Greggy G's Friday Night ATS Bounce Back

BTW, I was playing some Golden Tee with the Homeboys last night, and they almost laughed me out of the bar on my Sixers call last night…Yes, I’m an idiot and need a new hobby

Before I tell you how the Jazz will get a taste of their own roughhouse medicine...

...and just like Nuggets at home, the Utah Dancers may bow down to T-Mac and the Rockets...

I need to tell you about a squad that's lookin to embarrass...

...a home-crowd that may only watch one good thing 2night!

After watching the Pistons absolutely dominate in Philly last night, I have a feeling we’re going to see the Celts try to send a similar message. If you look back at Game 4 in Hot-Lanta, the Celtics stormed out of the gate to a huge lead, but seemed to let their emotions boil past a controlled intensity and it turned into street-ball pissing match. In Game 5, the Celtics return to form playing like passionate veterans who used their fire to play lockdown D…while still attempting to look into the Hawk souls and play some mind-games. In addition, Doc’s rotation looked more like the regular season and he proved not to be as stubborn changing individual matches-up on the fly. Also in Game 5, Boston realized with better ball rotation and little more patience they could get any shot they wanted…to tune of 54% shooting. On the Hawks side...

At least the Hawk youngsters can head to the beach now

On the Hawks side, Mike Bibby returned to being a non-factor as Rando absolutely smothered the overmatched PG and forced their offense into uncomfortable sets. While Joey J was solid again, Josh Smith found his way to the charity stripe with frequency, and Al Horford was consistently on the glass, nobody else seemed confident and their offense stalled at times as everybody watch Johnson’s Iso gam on the wing. As for the home-court advantage, just like the Pistons game last night, the Celts will thrive off turning the stadium into Golf gallery….Celtics by 14-18 points

The Jazz might take a few cheek shots tonight as the Rockets look to beat them at their own game!

Since Adelman took over the whining to the officials duty and the players finally realized they have a roster full of role-players that can play just as physical, the normally confident Jazz seemed overwhelmed and unsure of their abilities. Utah took terrible shots early in the shot-clock in Game 5 as the Rockets crowded the paint daring players like AK-47 & Ronnie Brewer to cast from deep, and did a wonderful job of doubling D-Will at every opportunity on the pick-n-roll. Also, the Rockets did a great job of taking away the high-post passing lanes and let their assortment of PFs beat down Boozer & Okur on the boards. Tonight, while the insane Salt Lake home-court will help the Jazz, for the 1st time in the series T-Mac had the “I’m by for the best player on floor”-look and also did a remarkable job of drawing defenders to open-up things for his shooters. Tonight, I’m expected more of the same and the home-team to continue to crack under the new found pressure…Rockets in an upset

No reason to put this up except the fact that I luv u guys!

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