is kinda tall

"Hey Allen?" "Yes Carmelo" "At least we have nice hair"

Speakin' of hair, it's pretty nice when ur offense is 'ol school and the cheerleaders roll w/ the same vibe/strong>


And for all the F*ckers who knock a guy w/ a kick-azz wife and an ability to guard Koe better than most...pls stop givin him shiznit u BEEATCHES

As for how I'm going to win my money today...

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May 17, 2008


She's callin' sharky about all the plays today, why wouldn't you?

No hoops, plenty of hardball, and a horse race that will get the winner it needs to have a triple crown threat. All I know is this wonderful world we live in has figured out a way to keep enough on the books every day to tie up my daycare and diaper money, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

You may like them close together.......

Or far apart, but any way you look at it, smiles should beam from your face.

Good luck today, and I hope you enjoy the picks and the pics.


May 18, 2008


MLB 2008 ATS RECORD: 5-5

Not much for words on this Sunday Funday, just some hidden gems when you click below. Will the luck of the Irish prevail?

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May 19, 2008

"The Rant"

Cavs @ Celtics:
Great game 7 yesterday. Paul Pierce showed you yesterday why he is the most important player on that team. Can't wait to see Tayshaun match up against him for 7 games. I think the game was lost for Lebrezzy and the Cavs with about 2:30 left in the game. The Cavs were only down 1 and Lebron came down and took a three that didn't go down. I really think they needed a bucket there to have any chance to pull it out. Tough way to lose it.

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Home of Greggy G's NBA & MLB ATS Luv

You know we'll be seeing this tonight!

My Homeboy Larry the Legend shot me an email at 1 o’clock this morning with the following information (please understand that there’s a 96.5% chance he was heavily medicated) -

1. The Hornets have beaten the Spurs at home the last 4 games by over 80 points!

2. They haven't lost at home (beside the Jazz must win game in the last week) since 2/25.

3. The NBA is done with the Spurs...CP3 is very marketable.

4. And how about rewarding the community for that damn hurricane

5. Paul Pierce is really frickin annoying and weirdly-shaped

6a. I'm going to put a note next to my glaucoma medicine reminding me to get out the hot giardinara when I make a frozen pizza.

6b. I'm completely thrilled I decided to add the hot giardinara to my pizza.

7. BTW, Did I ever tell you I used to be a baseball mascot?

First off, I luv Larry the Legend and agree 100% with what he says...but, my fingers will not allow me to call my guy and tell him “I want to bet against Spurs, getting points, in Game 7.” I just cannot do it. On a quick side note, how fickin’ solid are the Red Sox

The Sox of Red are pretty flawless!

As for Game 7, will home-court help the Hornets?

While Timmy D is the veteran superstar and Tony Longoria is young phenom, at the end of games nobody in the Association has the ability to create a better shot than Manu Ginobili. Especially with Hornets still struggling to find a match-up against him, I’d be shocked if Pops doesn’t isolate him on almost every possession in the 4th quarter. While Duncan & Longoria will work their two-man game to open the possession, if neither has an easy look they’ll toss it out to Mr. Annoying and he’ll find his way to the charity stripe or jab-step for an open jumper. And with all the energy the Hornets will use guarding the Big 3, tell me it’s not inevitable that Game 7 daggers will come from the crafty veterans from behind the arc (Finley, Horry, & Bowen). I know the Spurs cannot stop CP3 and David West can be unguardable if he’s hitting his jumper, but you have to think the Game 7 inexperience will have some type of effect on the Hornets. While Byron Scott and the youngsters...

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May 20, 2008

"The Rant"

Two much experience for the Spurs to let this one get away. Mad love to Pargo for keeping the team in the game in the 4th quarter. B. Scott pretty much got nothing from his bench in this game and think that's what really cost the Hornets. They just didn't have the energy down the stretch to pull it out. So it's Spurs and Lakers.....Pistons and Celtics.

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Home of Greggy G's NBA ATS Playoff Luv


Before we discuss how Jesus Shuttlesworth should wear unlucky #13 instead of #20 cause he has no chance to stop Hamilton or Prince...

...I need to give myself props for telling ya'll yesterday that Eva's vacation plans would be delayed!

Yeah, I'm pretty frickin cool! But once again, before I breakdown how Rip, the Masked Mid-Ranged Wonder, and his Bad Boys will make Doc Rivers stomp around the sideline like a schoolgirl who found-out her boyfriend has been tagging a grunge girl while she was at cheerleading camp, I need to discuss how cool it is that the Celts pick their cheerleaders to match their players.

1st example - Finding a cheerleader to match the flawless physique of Kevin Garnett...mission accomplished

2nd example - Finding a dancer to match the oddly-shaped body of Paulie Pierce...unfortunetly, mission accomplished

With that, onto the two wings that will absolutely destroy Mr. Pierce & Mr. Shuttlesworth

Say hello to the ‘Hangover Affect’ for the men in green tonight. With Boston just finishing the most intense playoff series of 2008, I can’t see how they’ll have they same type of juice for tonight’s Game One match with the Bad Boys. While some will say the long lay-off could equally affect the Pistons, I believe they may have looked sluggish in Round One because the vets had their sites already set on this series. Loaded with playoff experience together, the former Champs will show a swagger early-on to let the Two Amigos and the Shuttlesworth lackey know they may be in ova their heads. Speaking of ova their head, how comfortable will the Celtics be once the Pistons go on a run and look over to the sidelines to see Doc with a look of bewilderment. I swear that dude just stomps his feet on the sideline and complains to assistants that his team sucks. While Flip Saunders doesn’t have the ability of Big Chief Triangle or the pockmarked Popovich, he understands his veterans have a ridiculously high baller IQ and simply offers a friendly a pat on the tush while getting them a solid possession out of every timeout. As for the match-ups, I simply don’t see how Ray-Ray or Paulie will be able to chase Rip through all those screens. Hamilton was dominate closing out the Orlando series averaging 32 ppg in his last two, while Prince has picked his spots beautifully throughout the playoffs (16 ppg on 56 fg%). And once again...

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May 21, 2008

Home of Holy Chicago Bulls Shiznit

I haven't been this surprised since Benny the Bull was caught selling Glaucoma medicine on the streets of Chi-Town (BTW, his stuff was terrible). As for who I'd take...

My initial thought was to keep the "Undersized guard who can't play the point"-theme

My next thought was a selfish one as I pictured myself at the United Center watching Daniela Hantuchov initiate the offense

But after the booze and Theraflu wore-off, I remembered how dominate The Bease was considering most teams played zone and collapsed three guys on him!

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Mr. Rose and...

...the youngster from USC (Mayo's picture just wasn't as solid)...

...but this Wildcat has so much inside-out talent I can't see how Johnny Pax lets a 24 ppg 12 rpg guy for the next 10 years slip past his azz!

Seriously, while everybody in Chi-Town is screaming for the hometown hero, I just can't see how a couple immature acts in HS erases the most dominate collegiate season I've ever seen. Kansas St had a lousy coach, a young and overrated supporting cast, and everybody knew the entire offense would funnel through him and he still was able to score from everywhere on the floor...I'm mean he dropped 40 on the National Champs that had an absolutely loaded frontcourt and was a terror on the glass almost every single night in the Big 12!

Throw-in the trade value of Drew Gooden with his solid play & reasonable contract and the potential for moving down a spot and grabbing an extra player from the Heat (they desperately want Rose), and this just screams dream scenario for GM Johnny Pax. And for all the talk that the Bulls backcourt sucks, I bet (legally of course) you'll be shocked to see how much better they look when they finally have somebody to dump the ball into.

...on second thought, I'm going with Daniela Hantuchov!

As for tonight's Spurs/Lakers ATS tilt and more gratuitous photos...

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May 22, 2008

Home of Greggy G's Piston Bounceback

To start...how bad would their Luv Child be?

As for today's Det/Bos breakdown, it has to be Superman fast as I have a date w/ da Doc...and no, not the terrible Celtic coach

Just like my lousy prediction in Game 1, I just can't see how Rip doesn't sneak through all those screens to light-up Paulie & Shuttlesworth

And here's why...

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"The Daily Rant"

Pistons @ Celtics:
Great game last night in the garden. I said all along that the big three for Detroit (Rip, Mr. Big Shot and Sheed) all needed to have great games to pull out a win in Boston. Well the Pistons got production from all five starters including Stuckey off the bench. The C's are in trouble because I can easily see the Pistons going home and and winning two straight and making this series 3-1 very quickly. Especially with the troubles the Green Team have had on the road. Game 3 will be critical for Boston. It was also good to see Ray Ray break out of his slump with a 25 pt effort last night. I hope for Boston's sake he can keep it going.

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May 23, 2008

Home of Greg Gamble's 100% ATS NBA Picks (since Wednesday)

Before we get to my NBA Playoff and Diamond picks, here's a few quick thoughts for you heading into the weekend...

If your hot at a ball game, it's NOT considered rude to dump beer on your breasts.

I know he's not a sleeper, but I believe OJ will become the most dominate player from this year's draft. With remarkable athleticism, deep-range, solid ball-handling, an underrated defensive prowess, and a confident flair, a great headmaster could turn him into the best combo-guard since D-Wade

Speaking of sleepers, 6-9 PF J.J. Hickson (15 ppg, 9 rpg, 2 bpg) was a beast as a freshman for a bad NC St. squad and reminds me of a more aggresive Drew Gooden. While he'll need some time, I can't believe most draft gurus have him slated in the mid-20s

Speaking of rankings, I've never understood why women's tennis does sooo much better than men's ball-slapping

Even during stoppages of play fans seem enthralled in their sideline antics

U think I should ask the Ballgirls why this is true?

As for tonight's NBA tilt, I'm picturing a focused Timmy D destroying LA's froncourt

What’s amazing to my luscious azz is how everybody at the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network (ESPN) discussed how Kobe took over and willed the LakeShow back from 20 points down. Listen, I know Mr. I Luv Holdin’ Down White Girlz was pretty remarkable offensively, the reason Pop’s vets lost was they only scored 13 points in the 4th as they looked like they spent the summer at the Eric Snow Shooting Camp. Speaking of ESPN, how bad does it suck to go from Kenny Smith & Charles Barkley one night to Stephen Azz Smith and Stuart “Look into my wondering eyes” Scott? While Kobe will continue to work hard for his points versus Bowen, Timmy D had his way with Mr. Gasol and Ronny T (30 pts, 18 reb, 4 blks) and I expect that to continue against the defensively-challenged LA frontcourt. In the same sense, Tony Longoria was...

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May 24, 2008




and Cubbies..............

and Indians, oh my!!!

I never knew that sports could be so much fun. But it gets even better when you look at my picks and start adding up just how much extra cabbage you can stuff under your mattress after today!

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May 25, 2008



My focus stays on the NBA and America's Greatest Pasttime today, but I thought I would let you know what you are missing on the clay courts of the French Open. As if you needed more reason to surf the net looking for pics of hot azz female athletes. Enjoy...
This little hottie went to France
This little hottie did to
This little hottie likes it from behind
And so does little hottie too
But the last little hottie went wee, wee, wee, all the way to Teasin' T-Bones bedroom!!

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May 27, 2008

"The Rant"

These playoff games are very hard to figure out. I didn't expect the Pistons or Lakers to play so poorly in game three. Detroit came out last night in game 4 and took care of business; being carried by the "very hungry for a title" Antonio McDyess. Who knows what to expect back in Boston in game 5.

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Home of ATS Picks & Random Thoughts

Greg Gamble's random thoughts from the weekend…

Anyone else laugh when they saw Corey's 0-8 box score from Sunday. Keep swinging for the fences u 5-tool turd!

In my opinion, Noah's the coolest thing to hit Chicago since Wasabi Funjuns. Busted for drinkin' a beer and having a pinch of ganga in his Zubaz…that cop should be hung by his nutz and forced to watch Iowa St. basketball reruns

Baseball in Mexico and a thongy-outline in short-shorts are extremely underrated in my opinion

Did I mention I like short-shorts?

I swear he’s the guy from the Superman Movie

Even in 1st place, these 2 are making me hate my fav baseball team...you slow-azz, hitting challenged BEEATCHES!

How much you wanna bet Charles lost $$$ on this shot?

As for tonight’s tilt, trust me, Kobe's gonna put on a show!

Anyone else have an inkling that Kobe’s gonna take it to the hole every single trip down the floor tonight? Big Chief Triangle's game plan should be simple…space the floor with his no-defense playin’ white shooters and let Bryant attack the Spurs slow-footed vets.
Kobe shot One Frickin’ FT on Sunday...which means he’ll be lining up for at least 15 freebies tonight and forcing the Spurs to cheat inside opening things up for Vujacic, Radmanovic, Fisher, & Farmar on the perimeter. While Manu dominated Game Three with his classic jab-step/pump-fake, Phil Jackson is too smart (just ask him) not to make him catch the rock in different spots and force him to his right every possession. As for Timmy D, I know he’s the greatest PF since Dickey Simpkins, but watch as the Lakers turn him into a jump-shooter tonight and give him wide-open looks from the top-of-the-key...which he’ll struggle to knock down. Duncan has destroyed them on the boards and...

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May 28, 2008

Home of Mr. Gamble's NBA & MLB ATS Luv

While I'll always be a Cigarette-Box-rolled-in-my-sleeve-Camaro-driving Sox fan, Big Z is the reason I'm watchin' more Cubbie ball. Dude's batting .343 with an OB% of .343...that's what I call a free-swinger! As a result...

...I have a new nickname for Zambrano...BAM-BAM!
(I know that's Pebbles, but she did hang-out with BAM-BAM)

As for tonight's Playoff tilt, with Rondo's athleticism...

and my prediction that the Two Amigos (& their lil Homeboy Ray-Ray) will build a nice early lead...

...I bet (legally of course) Flip lets Chauncey rest his gimpy hamstring by the 3rd quarter tonight

Similar to the way the Celts seemed to shut things down in the 2nd half Monday, if Boston can build an early lead I expect the Pistons to rest-up for Game 6 in Mo-Town. Chauncey continues to struggle with his hamstring-injury and will probably be the 1st one to take a seat, while you know Rasheed will be crabbier than normal and kicking ova a chair shortly after his 1st technical. Also, considering that Antonio McDyess (21 pts, 16 reb) dominated KG (16 pts, 10 reb) in Game 4, we might actually see Mr. Garnett pound his fist through his chest as he riles-up the Garden on his way to a 20/20 evening. And call me crazy, but I have a feeling Jesus Shuttlesworth is gonna finally find his stroke tonight. He’s had too many wide-open looks to shoot like Chris Duhon, and tonight, I’m predicting he knocks down a few early and gives that cock-eyed sneer from the 2nd quarter on. Throw-in Paulie’s old-man body-flailing post-up that gets him to the charity-stripe with more regularity at home and...

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May 29, 2008

Home of Greggy G's NBA & MLB ATS Luv

Holy Crap in a Closet Najah Davenport...didn't see Douggy Collins coming back to Chi-Town. While he's one of the brightest basketball minds around, the NBA grind has taken a toll on him worse than Annabel Chong after filming "251 dudes in 10 minutes"
Instead of the NBA grind...head to da beach Douggy!

Speaking of coaches, I know I’ve been harsh on Mr. Rivers (especially after he pisses away my Sizzler money), but did you see the Celtics blow a 17-point 2nd half lead last night. If his ballers were simply missing shots that’s one thing, but the entire 4th quarter the Celtics looked disorganized, panicky, and ran no semblance of a professional offense. Listening to Jeff Van Gundy & Mark Jackson come-up with solutions each possession on how Boston could resolve the issues was even more of an embarrassment & must lead Mr. Ainge to a change.

It’s like Doc's 4th quarter plan was faxed from these two!

As for tonight’s match-up, while the Laker owner may have a nice seat, I’m guessing this one will keep his focus on the court and will be closer than Vegas thinks.

The Spur vets will have more fight than Kimbo Slice 2night

Giving the Defending Champs a Tuddie and two-point conversion just seems like too much for an elimination game. I actually believe Pop’s will have his vets relaxed for tonight, even with all the distractions of playing near Hollywood.
Timmy D & Tony Longoria have destroyed Gasol and the Laker floor-generals the last two games (26 ppg, 19 rpg) & Tony Longoria (22 ppg, 7 apg), and I believe Manu will be more aggressive tonight and force his way to the charity-stripe to get things going. While the Spurs biggest problem has been matching-up with Lamar & Vlade, Pops realized in the 2nd half he can go small with Brent Barry (23 pts, 5 reb, 5-12 from deep) and try to make them pay on the offensive end. While Kobe has still put-up some nice numbers...

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May 30, 2008

"The Rant"

Spurs @ Lakers:
I don't know if the Lakers want to get in the habit of getting down big and counting on the MAMBA to bring them back. That task will be difficult against championship caliber teams like Detroit and Boston, even with the best player on the planet suiting up for the purple and gold. With that said, Kobe was amazing in the 4th quarter last night scoring 17 of his 39 points in the last 12 minutes. Congrats to the Lakers for coming "full circle"....from rumors to trading Kobe in the off season to being patient with Bynum to stealing Gasol from the Grizzlies to Western conference champs. Can't wait to see how this story ends.

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Home of Greg Gamble's NBA Playoff ATS

Tell me this post-up isn't straight out of Rasheed's playbook

Before we hit the hardwood, great to hear Urlacher plans to attend Bears' minicamp. While everybody talks about his speed, I think his great hands make him a difference maker!

As for tonight's tilt, if she's sportin' some Piston Red, I'm guessing she talked to the Gamblin' Gods!

And don't worry, RIP will play...and play f*ckin' well!

As I watched the 4th quarter of these two on Hump Day, it was painfully obvious how inept the Celtic offense is when the Pistons decide to play lockdown D. As mentioned daily, when the contest becomes a possession by possession battle, Doc’s squad struggles to get clean looks as their offense spends most of the shot-clock just trying to get into their sets…honestly, it’s almost like their coached by a YMCA volunteer . On the Pistons side during these situations, they run tight screens and make decisive cuts to get mid-range jumpers and wide-open kick outs….and with the Flip’s vets needing a must win, I expect to see solid execution all night.
Especially with an atmosphere in Detroit that reminds me of a beach volleyball match with cheereleaders (I have no idea what that means), look for the crafty vets to thrive off the home-crowd tonight. While RIP is listed as questionable tonight, so was Aurora Snow prior to the shooting of “Train my White Azz” and she pulled off one of her all-time great performances. In addition, Chauncey looked more like his old self in Game 5 (26 pts, 6 ass, 5 reb), as his counterpart is getting a little shot-happy as the series has progressed (3-14 fgs in Game 5), so expect Mr. Big Shot to exploit the match-up even more at home. As for the OVA/UNDA...

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May 31, 2008



What's that you say? No hoops and no big horse races!! Have no fear, there is plenty of stick ball and even some short skirt hotties playing on the clay across seas. So quit your friggin' complaining and get to the sportsbooks. But first, click below to see how I view trends today and what ladies caught my eye. Good luck and make sure to add to that monopoly money today.
Remember what mama always said...fast cars equal fast women. She forgot to mention that degenerates and booze equal gambling, but I guess we figured that out on our own!


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