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Talk about if I didn’t have bad-luck I wouldn’t have any MFin luck…Pistons get a 3-pointer after the buzzer in the 3rd that counts and an off the ball foul with 10 sec. left and I frickin’ PUSH...that's worse than kissing Courtney Love! Well slap-me and call me the former Mrs. Kidd…can’t the gambling gods show some luv to Greggy G for once.

Ok Homeboys, let's count out how many times we saw exchanges between Hinrich & Skiles like this...anybody, anybody, Bueller, Bueller.

As for the Mike D’Antoni rumors to the Bulls, what a perfect fit for a young group yearning for a new style and message. For all the talk he’s the obvious choice in Toronto, besides a couple PGs and Chris Bosh, the Raps can’t compare athletically to the Bulls frontcourt (Noah, T-Time, & Gooden) or have the plethora of guards with differing styles for D’Antoni to play with. As I’ve been saying to my Homegirls & 3 friends…it’s only a matter of time before he’s working the sideline at the United Center. With that, let's talk Cavs/Celtics...

Who the hell is gonna stop this guy on Boston...


I'll go with a resounding "Yes" on this...

Onto tonight’s Game 1 match-up between the Bron-Brons & the suddenly mortal Three Ballin’ Amigos. For a squad that’s almost giving double-digit points (-9.5), you’d think they’d actually have somebody to guard the most dominate & strongest wing player ever. Seriously, Shuttlesworth & Paulie don’t even have a chance of containing him, and while KG might actually be the best option, the Celts undermanned frontcourt would struggle to stop Big Z & Joe Smith if Garnett’s on the wing. The only legitimate option for the overwhelmed & underperforming Doc Rivers is having James “I’ll kick u in the Nuts” Posey, which means the Celts are going small or Allen/Pierce is on the bench…and that’s what an ATS Cavalier Fan would like to see.

Speaking of what a CLE fan likes to see, are my eyes bad or is that a Cavalier tattoo...that has to be a sign!

BTW, did I mention my reason 4 keepin' the Sonics in SEA?

One of the biggest advantages for the Celts this year has been Rando’s remarkable ability to pressure the point and disrupt the opponent’s ability to initiate the offense. Against the Cavs...

Want another sign to take the Cavs, she's sporting a little Cavalier gold and is a reality-star...and King James will be sportin' the same color and is a superstar!

Against the Cavs, Delonte West & Boobie Gibson may have PG on their trading cards, but King James is the facilitator on this squad and West/Gibson spent their time spotting-up from deep. In addition, after a dreadful month Wally S. might have found his stroke and become another shooter for LeBron’s kick-outs as he scored 26 points (6-13 from behind the arc) in Game 6 on the road. And as mentioned earlier, the Celts are gonna have to play James Posey big minutes since Shuttlesworth & Paulie have no chance of stopping the most amazing athlete on the planet, and forces Boston to go small opening things-up for Big Z & Joe Smith. While the Celts absolutely dominated ATL at home, King James has won huge playoff games on the road and I can’t see how he doesn’t send a message in Game 1…Cavs in an upset

While I'm a huge fan of the Cavs in the Home Whites...

The road darks look even better when ur gettin' 9.5 points!

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