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and Cubbies..............

and Indians, oh my!!!

I never knew that sports could be so much fun. But it gets even better when you look at my picks and start adding up just how much extra cabbage you can stuff under your mattress after today!

Celtics fan down, Celtics fan down, kinda tells the story doesn't it?

Boston Celtics @ Detroit Pistons -5.5

You can give the Celtics to #1 seed all you want, but until they actually win a playoff game, I am not going to put my money close to them. It would be like setting down a $20 at the Landing Strip in downtown Downtown Detroit, before you know it the $20 is gone and you didn't even get to have any fun with it. Flip has finally found his solid 6 man off the bench in Rodney Stuckey and what a great way to throw a completely different look at the Celts. When Stuckey is on the court the whole shape of the offense is like a different team, and that proved to give the backcourt of Rondo and Allen fits on Thursday. The only main change I can see Detroit making is trying to convince Sheed to stay on the friggin' block, he only has one offensive rebound in the series and seems a little timid with Garnett on the court. Either way, Boston hasn't proven they can score more than 80 consistently on the road, so this one will end up as a Pistons 'W' no matter how you look at it. Pistons by 12.

There may be many reasons the Cubs are doing well, but I found two of them right here!

Chicago Cubs +126 (-1.5 runs) @ Pittsburgh Pirates

The Cubbies are coming off an offensive explosion last night in Steeltown and now they get to face Phil Dumatrait who is posting an ERA of almost 5 and a tired bullpen that has been on the mound almost as much as the starters in the last week. I know Jason Marquis isn't the best option for Chicago to toe the rubber, but when offense is getting you runs anyone can relax and pitch a gem. Just cause of the starters, I like the ova in this @ 9 runs also. Cubbies 7-4.

With the work that Lee has put in, today will be a walk in the park.

Texas Rangers @ Cleveland Indians +105 (-1.5 runs)

If you haven't heard yet, which means you openly admit that you haven't watched ESPN since February), Cliff Lee is rolling early on this year and has posted a nasty 6-1 record followed by an even more mind numbing 1.37ERA. The guy has a great story and has went through the mental turmoil in years past, so he fully understands what it took to get here and he ain't leaving any time soon. And with the Indians actually getting their bats going at home last night, Mr. Lee will have all he needs to cruise today. Indians 6-2.

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