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You know we'll be seeing this tonight!

My Homeboy Larry the Legend shot me an email at 1 o’clock this morning with the following information (please understand that there’s a 96.5% chance he was heavily medicated) -

1. The Hornets have beaten the Spurs at home the last 4 games by over 80 points!

2. They haven't lost at home (beside the Jazz must win game in the last week) since 2/25.

3. The NBA is done with the Spurs...CP3 is very marketable.

4. And how about rewarding the community for that damn hurricane

5. Paul Pierce is really frickin annoying and weirdly-shaped

6a. I'm going to put a note next to my glaucoma medicine reminding me to get out the hot giardinara when I make a frozen pizza.

6b. I'm completely thrilled I decided to add the hot giardinara to my pizza.

7. BTW, Did I ever tell you I used to be a baseball mascot?

First off, I luv Larry the Legend and agree 100% with what he says...but, my fingers will not allow me to call my guy and tell him “I want to bet against Spurs, getting points, in Game 7.” I just cannot do it. On a quick side note, how fickin’ solid are the Red Sox

The Sox of Red are pretty flawless!

As for Game 7, will home-court help the Hornets?

While Timmy D is the veteran superstar and Tony Longoria is young phenom, at the end of games nobody in the Association has the ability to create a better shot than Manu Ginobili. Especially with Hornets still struggling to find a match-up against him, I’d be shocked if Pops doesn’t isolate him on almost every possession in the 4th quarter. While Duncan & Longoria will work their two-man game to open the possession, if neither has an easy look they’ll toss it out to Mr. Annoying and he’ll find his way to the charity stripe or jab-step for an open jumper. And with all the energy the Hornets will use guarding the Big 3, tell me it’s not inevitable that Game 7 daggers will come from the crafty veterans from behind the arc (Finley, Horry, & Bowen). I know the Spurs cannot stop CP3 and David West can be unguardable if he’s hitting his jumper, but you have to think the Game 7 inexperience will have some type of effect on the Hornets. While Byron Scott and the youngsters...

While I want the Hornet to win, seeing her in SA colors must be a sign!

While Byron Scott and the youngsters have talked about having fun and playing with confidence, saying it and doing it are two different things. Can’t see this thing being a blow-out…and can’t see how I don’t take the Defending Champs getting points…Spurs in a close-one

The way Alfonso & Lance are hitting, the ball must look huge to them!

While most experts stay away from playing the OVA if both teams have traveled, it's not like they don't travel in style!

Besides the obvious fact that tonight’s two starters have a combined ERA of 9.91 (which is higher than 9.5), the Astros have been crushing the ball at home while the Cubs lineup looks 10 times as since Soriano returned from the DL. Throw-in the best hitter over the last month in Lance Berkman, and I can’t see this two soft-tossers (Ted Lilly & Brian Moehler) making past the 5th inning. Especially on the Houston side as the 36 year-old Moehler has become an emergency starter after starting the season in the bullpen. Not much more to say about this than the OVA is a lot more fun to bet than the UNDA...CUBS/ASTROS TOTAL 11-14 Runs

Always trust a lady with a BIG HEART!

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