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Home of Holy Chicago Bulls Shiznit

I haven't been this surprised since Benny the Bull was caught selling Glaucoma medicine on the streets of Chi-Town (BTW, his stuff was terrible). As for who I'd take...

My initial thought was to keep the "Undersized guard who can't play the point"-theme

My next thought was a selfish one as I pictured myself at the United Center watching Daniela Hantuchov initiate the offense

But after the booze and Theraflu wore-off, I remembered how dominate The Bease was considering most teams played zone and collapsed three guys on him!

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Mr. Rose and...

...the youngster from USC (Mayo's picture just wasn't as solid)...

...but this Wildcat has so much inside-out talent I can't see how Johnny Pax lets a 24 ppg 12 rpg guy for the next 10 years slip past his azz!

Seriously, while everybody in Chi-Town is screaming for the hometown hero, I just can't see how a couple immature acts in HS erases the most dominate collegiate season I've ever seen. Kansas St had a lousy coach, a young and overrated supporting cast, and everybody knew the entire offense would funnel through him and he still was able to score from everywhere on the floor...I'm mean he dropped 40 on the National Champs that had an absolutely loaded frontcourt and was a terror on the glass almost every single night in the Big 12!

Throw-in the trade value of Drew Gooden with his solid play & reasonable contract and the potential for moving down a spot and grabbing an extra player from the Heat (they desperately want Rose), and this just screams dream scenario for GM Johnny Pax. And for all the talk that the Bulls backcourt sucks, I bet (legally of course) you'll be shocked to see how much better they look when they finally have somebody to dump the ball into.

...on second thought, I'm going with Daniela Hantuchov!

As for tonight's Spurs/Lakers ATS tilt and more gratuitous photos...

Just like Game 1 Undas, the mirror shot is very Unda-rated!

The Lakers have been running like the Showtime days as they’ve progressed through the Playoffs, but Popovich knows he needs to make this a half-court game to keep Duncan from wearing out and to let Manu use his jab-step to get LA’s frontcourt in foul trouble. While some will say Tony Longoria can out-sprint Big Chief Triangle’s 3-headed PG monster (Fisher, Farmer, & Vujacic), without Bynum protecting the basket Longoria should have no trouble finishing in the paint in the half-court sets as well. In addition, the Spurs just have much older ballz and know they’ll lose this series if they let Kobe race down the floor and find his open shooters on the wing. Throw-in Timmy’s defense on Gasol, Bowen’s on Bryant, and plenty of veteran cluthin-n-grabbbin and this could get ugly. While the LakeShow will try their damn’est to push the tempo and get their Hollywood crew riled-up, watch as the Spurs throw the ball around the perimeter and milk the shot-clock at every opportunity. Even if this becomes a Laker blow-out that should play right into our UNDA play as a 102-84 score means we goin’ Sizzler, we goin’ Sizzler…Lakers/Spurs total 184-188 total points

I'm tempted to take the Lakers 2night cause they usually look really comfortable in a lil yellow at home...but I'm not.

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