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Greg Gamble's random thoughts from the weekend…

Anyone else laugh when they saw Corey's 0-8 box score from Sunday. Keep swinging for the fences u 5-tool turd!

In my opinion, Noah's the coolest thing to hit Chicago since Wasabi Funjuns. Busted for drinkin' a beer and having a pinch of ganga in his Zubaz…that cop should be hung by his nutz and forced to watch Iowa St. basketball reruns

Baseball in Mexico and a thongy-outline in short-shorts are extremely underrated in my opinion

Did I mention I like short-shorts?

I swear he’s the guy from the Superman Movie

Even in 1st place, these 2 are making me hate my fav baseball team...you slow-azz, hitting challenged BEEATCHES!

How much you wanna bet Charles lost $$$ on this shot?

As for tonight’s tilt, trust me, Kobe's gonna put on a show!

Anyone else have an inkling that Kobe’s gonna take it to the hole every single trip down the floor tonight? Big Chief Triangle's game plan should be simple…space the floor with his no-defense playin’ white shooters and let Bryant attack the Spurs slow-footed vets.
Kobe shot One Frickin’ FT on Sunday...which means he’ll be lining up for at least 15 freebies tonight and forcing the Spurs to cheat inside opening things up for Vujacic, Radmanovic, Fisher, & Farmar on the perimeter. While Manu dominated Game Three with his classic jab-step/pump-fake, Phil Jackson is too smart (just ask him) not to make him catch the rock in different spots and force him to his right every possession. As for Timmy D, I know he’s the greatest PF since Dickey Simpkins, but watch as the Lakers turn him into a jump-shooter tonight and give him wide-open looks from the top-of-the-key...which he’ll struggle to knock down. Duncan has destroyed them on the boards and...

Call me crazy, but I'm going against the Spurs home-cookin!

Duncan has destroyed them on the boards and looked like John Stockton every time they’ve doubled-down, so don’t be surprised to see him single-covered most of the evening and for Odom & Gasol to make a conscious effort to control the glass. Especially since Odom played like a dog Sunday, look for the Rhode Island Ram to fill-up the stat sheet at both ends of the floor and to do a better job of exploiting SA’s slow-frontcourt. Kobe scores 44 and Lakers pull this out late

Check back 2marrow for my baseball pick and...

...more stretching exercises!

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